Tan France and Miranda Sings Almost Get Married | Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke

Tan France and Miranda Sings Almost Get Married | Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke

– Here we go. – Hi, I’m Tan France and
this is Dressing Funny. Each episode, I’m dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. – Uh oh, uh oh, hey. – Wanna see me push their style game? Just watch. Oh hey, Miranda! (upbeat music) Hi Miranda. How are you? – Oh Hi, I’m good. How are you?
– Good. – We can um, handshake, how about. I just don’t trust you yet, so. – That’s probably understandable. – Yeah, what was your name? – Tan. – Tan. – Tan. – Tan. Tan. – Tan. (grumbles) – I put people in clothes. So if you wore clothes
that were like this, I would be like, “okay, let me help.” – Yes, that’s why I’m here today, to help you dress. I didn’t know it would be this bad. – What do you think I’m missing? – You’re missing pants. (laughter) – What happened to your overalls? Half of them are gone. I think you should cover it up. That is for your wife
or your husband only. – What year do you think this is? – It is 2019, I do not judge. But you look really ugly. – Shall I go? – Leave? That would be great, I
can just be by myself. – (laughing) Shall I tell
you what I think of yours? – Oh yes, of course, thank you. – Can I see the back? – Okay, pervert. (laughter) – Oh my. – You see that? It’s a message
for all the haters out there. – Listen, here’s the thing. The sweats are a lot, the sweatshirt is a lot. The colors are a lot. – A lot of good? – I wouldn’t say great. – Excellent. – Okay I know you said you liked to cover. – Yes. – But would you consider this? It’s good for you because
you like a lot of color. – Yeah, I don’t like that color. – What color do you like? – I like pink, darker pink,
a little bit darker pink, hot pink, purple, white,
gray, really light pink, hot pink, purple, white,
gray, really light pink, a little bit of a darker pink, a maroon, hot pink, I picked a scab, red, blood colors, and scab colors like
browns and tan colors. – Yes. – And I also have black. – Yo. – So do you have anything that color? – Yeah, I’ve got a lovely pink here. – Um, I didn’t say that one. – Its practically the
same colors as yours. – Um, that’s a different kind of color, that’s like placenta pink. – Okay, how about this. I will try on whatever
you want me to try on. – Thank god. – But, then you have to try
on a couple of looks for me. – Okay, we’ll see about that. But I definitely need to
change your clothes very soon. – It turns out he thinks he’s a celebrity, he thinks that he knows more than me, which is laughable. – So we need to figure out
what’s going to work for her. – I don’t think anythings
going to look good on him, but let’s see here, what do we have? – I don’t want to take
advantage and put her in something she would never wear. But I actually do want
to make her look great. However, I think she’s insane. – Boring, boring, boring, boring, boring. – And I don’t think she’s
going to appreaciate anything I pull for her. – Oh, you know what? Now we’re getting somewhere. So I did find one thing
that might work for you – Uh, huh. – But I mostly just have stuff from home. – You only found one
thing in this whole store that might work? – Yeah I figured camouflage would be good because it would hide your legs more. – I said I’ll try anything.
– So let’s try that. – Okay, I’ll need a shirt. – Yeah, obviously. I’m not a freaking pervert like you. So I have some ideas, okay? So we have this shirt,
it says “Nice Baubles.” – But you said you weren’t a pervert? – No, I’m not. – So what’s that? – A bauble. You know, a bauble. Like, “Hello, nice baubles.” It’s a compliment. And then a nice shirt, because modest is hottest, over
it with pussy cats! Because everyone loves a
good pussy on a bauble. So we can try that – That’s true I love pussies on baubles. – And you can put that with that. – And then since your
face is kind of an issue, I do have this. – Oh. – So I think it’ll be good because you’ll look more famous. – You think that this is better than what I’ve already got. – I know this is better than
what you’ve already got. – Yo. Okay great then, I’m
definitely down for that. – So that’s your first one, okay? – Definitely. So I’ve got a look for you. You like color, and so
I’m going to give you a version of color that is
maybe a little more fashionable. – Okay, we’ll see what we can do. (cameras shuttering) I am in the dressing room right now. Look at all these ugly clothes he freaking picked out for me. However, I see what
he’s trying to do here. I know he’s attracted to me. – So I know he –
– Are you talking to yourself? – I’m talking to a camera, smart one. – Who did you convince to father your child? – Okay well if you knew anything, you would know that I am a virgin. Because I’m not like that. And the Lord Himself made
me the next Virgin Mary. So, basically, God is the
father of my child, so. – Did you call your child Jesus? – [Miranda] No I do not. – What do you call him? – [Miranda] It. – It? – It, or baby, or that. You know, things like that. – Do you keep in touch with your mom? – Yes, my mom is my
teacher, I’m homeschooled. – Oh, that explains so much. – [Miranda] I actually kind of like this. – Good. – [Miranda] I’m about to
come out, are you prepared? – Prepared as I’ll ever be. (Miranda humming here comes the bride) – This was your plan
all along wasn’t it Tan? – To wed you? – Yes, you gave me a veil. I do like the idea of getting married. It will help your career,
it’ll make me look better because of charity work. And I gotta say, you sold me on the pants because the pants don’t have a middle. So in case I have to pee, poo, give birth – Yes – Anything, it just
falls out. Easy clean up. – That’s one down, I’m
impressed that you liked my- – Yeah, so. I do. Did you hear that – I don’t. – Oh, you’re already wearing your ring. With this ring, I thee wed. – No – You may kiss the bride.
– No, no. No, hard pass. – You’re already laying down, that’s the wedding night, silly. – (laughing) No. I’m going
to try on real quick. – You can put that on first and don’t forget your mask. – Oh. – I can come in. – No, no, no. – We’re married now. – No, I’m good. – Never thought I would
marry an ugly person, but, you know, stranger things have happened. On Netflix. So. (camera shuttering) – I’m ready! – You’re ready? – Yeah. – Oh good! – It doesn’t smell as nice
as id like it to smell. – Wow, I have never been
more attracted to you. You look great. – What do you like about this look? – I like the nice baubles,
I like the pussy cats, and most importantly I like looking at my own face.
– The face – See now we can kiss. – No. – We can. – No, No. (camera shuttering) – I’m really excited about this next look. Because I want to be
sensitive to your needs. I’m your wife now. So I want to make sure
we have compromise here. – Hmm. – So here we have a skin leotard. – Okay. – And then on top put this, which is like a Virgin Mary outfit, so people know that you are a holy person, and you’re not inappropriate. But you’ll look naked and like sexy sweet at the same time. – Ah
– You’re like, “oh am I naked? No, but I’ll pray for you.” – Um, okay. Next. Which one would you rather? – This one. – Great let’s go with that. – Okay. – And then we’re going to wear this, again, you embrace color, we’re going to go with
this, with this over it. Just so we understand, this comes off. – What comes off?
– All of that. Everything that you have
on right now, is off. – Okay. – And then you replace it
with this, and then this, and then this over it. Ready for this? You will go in this one. – Oh, okay switching up? – We will switch it up. – Oh, my camera is in that one. – I will give it to you. – Are you coming in? – I will. – Ohhh. – I’m not coming in, I’m sliding it under. – Ow! Okay so I think these are pants. Lets try. I think maybe you tuck
this part in, I don’t know. I’m not going to wear
this sweater, it’s stupid. What do you guys think? Some sort of version of Aladdin. [Miranda] Okay, are you ready? – Yes. I have to do this, because
this is just offensive. – Oh wow. You look great. – Really? – You look so nice. – This is your version of nice? – Well I actually like
what you pulled this time. I love the scarf and these
pants are really nice. – Do you remember what I told you that you must take off the clothes
that you’re already wearing and replace them with
the clothes I got you? – I thought you were
talking like sexy talk, like talking dirty to me
– No that’s not sexy talk. – Well I like this
because it has a surprise. You know, so it’s like if you get excited, you can be like, “what?” – I’ve never felt more
disgusting in my life. – What are you talking about? – Listen, here’s the thing. – Listen, you know what? I know that you hate yourself. I know that you feel ugly. But it’s okay. Ugly people can be happy too. Okay? – What’s wrong with you? (upbeat music) I feel like I’ve given you
all the help I can give you. – Okay. – And so I’m going to
leave you with one outfit. – Okay. – That I think will be
a better version of you. You will go into the fitting room, and you decide who’s future Miranda. – I will fully do what you want, if you do the same for me. I have one final look for you, it’s the best one of them all. If will make you look much better, it will make you look more famous-er. – Show me. – Don’t look! It’s a surprise. So he gave me these pants to wear. I don’t like jeans. They’re uncomfortable,
they stink, they’re stiff. And I don’t like stiff things,
if you know what I’m saying. This jacket is a little
too Sherlock Holmes in my opinion. It’s also not raining, so
I’m not going to put this on. I don’t think he’ll notice. [Miranda] I love what
you picked out for me, I think this is a real big change. – [Tan] Oh good, you actually tried it on? – [Miranda] Yeah, it looks great! – [Tan] Great. – [Miranda] Okay, you ready? One, two, three. Wow. – It’s amazing
– Okay. What the fuck is this? – Excuse you! – Alright. We can be
done. She’s not going to- – Oh your butt looks great. Show them. – No.
– Show them. – We’re done, thank you very much. – Show them
– No thank you. – We clearly didn’t do anything. – It looks very nice.
– I’m done. Okay. So I guess he’s gone. Tan? We’ll it seems like he’s actually gone. That’s okay. I’m a professional. So thanks for watching everybody. I hope you enjoyed this
episode of Dressing Funny, staring me, Miranda Sings. Make sure to subscribe. Leave a comment, what
was your favorite outfit that we did today? Obviously it was this one. Thank you! Tan, I just miss my husband so much. – Yeah I kinda miss you too. – Tan I’m so glad you’re back. Because I actually need
these clothes back. – Oh good, because I want my show back. – Oh, that can’t happen. I already told them that’s- – You take these, I’m taking my show. – Oh, no pushing. – Move, idiot. – Okay, we’ll be back.

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  1. I kept wondering when Miranda would go in to dressing room and come out as Colleen, but watching Tan getting more and more annoyed was way funnier than that

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    "It doesn't smell as nice as I'd like it to smell."

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Legit cracking up.

  4. Okay but Tan that was not a great outfit at all Miranda was right about that 😂. I normally love yourself but not about that

  5. I don't care if you guys are joking. I'm am genuinely afraid of this kooky b**tch! and I fear for Tan's safety and mines as well.

  6. Total waste of time! She’s not funny and made a bad joke of Tan and his talents. Love this series with Tan. Hate her! Sorry

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