What streaming means for the future of entertainment | Emmett Shear

I am obsessed with forming healthy communities, and that’s why I started Twitch — to help people watch other people play video games on the internet. (Laughter) Thank you for coming to my TED talk. (Laughter) So in seriousness, video games and communities truly are quite related. From our early human history, we made our […]

The Cold War – OverSimplified (Part 1)

I’ve decided that in order to sell more merch, I should do a face reveal wearing it. So are you ready? Here we go! Boom. New minimalist and Cold War merch available now. And get the new limited edition Churchill character pin before it sells out, with more characters coming in the future. Link in […]

Giant Mystery Unboxing…

So today its a-it’s a little bit of an unusual one I know there’s a surprise component to it Jack has basically been feeding me the information I know he’s partially behind it in collaboration with Nissan And I’m like… So anyway I gave him the keys to the new studio and now he asked […]

This Panda Is Dancing – Time Well Spent

*Turn on Sound* Architects of our digital world Stop. Be better because we can be and we can see that these systems have been designed with intricacy so that companies can keep our attention indefinitely I don’t want to keep crushing these freaking candies I don’t want these alerts to completely command me I don’t […]

How Big is Toyota? (They’ve Owned 27% of Tesla Motors!)

Hi, welcome to another ColdFusion video. Toyota, one of the world’s most recognizable brands they’re known to be affordable and reliable. In fact I had a friend that didn’t put any engine oil in his old Corolla for years. He just said he forgot and the car still ran fine. And then there was that […]

What’s inside the SECRET Mercedes Vault?

The Physics of Racing Games

Motor vehicles come in a huge variety of shapes and designs each tailored for a specific purpose. Whether that be simply getting you from A to B in comfort and safety, travelling around a well paved race track in the shortest time possible, crossing difficult terrain, or sliding sideways around a corner. Each have been […]

Tesla shares singed after Walmart sues over solar panel fires

Amazon employees sing with Alexa

♫ Auld lang syne ♫ Is she good with that? (group singing) I think this is an exciting project because it is Alexa coming together for the first time with a group of human singers. We’re having fun. We’re bringing different groups of Amazonians together to do something that no one has ever done before. […]