Audi Presents: Let It Tow

– The North Pole just built the best seasonal gig of all time, gift tester. Now with the help of highly trained elves, the gift tester is is putting the all electric Audi e-tron SUV through its paces. (dramatic music) We’re about to tow 4000 lbs of holiday cheer around this facility. Doing great, really, […]

Dance Moms: Laurieann Yells at Camryn for Forgetting Her Dress (Season 7) | Lifetime

[music playing] Ladies, we need to go to the top of the routine right now. MOM: I know that Laurieann is expecting a win. Without her, we really would be a ship without a captain. So we really need to focus on dance and just pray that there’s no more drama. Moms, could you go […]

Lil’ Brother From BTS – TXT! CAN THEY SING ? ( AN A GUIDE TO TXT VOCAL RANKING ) 방탄소년단동생투모로우바이투게더보컬

please wait ~~ Hello, everyon….. (E} ~~ Without Music ( Solo/Duo ( Start … The First Member ! 1st member, Taehyun !! 2nd member today….. Huening Kai! Hello…. everyone~~ Yeonjunie~~ 4th member….. Soobin, please come in~~ Today, The last ….. Member~~~ Hk : Pls Wait 😁😂😁😁😂~~ Beomgyu : seriously😰😨😧 Yeonjun : are you okay ? […]

My Singing Monsters: Reviving Loodvigg (Celestial Island)

(Just wait…) Your Celestial is ready to be revived! Would you like to go to Celestial Island? *yes* *Syncopite plays* Yeah I’m not doing this… Why do you still have subtitles on? These aren’t even funny because I’m bad at jokes. Goodbye, then. You should also check out the poll I made before you leave […]