Porsche 911: Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection — /DRIVE CLEAN

LARRY KOSILLA: What’s up, guys? Welcome back to Season 2 of “Drive Clean.” I’m Larry Kosilla from ammonyc.com. And this year, we have 13 episodes jam-packed with car care education. Everything from interior detailing, wheel repair, window tints, clear bra, and much, much, more. That’s all coming up on this season of “Drive Clean.” [MUSIC […]

Used Car Commercial // 1996 Honda Accord

You? You’re different. You do things your way. That’s what makes you one of a kind. You don’t need things. You’re happy with who you are. You don’t care about money. You have everything you’ve ever wanted. You don’t do it for appearances. You do it because it works. And this? This is not a […]

How to Buy a Used Car for $300 (Runs and Drives)

Hey guys ChrisFix here and today, I’m going to show you how to buy a $300 car, yes, that is right, you heard correctly under this car cover is a car I purchased for $300. Sure it needs a little bit of work, but nothing we can’t fix, and it runs and drives sorta… I’m […]

Why Not to Buy a Used Hybrid Car

Rev up your engines, today I’m going to help you decide whether it’s a good idea or not to buy a hybrid car, now lately people have been asking me, Scotty I’m thinking about buying a hybrid car, what do you think about that, well we’ll start with a little history lesson, hybrid’s really started […]