THROW IT BACK DANCE (Everytime this song plays) | Ranz and Niana

NIANA THROW IT BACK Okay Okay! Okay!! Okay!!! Ey Ey! Ey! Ey!! Whoo Eyy “Laugh” Stop it! NIANA! THROW IT BACK!! Eyy Whooo Ey! Ey! Ey! Whoo!!! “Laugh” STOP! NIANA!! THROW IT BACK!!! C’mon “Laugh” Okay Okay Whooo Ey Ey C’mon Ey! Ey!! Whoo!!! “Laugh” What is that pose? NIANA!!! THROW ITBACK!!! Ok Okay Ey! […]

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♪ ♫ (Hindi Ladies Song) generally used during wedding session in India) ♪ ♫ ♪♫ music instrument is Dholak (Tambour) let us try to dance with bride please dance a little it generally all do dance …. dance ….. please dance a little please usually brides dance, its a ritual and tradition oh nice, bride […]

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