Know Your Toyota — Bluetooth troubleshooting with Entune 3.0 Audio

[Upbeat music plays.] All new Toyota vehicles are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones to provide safer, hands-free, communication while driving. It’s easy to pair your phone or music player to the head unit by referring to the “Know Your Toyota: Pairing a Phone with Entune 3.0 Audio” video, or by consulting your vehicle’s […]

Choosing the right Drive Mode on the 2019 Toyota RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid

The all-new 2019 Toyota RAV4 The all-new 2019 Toyota RAV4 helps deliver driving confidence thanks to its capable new TNGA platform and advanced driver assist features, such as Multi-Terrain Select and Drive Mode Select. Standard on all-wheel drive equipped gas models, Multi-Terrain Select allows drivers to maximize traction when driving through mud and sand, rock […]

Rebuilding A WRECKED 2017 Toyota Tacoma Part 1

– [Lawson] Hey! Almost got taken out by it but hey! – Here you go. – All right what’s going on guys? Welcome back to the channel. In today’s video, we’re hopping into the 17 Tacoma. If you guys haven’t seen the bidding, buying, delivery of the Tacoma, link will be down in the description. […]

2020 Toyota Big Game Commercial: Ft Cobie Smulders | 2020 Toyota Highlander

[alarms sounding] Get in! It’s gonna blow! I can’t fit! There’s no room! Go on without me! Noooooo!!!♪ Calm music plays from car ♪I got room. Hop in! Okay. Take no prisoners! Save yourselves. YAAHH!! Pa! So, this is Adam. [alien roars, snowmobiles speed away] Go! Thanks, boss! I’ll hold it off! Critter’s got an […]

My Teenage Dream ruined – Toyota 86 Review

Man I think I’m getting old the perfect combo of rear wheel drive 6 speed manual two door coupe and sexy looking car just isn’t doing it for me as a daily driver anymore and here’s why *music starts* *door thunks* *engine starts* When I was 17 I really wanted a Scion FRS I learned […]

Motorline Toyota Canterbury Dealership Tour

You can expect a very warm welcome from all our staff whether it be service or sales. We’ve got great facilities here TVs for adults and children with DVDs and we’ve got great coffee, biscuits, and a fantastic waiting facility. We’ve been here for 42 years selling Toyotas, new and used, you know the staff […]

Detailed System Overview Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) | Toyota

2013 Land Cruiser How-To: Windshield Wipers | Toyota

Do It Yourself Firmware Updates for Toyota Vehicles

(upbeat music) Toyota Canada is pleased to now offer owners of most 2014 and newer model vehicles the ability to update the firmware for your multimedia system at no charge from the convenience of your own home. A firmware is a type of software that is basically an operating system for your multimedia system. Firmware […]

Students talk about Toyota T-TEN Technician Training Program

We’re doing pinpoint testing for the mass airflow sensor so we’re going to back probe it and see what we’ve got going on here. My name is Beth Casey. I’m a second year student in the T-TEN program. So it’s showing over the limit which means we’ve got an open somewhere in the sensor wire. […]