How To Practice Singing – Vocal Tutorial – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, where the proof is in the singing! We got a lot of requests for this one. It’s how do I practice singing? Practice singing… Well, you know, that can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, too, because what one guy […]

Vocal Coach Reacts to 12 Top Singers Who Really Don’t Need Autotune

Hello! Welcome to Beth Roars! I’m Beth and today I am going be doing a vocal coach reacts to 12 top singers who really don’t need autotune. Before we start you can find me on facebook, twitter and instagram. My handle is @bethroars Also please do check out my website where I have in […]

Tutorial: How to Practice Singing Tenor

OK, today I am putting together a quick tutorial on how to practice if you are a tenor; and this is only for tenors, so if you are any other voice type, close your ears. I’m also going to add the inner monologue so that you can follow along at home while you’re practicing, and […]

Choral Warm up #1: Full Vocal Warm up

Choral Warm up Exercises Dixie State University – Chamber Singers Demonstration by Dr. Roger Hale O.K. Here we go! Will You Please just give yourself a little neck massage. Climb up and down your neck with your fingers rolling. Go ahead and move down your shoulders. Roll your shoulders backwards. . . then forwards. . […]

Ep. 102 “Singing With An Open Throat” – Voice Lessons To The World

Hey singers, I think today’s episode is going to be a real eye-opener, or at least a real throat opener, because today we’re exploring the classic vocal topic singing with an open throat. ♬ Hi singers! I’m Justin Stoney the founder of New York Vocal Coaching here in New York City. Welcome to episode 102 […]

How To Sing Any Song – Voice Lessons – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, where the PROOF is in the SINGING! I’d like to discuss how to sing any song, and this is really important because what you’re going to find is that you think you are hearing certain vowel sounds, when in fact you’re actually not when you […]

How to Find Your Optimum Pitch | Singing Lessons

Hi. My name is Anya Singleton. This is how to find your optimum pitch. What does that mean, first of all? Optimum pitch really deals with where your voice lives. What is the most comfortable place for your voice to live pitch-wise? What I’m going to really discuss here is speaking into singing. A lot […]

OPEN THROAT Singing Method – How It Really Works – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey, Guys! Welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof continues to be in the singing. I want to talk about open throat technique and at least my experience of what that is compared to some of the videos that I’ve seen on the internet. And I’ve seen some interesting stuff and […]