WHAT’S IN MY CAR! // volkswagen beetle convertible car tour 2019!

hey guys so today I’m gonna be doing a what’s in my car just showing you guys everything that I keep in my car my trunk my backseat just in case you guys wondering if you’re starting to drive if you want to know what to keep in your car or if you just need […]

The Best Bang For The Bug – LS Powered Volkswagen Bug – Holley LS Fest

My dad was into GM cars, when I wanted to get a Volkswagen for my first car, he didn’t even take me to get it. My name is Josh Craig, I’m from just outside of St. Louis in a town called Roxanna, I work as a laborer during the day and we play with cars […]

Volkswagen Owns Lamborghini & Other Things You Didn’t Know About VW

From the origins of the Beetle to the most people that can fit in one, today we learn Volkswagen Owns Lamborghini & Other Things You Didn’t Know About VW. Number 9. The People’s Car In the late 1930s, automobiles were a luxury. Translating from German to English directly as “The People’s Car”, Volkswagen vehicles were […]

2015 Volkswagen Beetle: How to Connect Bluetooth

In this video, we’re going to show you how to connect your Bluetooth device to the 2015 Volkswagen Beetle. When your phone is paired to your vehicle, you can place calls and listen to music – all hands-free. To connect your phone, hit the voice command button on the left hand side of the steering […]

VW Beetle – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

Ladies and gentlemen…The Beatles! It began its life as a Dictator***s dream but became a symbol of peace and love around the world. It***s a pop culture Icon that shared the screen with such legends as Kevin Bacon, Optimus Prime and Lindsay friggin’ Lohan. And at one point, it was the best selling car of […]