31 ESSENTIAL First Time IRELAND Travel Tips

Ireland, the Emerald Isle is a stunning country full of ancient history and some of the most warm people that you’ll ever meet. Top of the morning to ya! Have ye seen me pot of gold, mister? Huh? How about me potatoes? What? Are you a walking stereotype? No, I just wanted to like get […]

British Challenger 2 vs German Leopard 2 – Which Is Better? – Main Battle Tank / Military Comparison

In military battle, tanks are needed to support infantry by moving into combat zones, with troops protected in near-impenetrable moving vehicles while also able to return enemy fire. Since their inception, tanks are becoming tougher, faster, and more easily able to damage the weapons that penetrate – or attempt to penetrate — them. We thought […]

Love Actually (3/10) Movie CLIP – The Dancing Prime Minister (2003) HD

[Woman Over Radio ] It’s almost enough to make you feel patriotic. So here’s one forourarse-kicking prime minister. l think he’ll enjoy this. A golden oldie fora golden oldie. # Hold me # # l’ll give you all that you need # # Wrap your love around me # # You’re so excited l can […]