Toyota How-To: Trip Meter | Toyota

The button on the lower ride side of the instrument panel changes the display of the odometer and trip meters. When the odometer is displayed, pressing it once will display Trip A, and pressing it a second time will display Trip B. This allows you to record and display distances independently. To reset either Trip […]

Tramwaj w Libercu / Liberec Tram – CZ09

In the last episode of Niskopodłogowiec Czech you will learn: what are triple-rail tram tracks for? what functions has this object with a huge clock on the facade? what can harm us inside the vehicle and we rather don’t expect it? and why I haven’t ridden interurban tram track? 11 days of travel 7 tram […]

Portia de Rossi Breaks Ground on Ellen’s Campus in Rwanda

So a couple of weeks ago, my wife, Portia, went to Rwanda. She was there for the groundbreaking ceremony for my campus that we’re building for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund to help protect the mountain gorillas, and it was an incredible experience. And I want to show you more of what happened because it’s […]

Where the Hell is Matt? 2012

K-POP SM Entertainment SUM Cafe, Eyeye (+Korean brand) Sample Sales Event | DTV #8

USA on the Road: Lancia Stratos & 037 + Dodge Challenger – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (SUBS)

What a “green wave” we found! We are in New York City, it’s raining, they issued a weather warning because of an incoming huge storm and I obviously chose the best day to come here: August, storm… We have to drive for 89 miles, it’s 9 a.m., we have to drive away from this concrete […]

WELCOME TO MAI CHANNEL! Travel + Languages + Entertainment

Hello everyone! My name is Maite and welcome to Mai Channel! Just a little disclaimer before we get started I will be putting subtitles both in Italian and Portuguese for every video I make I just thought that English would be the perfect in-between language but stay tuned because there are videos coming in both […]

Autostopem na Kołymę – Kijów (odc. 3)

We are in Ukraine now, west ukraine and this is the moment when my trip starts. One man 27000 km (~~17000miles) 200zł (~50 dollars) From Wrocław To Komyła Episode 3 – Kijów Once, there was an Ukrainian guy with full bag of vodka bottles and he got back with stamps! And he had stemples on […]


Good morning, we’re sitting at a cafe waiting for our breakfast. We were supposed to wakeup and hike at 8:00am but it’s, what time is it now? 11:30?! We overslept like we always do. So, what are you doing now Evan? I’m just answering some work emails, and looking up our next move to Madrid. […]

Hyungjun used to be a singer??! [Battle Trip/2018.03.25]

From the viewers’ point of view, JH… – It’s this. / – MK. Since it’s Minkyo. So let’s be JH. – JH? / – Yeah. Not Jonghyuk. I’m not confident. JH for Jonghyuk and Hyungjun. Isn’t that too simple? JH. – JJ. / – Jonghyuk, Hyungjun. JJ isn’t bad either. – JJ? / – Yeah. […]