BMW X1 vs Volvo XC40 | Small SUVs, Big Luxury? |

first impressions are super important right well they’re doubly important for these two small SUVs here because they’re not just setting the tone for themselves they’re setting the tone for the brands as a whole that’s absolutely right and if you are looking to bite into the luxury pie as it were chances are you’re […]

2018 Audi S4: This Steering Wheel Is Made for Your Hands | Edmunds First Impression

I have to say that a side benefit, because we are talking about just a regular life or regular drive, is how nicely the wheel fits in your hands. Yeah, that’s true, isn’t it? You almost want to keep your hands on– I mean, you should keep your hands on the wheel. But you almost […]

2018 New Toyota Yaris First Drive Review | NDTV carandbike

lots happening in the compact sedan segment of late a little over a year since Honda updated the City and Hyundai followed up with the new generation Verna and then Toyota teased us at the expo in February frankly were you expecting anything different to come in that segment? well here it is the Toyota […]

Another Potentially Big Toyota Recall Is Coming!

well good afternoon everybody and welcome to the channel hey I’m pulled off the road here I got it email not too long ago from a subscriber on the channel I’m regarding another couple of recalls that are going to be issued here in the near future on possibly the tundra and the Tacoma now […]

2020 Hyundai Sonata First Impressions; Audience Questions | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #238

We share our first impressions of the all new 2020 Hyundai Sonata, then we answer your questions about touchscreens versus knobs and why tires can get so noisy. Next on Talking Cars. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, welcome back. I’m Keith Barry. I’m Gabe Shenhar. And I’m Jennifer Stockburger. And today we’re going to get right into […]

Rebuilding A WRECKED 2017 Audi R8 Part 7

(dramatic instrumental music) – All right, what’s going on guys? Welcome back to the channel. On today’s video, we are working on the ’17 R8, man. It’s back in house and we’re super excited to finally start puttin’ this thing back together. In the next episode, we’re actually gonna be putting everything from Dreyer that […]

2017 Honda City 1.5 VX NAVI CVT Review – Behind the Wheel

The refreshed Honda City is the perfect definition for a facelift Nothing major like the Kardashian. No no More like a quick trip to Vicky Belo The face is still familiar with some new things that make it oh so attractive The differences begin with the front grille the headlamps, the fog lamps, and of […]

2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV I Most luxurious SUV

Goodwood England the home of rolls-royce motor cars for a hundred and fourteen years Rolls Royce has been the buy weren’t for luxury that attracted the visionaries explorers adventurers and victors such as Lawrence of Arabia who said that a rules in the desert is above rubies the Russian steppes the Indian Ghats the Alpine […]

Honda 400EX ATV Carb Rebuild & Cleaning |

Hi, John Talley here with Today we’re going to be looking at the carburetor on our 2007 Honda TRX 400 EX. If you notice your machine has been getting harder to start up in the morning, it’s been sitting for a while, and it only wants to run when you’ve got a little bit […]

TRD Skid Plate: Toyota 4Runner Project Pt. 1

♪♪ WILSON: So here we have the standard 4Runner We’re going to give it a TRD makeover. We’re going to enhance it’s off-road capability with all the TRD accessories. ♪♪ So, one of the beauties of the 4Runner is it’s extremely accessible. It can be very good on-road on your day to day commute living […]