Riding in Style with NASCAR driver Daniel Suárez | Toyota Racing

(upbeat rock music) – Mr. Duncan, how are you? – How are you doing? Thank you for coming. – Thank you. – I appreciate you so much, getting to meet you. – Thank you very much. – I brought my friend Renaldo. You’re like me, old car lover. – Yeah I heard you guys like […]

[SOLD] 1967 Volkswagen Beetle For Sale

this is our 67 Volkswagen Beetle this video will cover a few different things first off there will be a slow paced walk around at the car and then following that I will show close-ups of all the cosmetic blemishes on it then after that there will be some running and driving Clips so the […]

The Toyota Sports 800 Is The Forefather of Fun

– I used to wash cars and I worked at gas stations, so when I could afford it, when I was 15, it was a 1959 Fiat 600 suicide doors and for $110, it just made me happy. It might have well have been a Porsche, and it started from there and why I didn’t […]

This Toyota Corolla KE35 SR Is An Endless Family Adventure

I mostly want to share this car. I’m always ready to tell stories about it, to explain its background when I open the hood or when people come up to me. It’s always a good idea to tell what you have gone through at each step of the restoration, so you can share it with […]

Classic Center Cologne [ENG SUB]: Classic Car Trader and Vintage Cars (Corporate Video)

“We build cars that nobody needs but everybody wants to have.” And we fully agree with Ferdinand Porsche. for our cars following applies: everyone wants to own one but only a few people really have deserved such a unique classic car. Since more than 30 years, beautiful cars have been our passion and our expertise. […]

Ferrari X Lamborghini – Fight of super cars – LUXE.TV

In sports we call it at Derby. Two supercars from the same region, will square off today on the track and on the road and to referee this match our specialist. Ferrari or Lamborghini ? Who will come out on top ? Let’s find out. Welcome everyone, welcome to a new show, where today we’re […]

Porsche 356 – Capital In Denmark

Porsche 911s targa 2.4 1972 – El Peregrino – Roadmantics Ep 21

This car was bought by my grandfather on 1972 it was a whim, he loved cars he bought this car with the intention of giving it to one of his son by luck, the car was given to my father and, inside of the car, it came implicit that he must do the same so, […]

This Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 Replica Is Keeping Historic Group B Rallying In Motion

The feeling I get when I put on a racing suit, a helmet and then just start the engine it always gives me goosebumps. When I change the gears from 1st to 2nd to 3rd to 4th the words of Walter Rohrl come to mind : “If you are driving this car your thoughts will […]

This Austin Mini Is Part Of A Coming Of Age Story That Honors The Past

I’ve been a car enthusiast since I was a kid. I think it runs in the family, because my grandfather was an automobile salesman. He built his whole career around the Peugeot brand. My dad was also a rally co-driver, and the cars would stay in the basement the night before a race. He would […]