TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 14: The Resume (Stage 12)

Dakar 2020. New horizons and a new host country, Saudi Arabia. The battle will be fought over 7,000 kilometres between the four-wheel drive Toyota Hilux and the two-wheel drive buggies. A rookie rolled. There were plenty of punctures. And spectacular scenery. Fernando Alonso had the world’s eyes watching his progress which was halted on Stage […]

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 10: The Improvement (Stage 8)

After the tragedy of Stage 7, the bikes sat out Stage 8, meaning an extra challenge for the cars with no tracks to follow. Nasser was quickly delayed by soft sand, but soon was out to discover Sainz in front of him even more stuck. For the rest of the stage, Nasser opened and was […]

Audi Asso di Picche by Giorgetto Giugiaro

Italdesign and Karmann teamed up once again in 1973 to craft a Volkswagen concept car, but the finished product would have a much more profound influence on other production vehicles than the Cheetah before it. Although Audi was enjoying the fiscal stability provided by new parent Volkswagen, it was Karmann who approached Italdesign with the […]

Rally Legend 2014 – Group B: Audi S1, Delta S4, 205 T16, etc

Group B was a category of racing cars, introduced in 1982 by the FIA ​​(Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile), whose technical regulation was established to regulate circuit and rally competitions. Group B was introduced as a replacement for both Group 4 and Group 5 cars. The new regulation fostered some most powerful and sophisticated rally cars […]

Volkswagen EA128

Were the 60’s, and Volkswagen made millions and millions of frames to sell their Beetle to baskets. The united states was one of the markets where small utilities more triumphed, along with its Transporter, that would end up becoming an icon of the hippie movement. It was a time of experiments for Volkswagen, and one […]

Top 10 Heaviest German Tank Designs [German Dub|English Subtitles]

This video is the result of a cooperation between Dragonitebyte, Graustreif Brombeerkralle [Graystripe Brambleclaw] and Königstiger [King Tiger]. We could not include some projects, e.g. the Panzerkampfwagen VII “Löwe” or the different Maus prototypes due to conflicting, inadequate or missing sources. We apologize for this. The Germans planned some of the biggest, most abstruse and […]

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 4: The Car (Stage 3)

Dakar Saudi Arabia Stage 3. Winner yesterday, Giniel led the cars away but struggled to make tracks and was eventually passed by Nasser and the others. You know once they passed me about kilometre 300, and from there I just followed them. So it was easy to follow them then once we were behind. Bernhard’s […]

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 2: The Start (Stage 1)

It’s about 9:30 in the morning. We’re about 200 kilometres north of Jeddah. And the first cars have already headed into the desert, led by our own Nasser Al-Attiyah, champion from last year. And on the start line, Fernando Alonso, and his Dakar is just about to begin. Come on Fernando! And ease into the […]

World of Tanks – Inside The Tanks: The King Tiger 360 VR

Hello and welcome to the Musée des Blindes, the French tank museum here in Saumur. It’s the only museum in the world with a running example of the biggest, perhaps most formidable operational tank of World War II: The King Tiger. To really appreciate this beast, we need to have a quick look back at […]

Audi Quattro 90 IMSA GTO VS Audi 200 Trans-Am | Audi Tradition [TECH TALK]

– The brand Audi is no stranger to success in motorsport however some of the history of Audi’s racing successes are quite unique. Particularly with their involvement in the Trans-Am and IMSA GTO Series. Now we’re here with Timo from Audi Tradition to find out a little bit more about the history of these two […]