Inside Japan’s Underground Custom Lamborghini Crew

Meet Shinichi Morohoshi, the leader of Fighting Star, a car collective in Japan. The group customizes supercars and drives them around Tokyo at night. He’s known for his LED customizations and flashy exteriors. During the day, the cars sit in garages or homes, but at night they come alive on the Tokyo Expressway. His customers […]

2020 Toyota Corolla Build – Daily Driver Challenge – Part 1 of 4

Welcome to our 2020 Toyota Corolla four-part miniseries. (upbeat music) (car engine revving) (soft rock music) If you guys are regulars on our channel, you know we primarily build cars that are designed for performance, modify them, take them to the track, but in the process you might say we compromise their comfort, their usability […]

SUV Track Day | Toyota Landcruiser | Driving Zone : Japan

Hi. Welcome to this video. Here we have a Toyota Landcruiser. Are you enjoying so far? Thanks for watching! Share if you want.

Audi/Volkswagen MK6 Oil Separator – Features, Failure Symptoms, and Product Review

hey YouTube Mike Rivera here with FCP euro coming at you with a really quick product review so today we have an updated crankcase ventilation valve 4 2.0 turbo Volkswagen and Audi engines this is a genuine unit but it is actually manufactured by Hanks and this is the updated version of the original crankcase […]

Geely FY11 2019 Coupé SUV | Todo lo que debes Saber

Honda Civic Contest