Sing With Compression – Vocal Fry Singing – Gabriela Gunčíková – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the Proof is in the Singing. we got a lot of requests for this one it’s how to sing with compression and vocal fry. Now it’s kind of an interesting subject for me because I’ve been discussing compression for like over 25 years now […]

World Singing Day 2018 Song of the Year “Ode to Song”

Times they are a-changin’ faster Can you see what’s goin’ down People long for love and laughter Can you see it clearly now Take a sad song, make it better Sing it out and sing it strong Everybody get together Raise your voice and sing along We’re the ones to make the magic And we’ve […]

Voice Lessons & Tips on Singing : Tips on How to Sing

Hi. I’m Larissa Lam and on behalf of Expert Village I’m here to present you some basic singing methods. We’re going to cover a wide range of topics, but most importantly we’re going to cover the basics of singing which include vocal warm-up techniques, breathing exercises, and just some exercises to help you stretch your […]

I learn how to sing for 30 days.

Hi! I’m Dave from Boyinaband. A lot of people say that they can’t sing, even though they would really like to. In fact, according to Google, singing is the most desirable skill people want for themselves. But people also wonder: Is singing a talent, or is it a skill? Is it something you’re born with, […]

Singing Without Real Words (16 Famous Songs)

dooodooodoooo do do do dooo dodododoo dododo dodododoo dododo Mmbop! Bop Idibidaba Dobapapadobop Doooo *Music* Heyy! Heeeey! Heeeey! Haaaaa Haaaaa Haaaa Haaa Weaah, oh (Repeatedly) Nana Nananana Nananana Nanananana Naaana Nananana Nananana NaaaNaaaNaaNaa, na Laalaalaa, laalalalaa Nahnahnahnahnahnahnah, nahnahnahnahnahnah. Lalala, lalalalalalalalalalalal! Lalalalalalaala! Woaaahoooh! Dadada! Dadada! Dadadadadada Oooooooh!oOOOOOOH! Oaaahaaaahaa! Oaaahaaa! Ooooo, Oooooooooooooo, Ooooaoaoaao, (oooooo) oaooaoaoaoa

polyphonic overtone singing – Anna-Maria Hefele

Hello, I am Anna-Maria, and I’m an overtone singer, and I’m going to tell you something about polyphonic singing today. Overtone singing is a voice technique where one person sings two notes at the same time. [singing] So, this was the overtone scale on one fundamental I can also choose an overtone and move the […]


*Random singing clips from later in the video* What’s up? My name is Roomie. Get those vlog belts off! Get those chastity belts off! Cause things are about to get pretty sticky.. *laughs* how old is your audience They’re all thirty and older. (lieeeeeeeeees!!!) Today we’re gonna try out the new music challenge generator over […]

Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Learn How to Sing Better

JAMES MENY: Okay. So you want to learn how to sing and you want to get good real fast. This is a very simple formula. If you think of anything that you’ve ever had to do with a very short deadline, you become ultimately very focused at getting that thing done. So if you have […]

Vocal Lessons Pop Filter will Improve Singing when Recording Tutorial

Hello Musicians thank you for joining us my name is andrew mercer and in this very short singing lesson I will give you some vocal techniques adversaries say is that uh… many subscribers two-minute videos that they have asked about how can we improve their vocal techniques and to be honest uh… you really need […]