BMW X1 vs Volvo XC40 | Small SUVs, Big Luxury? |

first impressions are super important right well they’re doubly important for these two small SUVs here because they’re not just setting the tone for themselves they’re setting the tone for the brands as a whole that’s absolutely right and if you are looking to bite into the luxury pie as it were chances are you’re […]

2018 Audi S4: This Steering Wheel Is Made for Your Hands | Edmunds First Impression

I have to say that a side benefit, because we are talking about just a regular life or regular drive, is how nicely the wheel fits in your hands. Yeah, that’s true, isn’t it? You almost want to keep your hands on– I mean, you should keep your hands on the wheel. But you almost […]

2016 Volkswagen Touareg: How to Connect Bluetooth

In this video we’ll be showing you how to connect your Bluetooth to the 2016 Volkswagen Touareg. Start by powering up your entertainment console and making sure that the Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone. Then press “search for telephones”. The system will then begin searching for your phone. Once your phone appears on the […]

2018 Volkswagen Atlas | CarGurus Impressions

Volkswagen sold nearly 75,000 Passats in the United States last year, yet its Tiguan crossover barely broke 43,000 sales, and the Touareg couldn’t break 10,000. In a world where Nissan Rogues are outselling Altimas, this is a major problem. Americans love big crossovers, but Volkswagen hasn’t been able to sell either of its offerings in […]

How to: Install Toyota Pickup Truck LED Headlights – 4Runner & Tacoma too!

Welcome back to the 6th Gear Garage! Today I upgrade my Toyota’s headlights from this… to This! Let’s start off with a look at the factory headlights. They’re a sealed beam design, which was standard on trucks, and most cars, in 1985. When the light burned out or cracked, you threw away the whole light […]

2018 New Toyota Yaris First Drive Review | NDTV carandbike

lots happening in the compact sedan segment of late a little over a year since Honda updated the City and Hyundai followed up with the new generation Verna and then Toyota teased us at the expo in February frankly were you expecting anything different to come in that segment? well here it is the Toyota […]

Impact of a Dirty Air Filter on Horsepower | Honda CBR |

Hello, John Talley here with You know we’re always telling you it’s important to keep your air filter clean. Well today we’re going to find out just what a difference it can make. We going to have a little fun with our dyno. First, we’re going to do a run with a clean air […]

New Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Hybrid 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome to a new video today I have right here with me the new Toyota Corolla touring sport this is the brand new 2019 car and I would love to review to review this new beautiful Corolla tourer sport and let’s get to the job guys so first of all I want […]

Another Potentially Big Toyota Recall Is Coming!

well good afternoon everybody and welcome to the channel hey I’m pulled off the road here I got it email not too long ago from a subscriber on the channel I’m regarding another couple of recalls that are going to be issued here in the near future on possibly the tundra and the Tacoma now […]

2018 Honda Accord – Review and Road Test

I’m not going to dance around it the 10th generation Honda Accord is awesome not perfect but awesome that awesomeness begins outside in the pantheon of Honda Accords this might be the coolest the fastback profile looks substantive and sporty while the front has an imposing modern presence it also looks like it has a […]