Inside The Military’s $223 Million ‘Doomsday Plane’

If there ever were a nuclear war and all US military ground communication was destroyed, this $223 million plane would become the command and control center for the US military’s most senior officials. This is the E-4B “Nightwatch.” It’s basically a flying war room designed to withstand a nuclear blast. Ryan Pickrell: I like to […]

Tail of the Dragon 🇺🇸| USA Dream Roads | Harley – Davidson Street Glide | Darius Motor Hobby

I am about to ride the Dragon Tail It’s a world famous scenic road in Tennessee, USA Which has 318 curves in 11 miles It’s a unique road That’s my black rental Street Glide I usually rent a Street Glide while travelling in USA Behind me you can see the Tree of Shame There are […]

The Cold War – OverSimplified (Part 1)

I’ve decided that in order to sell more merch, I should do a face reveal wearing it. So are you ready? Here we go! Boom. New minimalist and Cold War merch available now. And get the new limited edition Churchill character pin before it sells out, with more characters coming in the future. Link in […]

Review | Ariel Atom 3S | Fountain of Youth

Desmanche USA

Here we are in an American junkyard and we’re going to show how people buy car parts here, all right? Let’s go take a look! So, guys, here you have the liberty to enter stay as long as necessary for you to be able to take it apart. You bring your tools, take out the […]

ITW Dev : L’inde dépassera les USA dans 25 ans ! / India is going to get ahead of U.S. in 25 years !

Je voulais aussi te poser une question à propos de l’Inde. Il y a beaucoup d’Indiens à Dubaï, la première population. Récemment je pense que Sheikh Bin Zayed s’est rendu en Inde, il a été accueilli par le Premier Ministre Modi, c’est vraiment une très bonne chose. Visiblement, il y a de forts liens qui […]

#1 – Pierwsze wrażenia w USA

Hi guys, I will try to make a short update on my USA trip and to show how my trip looked like until now! This is an airport in Oslo – it made a big impression on me, because of the glued laminated timber roof. I have never been on a long distance flight before […]

Ashly Williams’ Emotional “I Will Always Love You” Prompts Tears – THE X FACTOR USA 2013

You nervous? Yeah just kinda wanna focus purely on emotion when I’m preforming and it really helps Yeah, my focal point is my mom Her birthday’s Sunday and she passed away No! Yeah So this is the reason why I’m here (♪♪: In the Arms of an Angel) This is the moment that I’ve been […]

AKNU – Brothers from LA Perform “Valerie” – THE X FACTOR USA 2013

all right so you guys ready go yeah it’s mark Scott I’m 25 years old my name is Hassan Scott and I’m 24 my name is Marcus Scott and I’m 28 we’re all from Los Angeles and where I knew and we would describe our hoop as classic but we don’t want the Simon to […]