Changer ressort d’amortisseur avant VOLKSWAGEN T5 TUTORIEL | AUTODOC

Use an end bit №5 and a combination spanner №19 Use a socket №21 Use a special puller to take the tie rod end out Use a socket №19 Use a socket №30 Use a socket №18 Use a torx №T30 Use a wrench № 21  and a hex wrench № 7 Using a special […]

90° Reverse Bay Parking Manoeuvre | 2020 UK Driving Test

The UK Driving Test includes the option of the reverse bay parking manoeuvre. We always recommend reversing into parking bays whenever possible, as the car is more manoeuvrable and it is much safer to drive forwards out of the bay afterwards. In this video we’ll show how to reverse bay park safely – with an […]

Buying a used Audi A8 D2/4D – 1994-2002, Common Issues, Buying advice / guide

Honda Civic Front Bumper Removal How to Remove Replace Install 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

Painted and unpainted bumpers can be purchased on Amazon. Links in the description below. Replacement bumper clips can also be found on Amazon. Link in the description below.

Moogs Honda S2000 Reveal

-[MOOG] [Voiceover] I’ve always liked cars. -[‘All In Your Mind’ – Moog] There’s something about them that brings out emotions and excitement that is hard to top with anything else. And ever since I’ve been old enough to hold a license, I’ve always loved Nissans. My S13 Nissan Silvia is, to this day, the best […]

How to replace Cabin Air Filter – Audi A6, S6, RS6 C6 – 2004-2011

The cabin air filters in the Audi A6 C6 are located deep under the dashboard. While replacing them you can experience back pain, neck pain, in some cases broken bones as well. And why? Well because the kind German engineers, decided that it’s enough to have a very restricted access to these filters. But enough […]

How to replace front brake discs and brake pads VOLKSWAGEN T5 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

Use a simple screwdriver to take brake caliper spring out Use an end bit №7 Use a socket №21 Use a torx №M10 Treat the brake disc seat with a special copper grease Using a special tool press in the brake caliper piston

Changer ressort d’amortisseur arrière VOLKSWAGEN T5 TUTORIEL | AUTODOC

Use a socket №21 and a combination spanner №21