Como Instalar (Cambiar) Estereo en Volkswagen Jetta, Crosfoxx, Seat Etc. / JMK

HELLO PEOPLE FROM THE NEW GENERATION! This time, we´re going to show you how to install a stereo in a Volkswagen Jetta I want to show you the harnesses that are like these ones so you can identify them And in the description, I´ll be leaving the links to remove the model of stereo you […]

Volkswagen 411/412

The Volkswagen Type 4 is a compact car manufactured and marketed by Volkswagen of Germany from 1968 to 1974 in two-door and four-door sedan as well as two-door station wagon body styles. The Type 4 evolved through two generations, the 411 (1968–72) and 412 series (1972–74). Designed under the direction of Heinrich Nordhoff and introduced […]

Mercedes A45 S AMG vs Audi RS3 vs BMW M2 Competition | DRAG RACE [ENGLISH SUB]

The A45 AMG sports car is one of the symbols of 2019, mainly because it has the most powerful 2.000 production engine It has 421 horsepower 3,9 seconds in the 0-100 km/h an all-wheel drive and an eight-speed double clutch automatic transmission But this may not be enough to beat a lighter rival like the […]

Honda Ridgeline 2017 Review | TestDriveNow

There are a number of really good pickup trucks on the market but when you boil it down, they all pretty much follow the same formula which is why Honda’s entry is such a breath of fresh air. This is the all-new, 2nd generation Ridgeline. Back and better than ever after a 3 year hiatus, […]

2019 RAV4 Interior and Technology | Toyota

(mellow music) – [Narrator] While RAV4’s eye grabbing emphasis on style has certainly also made it’s way into its interior, it’s the great features available in here that really take center stage. So let’s forget about design touches like trim specific color accents for now, and instead dive into some of RAV4’s modern technology. First […]

2019 Audi S5 | Highlights

Hey guys! This week we’re checking out the 2019 Audi S5 Coupe. The Technik trim. If you’re looking for comfort and performance on the road this is something to consider. when it comes to what’s new with this year’s model, we have new 20-inch wheels which join part of the Black optics exterior appearance package. […]


Hey there folks, welcome to the auto universe, in today’s video, we are going to show you the new 2019 volkswagen tiguan, but before we jump into the video, make sure you hit that like and subscribe button, to keep you up to date with the latest auto news and reviews, now, onto the video […]

4K Review: 2018 Honda Accord Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

The Honda Accord is known as a practical mid-size family sedan that’s reliable, pretty decent to drive, and offers good value. It’s just not the most exciting car on the road. But Honda is changing the formula with a 2018 redesign. All-new styling should help it better stand out from the family car crowd, with […]

Milton Martin Toyota Mirka® Testimonial

an average day with us with Mirka products is on the bodyshop side you know from you know doing your mud work doing your prep work doing all that onto the paint side finishing it out for paint & prep we use it in all aspects of the business from front to back most challenging […]

2008 Volkswagen Phaeton – Detale, wyposażenie, rozwiązania (ENG SUB)

Details, features, equipment Keyless-go and Soft-close system LEDs informing about closing the car and activating the alarm Electric closing and opening of the trunk lid. (the lock mechanism is hidding in the lid) Mechanism of car trunk lid hinges. License plate backlight with illumination function (there are 4 bulbs here) Full LED taillights (blinkers are […]