How To Stop Singing Froggy – Killer Tips and Tricks – Singing Lessons – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, Where the PROOF is in the Singing! Today we’re going to be discussing how not to sing with a froggy sound. How not to sound like this when we sing. And I want to say a couple of things that are very, very important first. […]

How To Sing VOWELS

hello everyone I’m John Tracy and welcome to the Voice Guru ! Thanks to the airflow, the vocal cords vibrate and create a sound. The vowel is not produced by the vocal cords. This is something that we add up. So first there is the sound production then it’s decoration which is the color, which […]

Glowing Lines Effect in After Effects | Blottermedia Dance Effects

No, I don’t see So what you just saw was a product of ten hours of frame-by-frame animation a Lot of work for just under 20 seconds of screen time pretty crazy But if you do the effect, well, it’ll look really cool. Now the original creator of the video with the dancing His name […]

Picking Up UBER Riders In A Lamborghini!

What’s up guys, my name is Park Kinnear Enstein. This is vehicle virgins and today We’re gonna be picking up unsuspecting uber riders in a Lamborghini uber doesn’t really allow 2-door Lamborghinis to be registered so to make this super legit because I actually wanted to use the uber app I Registered my 2016 s550, […]

How to send, read and reply to text messages | Apple CarPlay™ | Hyundai

(upbeat music) – Welcome to Hyundai Insider. Sending a message is something you shouldn’t be doing while driving, but using CarPlay, it’s very simply and very easy. Watch this. Send text message to Justin Parker. – [Voice] What do you want to say to Justin Parker? – Hey Justin. Just got two extra tickets to […]

Beginner Car Care: Tire Pressure How to Check Inflate and Deflate Tires

Brought to you by, your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet. Hi, I’m Mike from 1A Auto. In this video, we’re going to really tackle a very basic car care item. This video is going to be geared more towards really the new driver, or somebody that doesn’t […]

Barry Gibb & Olivia Newton John – Island In The Stream (Subtitles PT/ENG)

Senhora e Senhores “Olivia Newton-John” Ela estava na platéia assistindo Ele a pegou de surpresa chamando-a pro palco Certo? Alô! Lindo O que eu digo? Baby when I met you there was peace unknown I set out to get you with a fine tooth comb I was soft inside, there was somethin’ going on You […]