Meeting a SLOTH!!!

Miami & Palm Beach Travel VLOG | Natalie Nightwolf Travels by Natalie Nightwolf beer and breakfast I could start to might read hello my gorgeous friend I am going on a trip I’m going to Palm Beach oh my goodness I’m so excited I’m in the airport and you know what the airport means to […]

31 ESSENTIAL First Time IRELAND Travel Tips

Ireland, the Emerald Isle is a stunning country full of ancient history and some of the most warm people that you’ll ever meet. Top of the morning to ya! Have ye seen me pot of gold, mister? Huh? How about me potatoes? What? Are you a walking stereotype? No, I just wanted to like get […]

Florida Travel: Welcome to John D. MacArthur Beach State Park

(gentle music) – [Narrator] This is my quest. I’m not nature photographer or documentarian. Just a girl searching for what she loves. Some call this place a sanctuary. I can see that. It does feel sort of sacred, quiet, peaceful, safe. No wonder they live so long. They live in paradise. Soft sand, aqua waters, […]