Open Throat Singing – How to Stop Choking When Singing – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, where the proof is in the singing! Why do I say that all the time? I say that, guys, because there is so much confusing information going around, particularly on YouTube, and guys, I had to spend 30 years studying the voice, and understanding what […]

How To Stop Singing Froggy – Killer Tips and Tricks – Singing Lessons – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, Where the PROOF is in the Singing! Today we’re going to be discussing how not to sing with a froggy sound. How not to sound like this when we sing. And I want to say a couple of things that are very, very important first. […]

How To Sing VOWELS

hello everyone I’m John Tracy and welcome to the Voice Guru ! Thanks to the airflow, the vocal cords vibrate and create a sound. The vowel is not produced by the vocal cords. This is something that we add up. So first there is the sound production then it’s decoration which is the color, which […]

Eng) 연습생, 퍼포먼스팀 오디션🎤(How to apply PNB Entertainment Audition)

Hello everyone I’m Sunny Kim, the head of PNB Entertainment We are planning an audition for an artist who will work with us to select the best talent to grow globally Our audition is open to all regardless of nationality, age, gender Please refer to the section below for more information on how to participate […]

Skype Singing Lessons

Hi, I’m Ben I’m a professional Singing Teacher And I’m authorised in a method called Complete VocalTechnique The way I work means that you can train to sing all sounds that the voice can make, in a healthy way and, the technique should work immediately, which means that you don’t need lots of sessions to […]

Understanding VOCAL FRY | Does it count as range? | Singing Registers

Hi everyone it’s Caleb Coles here I’m an Australian singer-songwriter today is the start of my series on vocal registers which is intended to help you understand what all the various vocal registers are but also try to bring some clarity because vocal registers are often used in different ways by different people and I […]

I Was An Island | Allison Weiss [Cover]

I was an island, before you came along. Put your boat in my sand, Hand in my hand, your heart in my song I was a fighter and I was so brave (lol not me) But I lowered my sword when you held me and swore You’d stay, stay, stay oh, I can’t do this […]

Mucus Relief For Singers! Incredible Free Tips And Remedies For Singing Wellness! Ken Tamplin Vocal

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. Today we’re going to be discussing how to get rid of mucus off of our vocal cords, but before we do that, I think it’s really important to ask ourself one big question, and the question is this: there’s an old saying “You are what […]

John Lennon – Imagine (original demo)

(coughs) OK? Shall I go? Imagine there’ s no heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people living for today ah-ahhh Imagine there’s no countries It isn’t hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people living […]