How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else? Faster Progress! Here’s How!

This video answers the question: How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else? When we learn to sing, either with a teacher giving us immediate feedback or with a video recording, we watch with our eyes, hear with our ears and sing with our throat and mouth. But why don’t you sing exactly right when your […]

Singing Problems And Solutions for Mixed Singing -1 Fix Makes Singing Mix Easier

This video talks about singing problems and solutions for mixed singing. I’ll show you a major problem with singing mix that’s easy to solve with one fix. It will make singing mix easier, more consistent and ultimately more powerful. Hi I’m Chuck Gilmore, International Vocal Coach and Founder of Power To Sing. Each week I […]

An Intro to Voice Types for Male & Female Singers

Hello, my name is Betsy and I’m a singing teacher at TakeLessons. In this video, you’re going to learn all about the different voice types from male and female singers. We’ll also go over how you can determine your own voice classification. So stay tuned and don’t forget to click the link below to check […]

Voice Teacher, Singing Lessons, Singing Teacher, Vocal Coach, Voice Coach, New York City, NYC

This video is about a voice teacher, singing teacher and singing lessons in New York City. Hi! My name is Lisa and I brought my daughter Danica for singing lessons with Irina, voice teacher at Beautiful Voice NYC. I’ve found her on the Internet. My daughter Danica is a dancer. She’s got an audition and […]

Low Larynx Singing Exercises – 5 Simple Exercises for Quick Results

If your larynx is high when you sing, your voice jams up and sounds squeezed and tight. You can keep the larynx down with special Low Larynx Singing Exercises. Inside this video, I’ll give you 5 simple exercises to keep your larynx down so your singing is easier and sounds better than ever before. Hi […]

Blending Registers Singing – 4 Exercises to Smooth Transition from Chest to Head Voice

It’s easy to connect the chest to the head voice. It’s harder to make it a smooth transition.This video is about blending registers singing. I’m going to give you four exercises to help smooth the transition from chest to head voice and back to chest. Come do it with me! Hi! I’m Chuck Gilmore, International […]

Ep. 102 “Singing With An Open Throat” – Voice Lessons To The World

Hey singers, I think today’s episode is going to be a real eye-opener, or at least a real throat opener, because today we’re exploring the classic vocal topic singing with an open throat. ♬ Hi singers! I’m Justin Stoney the founder of New York Vocal Coaching here in New York City. Welcome to episode 102 […]

Voice Teacher, Voice Lessons, Singing Teacher, Vocal Coach, Voice Coach, New York City, NYC

Voice Lessons/Singing Lessons in New York City Vocal Coaching/Voice Coaching in New York City Vocal Coach/Voice Coach in New York City Voice Teacher/Singing Teacher in New York City Singing Teacher in NYC Voice Teacher in NYC Vocal Coach in NYC Voice Coach in NYC Beautiful Voice NYC (917)940-3456 Hello, my name is Martin and I […]