Toyota Yaris Review | Pros, Cons and Should You Buy One? |

The long-awaited Toyota Yaris is finally in India. The mid size Sedan slides in between the Toyota Etios and Toyota Corolla Altis taking on heavyweight such as the Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Vento, Skoda Rapid and Maruti Ciaz. Its been price at a premium when compared to the competition but with its competitors already […]

2009 Prius How-To: Use the Aux Input | Toyota

Audio system. How to use the aux input. most portable cassette, CD, and electronic audio players with a mini plug headphone jack can be played through the audio system. Simply connect the audio player output to the vehicle aux input jack in the center console. If your portable device is playing but a different audio […]

2014.5 Camry How-To: HomeLink® | Toyota

2007 Tundra How-To: 4-Wheel Drive – Shifting Procedure | Toyota

– [Announcer] To shift between two wheel drive and high-speed four-wheel drive, reduce the vehicle speed to under 62 miles an hour and turn the front drive control switch knob to the right, or clockwise. If the high-speed four-wheel drive indicator light continues to blink after you operate the switch, this indicates the transfer mode […]

2014 Corolla How-To: ECO Drive Mode | Toyota

– Corolla LE ECO Plus and Premium come with an ECO mode button behind the shift lever. Press that button anytime you want to improve fuel economy. When it’s on, three things happen. First, an ECO mode indicator appears in the instrument panel. Second, the throttle response is reduced to help you accelerate slowly and […]

2011 Prius How-To: Climate Control | Toyota

2014 Corolla How-To: Backup Camera | Toyota

The back-up camera image appears in the audio display when you put the transmission in Reverse The blue guidelines on the right and left shows the width of the vehicle and indicate where the system estimates a vehicle will go if you back straight up on On flat level ground, the horizontal red guideline is […]

2010 Prius How-To: Cruise Control | Toyota

2010 FJ Cruiser How-To: Compass | Toyota

«ЗЛОЙ» хот-хэтч Toyota GR Yaris: 272 л.с. и полный привод!

At the Tokyo Motor Show debuted charged GR Yaris – the second car Gazoo Racing division after Supra coupe and rally car for public roads in which the spirit of the Celica GT-Four is alive. Developed racing division Toyota Gazoo Racing with Tommi Mäkinen Racing team, differences from the base car quite a lot. Attentive […]