Volkswagen Polo Peppermint – L’interview (1992, France)

But really, Ant! For me, you are a mystery after all! A mystery, me? No, it’s quite the opposite. I drive the kids to school, I go shopping… But your image is primarily talent and seduction. Do you think so? Well… I wouldn’t want to hurt your modesty, but you’re still the symbol… …of work, […]

Comedian Signe Molde to Danish Prime minister: ” Could you answer a bit more funny?”

When it comes to political journalism, the PM is the crown jewel. He has a weekly press conference. If you get to ask him a question, your fortune is made. Only the Grand Old Men of the press ever get to ask one – – and if you get an answer, you’ve made it. I […]

Volkswagen GTI India Exhaust (Pure Sound Test)

Welcome To The Wings On Wheels, and today we are going to do a Pure Sound Test Of Volkswagen GTI 1.8 TSI which produces 189 Bhp and 250 Nm of Torque. but Before starting this, please note that it is not a stock Exhaust of this GTi but an aftermarket custom exhaust. Also, The MIC […]

How to update Toyota Touch 2 with Go Maps with My Toyota

The My Toyota online portal makes it quick and easy to update the maps on your Toyota’s Touch 2 with Go navigation. Start by logging into My Toyota and selecting ‘e-Store’. Click the ‘Maps’ tab to view and select the latest update. If you’ve registered more than one Toyota, you can choose which of your […]

Program Your U-verse TV S20 and S30 Remote Control | AT&T Entertainment

Let’s look at how to program your AT&T U-verse TV’s S20 or S30 remote control to work with your TV. If you’d like to learn how to use the more advanced features of the remote, refer to the remote control user guide that came with your remote or by visiting Before you get started, […]

Aaron Anastasi Superior Singing Method Review, Scam or Legit – Honest Review!

hello fellow seekers bill again on Coming To You About Aaron Anastasi Superior Singing Method products can be a hit or miss experience that is why I love reading or watching is my cell and I hope that you find this Superior Singing Method Review helpful what is the Superior Singing Method program well as […]

Connect your iPhone with Apple CarPlay – BMW How-To

apple carplay works seamlessly with your BMW with apple carplay you can easily and conveniently present selected content from your iPhone in your vehicle displaying the Apple icons on the control display permits intuitive operation and control of the functions the optional equipment apple carplay preparation and an active subscription are required only a selection […]

An Intro to Voice Types for Male & Female Singers

Hello, my name is Betsy and I’m a singing teacher at TakeLessons. In this video, you’re going to learn all about the different voice types from male and female singers. We’ll also go over how you can determine your own voice classification. So stay tuned and don’t forget to click the link below to check […]

Jackson Wang (GOT7) Answers His Most Searched Questions! | Chinese Entertainment News

Hi everyone My name is Jackson Wang Today I’ll be answering my most searched questions Last time I was here was because I went to Jam Hsiao’s concert My most common searches, my answers Search topics related to “Jackson Wang” on Weibo “Correct way to freestyle a greeting” Mine? Hi everyone, my name is Jackson […]

Harry Styles is gay culture: a study

Happy Pride! There is one rule that is the most important thing possible. If you even THINK about getting in my way while I’m dancing… i don’t even stan harry im like. an x-men lesbian but im bored so here i am writing captions for you all Boston (Austin?) put your hands up! baby you […]