Tramwaj w Libercu / Liberec Tram – CZ09

In the last episode of Niskopodłogowiec Czech you will learn: what are triple-rail tram tracks for? what functions has this object with a huge clock on the facade? what can harm us inside the vehicle and we rather don’t expect it? and why I haven’t ridden interurban tram track? 11 days of travel 7 tram […]

Where the Hell is Matt? 2012

K-POP SM Entertainment SUM Cafe, Eyeye (+Korean brand) Sample Sales Event | DTV #8

Top 5 Things to do in Palm Beach

Hi welcome back to Escapades with Emma. I am Emma, as you may have gathered and today we’re going to talk about the Top 5 Things to do in Palm Beach County Florida. So, my parents are snowbirds and their location of choice for the winters recently has been Ocean Ridge. So, for the last […]

Cruise Ship Entertainment : Onboard Shows –

Welcome aboard! Lets spend the next few minutes together as we take you behind the scenes of all entertainment a cruise has to offer. Guests taking a cruise today demand quality entertainment on the high seas and they’re getting it. The cruise director is responsible for the entertainment on board a ship and in some […]

Bali Nightlife – Will You Survive? | Safe Travels | World Nomads

Theres no doubt about it, Bali can get pretty crazy I know about magic mushrooms… he thought he was dead actually Look I think a lot of them do things here in bali that they wouldn’t normally do at home… Alright, we’re not going to sugar coat it. One of the main reasons people come […]

USA on the Road: Lancia Stratos & 037 + Dodge Challenger – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (SUBS)

What a “green wave” we found! We are in New York City, it’s raining, they issued a weather warning because of an incoming huge storm and I obviously chose the best day to come here: August, storm… We have to drive for 89 miles, it’s 9 a.m., we have to drive away from this concrete […]

Siberian Cult Leader Thinks He’s Jesus

[CHORAL MUSIC PLAYING] ROCCO CASTORO: There is a place in Russia where people have discovered the secret of living in perfect harmony. A place where the children run free, where the Earth provides everything you need, and where money is meaningless. Welcome to the Church of the Last Testament. This is Petropavlovka, a small settlement […]

Study In England || Cambridge University Campus Tour II Ep.203

welcome to cycle baba’s channel greeting !!!!! today me and SUNIL aka DELHI BOYE are going to visit Cambridge University so lets go… talk to you on the way music music finally we reached city of cambridge this can be called city of students as around 25000 students from other parts of world are here […]