2009 Prius How-To: Use the Aux Input | Toyota

Audio system. How to use the aux input. most portable cassette, CD, and electronic audio players with a mini plug headphone jack can be played through the audio system. Simply connect the audio player output to the vehicle aux input jack in the center console. If your portable device is playing but a different audio […]

2013 Land Cruiser How-To: Overview | Toyota

2013 RAV4 How-To: 6-Speed Automatic Transmission | Toyota

(funky music) – The RAV4 six speed automatic transmission is designed to provide quiet driving, a smooth gear shift feel, and fuel efficiency during both highway and city driving. It can be used in drive or sequential operation, depending on driver preference. (gentle music) (shifter thudding) In D or drive operation it also features artificial […]

Certified Used 2015 Blue Toyota Highlander XLE SUV at Toyota Of Whittier 888-718-3693 Great Prices

here at Toyota and Scion of Whittier, we do have Toyota Certified Used vehicles The beauty and benefit of a Certified vehicle is it goes through a 160 point inspection, not every used vehicle goes through that and an additional 14-points on our hybrid vehicles after the 160 point inspection occurs the vehicle is certified […]

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2007 Tundra How-To: 4-Wheel Drive – Shifting Procedure | Toyota

– [Announcer] To shift between two wheel drive and high-speed four-wheel drive, reduce the vehicle speed to under 62 miles an hour and turn the front drive control switch knob to the right, or clockwise. If the high-speed four-wheel drive indicator light continues to blink after you operate the switch, this indicates the transfer mode […]

2014 Corolla How-To: ECO Drive Mode | Toyota

– Corolla LE ECO Plus and Premium come with an ECO mode button behind the shift lever. Press that button anytime you want to improve fuel economy. When it’s on, three things happen. First, an ECO mode indicator appears in the instrument panel. Second, the throttle response is reduced to help you accelerate slowly and […]

Toyota How-To: Prius Prime 11.6-inch HD Multimedia Display – Menus and Navigation | Toyota

– [Narrator] The 11.6-inch HD Multimedia Display in your Prius Prime gives you convenient access to many of the vehicle’s features and driving information. Pressing the menu button on the right of the bezel brings up the main menu. From here, you can select Info, Destination, Phone, or the Entune App Suite. Selecting Info (system […]

2016 Toyota Prius How-To: 2016 Prius Full Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control | Toyota

– [Narrator] Full Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control supplements conventional cruise control with vehicle-to-vehicle distance control. It allows the vehicle to automatically accelerate or decelerate in order to help maintain a set following distance from a vehicle traveling directly ahead. To turn the system on, press the on-off button on the cruise control stalk. The […]

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