Power window dont work from main switch toyota lexus scion subaru.

Volkswagen Golf MK7 windows calibration (remote opening closing adaptation)

In Volkswagen Golf MK7 you can not use remote to control windows if they are not calibrated. Turn the ignition on and check if all windows can be closed and opened automatically. If one of windows don’t behave as should close it manually, then pull and hold the button again until you’ll hear click inside […]

Barry Gibb & Olivia Newton John – Island In The Stream (Subtitles PT/ENG)

Senhora e Senhores “Olivia Newton-John” Ela estava na platéia assistindo Ele a pegou de surpresa chamando-a pro palco Certo? Alô! Lindo O que eu digo? Baby when I met you there was peace unknown I set out to get you with a fine tooth comb I was soft inside, there was somethin’ going on You […]

LGR – Best of Windows Entertainment Pack – PC Game Review

[typing] …all over yourself. Are you ready? Alright, here it is. [Windows “tada” sound] [grunting] Oh… yeah… Aw, this is Microsoft Entertainment Pack. I just broke my own rule and I don’t care. This is one of those that, if you had a PC, or used a PC, with Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 especially, […]