31 ESSENTIAL First Time IRELAND Travel Tips

Ireland, the Emerald Isle is a stunning country full of ancient history and some of the most warm people that you’ll ever meet. Top of the morning to ya! Have ye seen me pot of gold, mister? Huh? How about me potatoes? What? Are you a walking stereotype? No, I just wanted to like get […]

Kids DANCE CHALLENGE With Interactive Friend | #Wrapples #MyMissAnand #ToyStars

Wow… what a fantastic dance challenge I was doing with my Wrapples my dream get broken You know Mumma what I’ve seen in my dream Mumma you brought these for me No Your Papa brought these Thanks Papa for these Wrapples I wanted these since a long do you wanna to meet my cutest furry […]


Phil learns to sing!

P: Hey guys, so I’m here with Matt Smith C: Hey guys…… P: Can you guess who it is? Maybe from this hair it might be a clue… P: IT’S CARRIE! C: Hello! P: So Carrie is a professional singer, would you say that’s right? C: Yes P: The right term? Songstress? C: I like […]

What’s inside Hershey’s Chocolate World?

Sped up singing (THIS SOUNDS SO AWESOME!)

(original): You need a BAD girl to blow your mind! (sped up!): You need a BAD GIRL to blow your mind, your miiind! (bang bang, into the room!) I KNOW U WANT IT! (bang bang all over you!) EH… What’s up, my name is (R-R-R-RAMI) and today we’re gonna be experimenting with speeding up singing, […]

Tesla DreamCase – sleeping on the peak of the mountain fpv | MaiOnHigh

hi everyone it’s Lexie and we on the way to the south of Germany to meet with other Tesla people and we’re gonna be on the “DreamCase weekend” a lot of mountains a lot of lakes a lot of awesome views so a lot of drone footage but also we will learn couple of things […]

EXTREME Pause Challenge – Win $10,000

Pause Hey jenson pause Pause! Pause screaming pause no pause