DIY Roof Rack for a T5 Volkswagen Van

Today, we build a custom roof rack for our car. A few weeks ago Bob on I like to make stuff made a custom roof rack. We will put a link to his video in the description. This is such a great idea that we had to build one as well. Around here you can […]

(DIY) Volkswagen Headlight Low Beam Bulb Replacement | No Tools | MK7 Golf

Hello everybody and welcome back to my YouTube channel! So today I have a quick little project the driver’s-side low beam headlight the bulb it just stopped working, got a little notification while I was driving and so just picked one up I’m gonna be changing that out today it should be a quick little […]

Service now reset procedure on VW Volkswagen Tiguan 2013

Volkswagen Tiguan service now reset Turn ignition on do not start Right side of steering wheel controls Push right side screen button until you get to selection screen settings menu push down arrow button until you get to service selection and press Enter push down arrow until you get to reset and press enter then […]

Volkswagen Käfer Scheunenfund von 1958 – Car Porn – by Performance Shawn

Audi/Volkswagen MK6 Oil Separator – Features, Failure Symptoms, and Product Review

hey YouTube Mike Rivera here with FCP euro coming at you with a really quick product review so today we have an updated crankcase ventilation valve 4 2.0 turbo Volkswagen and Audi engines this is a genuine unit but it is actually manufactured by Hanks and this is the updated version of the original crankcase […]

2012 Volkswagen Passat auto reviews I am Kelsey Mays for cars dot com we’re at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show checking out the redesigned Volkswagen Passat it’s gonna be a lot more accessible because it’s cheaper than the old one by about six or seven thousand dollars Volkswagen says it helps to make it to family car […]

Audi VW Porsche A6 Q7 Touareg Cayenne 3.0tdi timing chain replacement | ENG sub

Well, as I said I do not take the engine off. I will remove the gearbox. Instructions insist removing the manifolds. In actuality the rear end plate will come off nicely from here. At a right angle. One chain drives crankshaft and both camshaft timings. And the other chain at the back drives the high […]

Tweed Jacket Reviews Christmas Special: 1993 Volkswagen Polo G40 – Lloyd Vehicle Consulting

oh well I’ve had some pretty wild times in my life could you move over a little bit so you’re lying on my loose change I’m terribly sorry the mark 2 Volkswagen Polo this might possibly be the most nostaglic car we’ve ever had on to Tweed Jacket Reviews but is it any good in […]

Volkswagen Polo Vs. FIAT Argo – Duelo de compactos | Autocosmos

VW/Skoda/Audi/Seat 1.9 TDI Thermostat wechseln II replace thermostat DIY

so people, today we come to mine second video, this time we have one skoda octavia 1.9 tdi from the year of construction 2005, in which the thermostat is defective. You can tell by the fact that has just when Cold temperatures of the engine very late gets warm, so the 90 degrees very late […]