Tap Dance | Battle Of The Alphas Ep 4

Tap Dance | Battle Of The Alphas Ep 4

[ BOTA theme music ] Welcome back to Battle of the Alphas! [ Cheering ] Crazy So last week we had the guys face off in Aerial Silk Don’t move your bum. He’s moving his bum. You’re moving your mouth Chiou! Ok, let’s go straight to level 5. [ Dramatic music ] I signed the indemnity form already. I don’t care! [ Growling ] See you around, I feel like beyond suay, more like it. [ Laughing ] Wensen won alpha of the day. Wensen! [ Cheers and applause ] Wonderful Wensen Will he win again today? and will Zach and Xiao Ming ever win anything Brother! [ Laughter ] It’s very hard not to win ok?! There’s no glory in this ok! You better try harder So, we are at Converge Studios today and we are going to be doing something a little bit more music based. Drumrolls [ Clapping ] [ Slapping thighs ] [ Human stomping ] TAP DANCE!! [ Wooing ] [ Cheering ] Err.. ok.. I think we go back home lah.. [ Inaudible chatter ] COME BACK HERE!! [ Bleep ] So anyway This is Nick. He’s going to be the instructor of the day Eh… Nick can you explain how tap works? Sure, how tap works You put your hand on the handle You turn it clockwise and then the water will come out. [ Burning flames ] Nice I like that joke well done Thank you, thank you. Ok smarty pants I meant Tap Dance. Oh Tap Dance [ Sighing ] First, you need to wear your tap shoes. Oh, ok. There are two metal plates one on the ball of the foot and one on the heel. so the main sound comes from either the ball or the heel or, the toe. Oh, the toe also. Yes, you can also use the inside of the foot or the outside of the foot pretty much any way you want it to be. So how long have you been practicing to be able to be as good as you are now? I’ve been dancing for about twelve years and tapping for about ten years Twelve years… that’s half my life man. ♪ Why are you always lying… [ Bleep ] So, I heard that you’re the assistant choreographer for National Day Parade 2017. Yup, I was. So which segment did you choreograph and how many people were involved? Erm.. The whole segment actually. So, after the marching and then, the show starts. From the start of the show until the end of the show I was involved. The whole show!! The whole parade?! I also have a lot of experience in NDP lah personally. and eh… tap dancing also. Oh Ya… so so we did all this. [ Military band music ] Dig your heels leh. What is this rubbish [ Marching commands ] then Tak, Tak Tak. So he already practiced before us He’s the Wayang one lah To even get there to wayang you need to be the best already right. [ Laughter ] Your job today right is gonna be tougher than NDP. I think these tall guys are like [ Sighing ] CMI (Cannot make it) I came prepared [ Laughter ] Ok, can you show us a routine of what they’re gonna be going later? Sure Yeah!!, let’s go! 5, 6, 7, 8! [ Tap dancing ] [ Cheers ] [ Tap dancing ] How do you even go that fast My gosh [ Dup Dup Pup ] [ Pup Pup ] [ Pudup pup pup ] [ Burup-Burup pup pup ] [ Burup-Burup pup pup ] [ Burup-Burup pup pup ] [ Burup-Burup pup ] [ Bam ] WAHHHHHHTTT!! [ Cheers and applause ] Just skipping lah We’re not doing this right? Oh wow.. I’ll tap that… Ehhhhhh I mean the..the [ Laughter ] OK Chiou. Ok, bring in the mission cards. Worst nightmare. Oh Ho! So Kenneth will be a penguin. [ Animal squeaking ] Xiao Ming will be a chicken. [ Rooster crowing ] Zach will be a kangaroo. [ Boing ] And Wensen [ Inaudible chatter ] Is a Doggo! [ Dog barking ] In his own element A dog. How, how you know a dog.. I think the chicken will be the easiest. Chick.. Ohh Chicken is easiest leh.. Chicken feet! You better win ah. YES!! Anyway, GG, looks complex You guys work hard ah while I retreat into my cosy corner yah! Ok Good luck. As usual. [ Inaudible chatter ] We shoud give her an animal also What do you think, what animal do you think Chiou was? Was it a loud animal? Toad Toad TOAD! Toad ah? I think so. [ Laughter ] [ Toad screaming ] Sorry!! WHAT DID YOU SAY!! [ Bleep ] OK Now let’s start with some warm up [ Upbeat hip-hop funky music ] Do you have a friend shorter than you? [ Comedic squeak ] [ Laughter ] Ok so channel your inner short friend [ Laughing and clapping ] Your friends shorter than you, bro. [ Clapping ] [ Upbeat music ] Ball, heel like marching like that. Ball, heel Ball heel! [ Inaudible military chants ] There you go. Now, let’s move on to the choreography. 5, 6, 7, GO! Step, Heel step heel step hell, step heel, step! Let’s go and make some music please. [ Upbeat music ] [ Grunting ] Step, shuffle Ball, kick Shuffle Ball kick [ Chiou laughing ] Correct Oh wow, YEAH! [ Jeering ] Going crazy! [ Large crowd cheers ] [ Laughter ] Shuffle What?! [ Laughter ] [ Grunting ] Step Heel change facing the back. This is the check T-L-V one. Check T-L-V. Make sure that you’re doing Shuf-fle fle is up SHUF-FLE! Shuf-fle~~ step. Shuf-FLE~ [ high pitch ] [ Inaudible commotion ] Do me a favour pull my ear. Ahhh [ Tapping ] and then the other side. [ Grunting ] [ Tapping ] This guy is on
steroids man. Eh Wensen, This one you learn before ah? DDR. Huh? Play DDR. [ Techno music ] Step back, ball change back ball Change! Step back, ball change back ball Change! Step back ball change back ball change back ball change [ Laughter ] [ Gun cocking ] [ Gun shot ] Let’s go. Drink coffee ah! [ Laughter ] Step back ball change back ball change back ball change [ Human impact punch ] [ Techno music ] back ball change back ball change step back ball change back ball change step back ball change back ball change x 3 [ Gang chanting ] [ Bleep ] After observing for 1 hour plus right. I really know which two will win and which two will not win Of course the both of us. come on man! [ Inaudible chatter ] Eh don’t… It’s not, it’s not that’s weak a point dude no no It’s me and Xiao Ming He’s quite good, he’s quite good. Maybe some of them will come out and suprise you and suddenly do a very good job later. Maybe That’s why we actually put in this animal variations cause we know that some of you will not do so well [ Laughter ] and then you can make up for it in another way. In total, the dance routine will be forty seconds with the first and the last ten seconds being your freestyle time. Ok, I’ll leave you guys here to have practice ok Practice. Practice! [ Sad dramatic music ] [ Bleep ] [ Explosive boom ] [ Upbeat music ] Whoo! After two hours of training and with me almost going deaf I expect all of you to be master tap dancers already. Eeee Yak! [ Glass tinkling ] Let me introduce you to our judges. First up he’s a certified Tap and Jazz teacher and also a veteran in dance competition. We have Nick Long [ Cheering and applause ] Secondly we have someone who’s also very experienced in tap.. ping the phone. It’s [ Loud footsteps ] [ Door creaking open ] No, she’s not doing this. [ Door slamming ] Me! [ Chiou’s self-praise voice-overs ] Finally here’s someone who’s better as a judge than Nadia because she has done tap dancing not just once, but four times! Here’s Tiara! [ Cheers and applause ] Chiou Huey
you can take some notes from there. [ Laughter ] So here are some criteria that we will be judging you on. [ Human vocalisation ] [ Human vocalisation ] Also because this is not a particularly a strenuous sport I’m gonna get Xiao Ming to start first. [ Cheers and applause ] Why… [ Cheers and applause ] [ Human vocalisation of chicken clucking ] Bang Ahh [ Laughter ] Ouch [ Cheerful music and tapping ] [ Sniggers ] [ Cheerful music and tapping ] [ Laughter ] [ Cheerful music and tapping ] [ Sniggers ] Ouch, Ahhh! [ Laughter ] [ Ouch ] [ Laughter ] [ Cheerful music and tapping ] Oh, I get the reference already. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Wah very good [ Intense music ] Xiao Ming so for musicality and technique needs a lot of work. Ok, performance quality and animal interpretation was amazing. But, I don’t know if you’re using that to cover up the fact that you don’t understand No, no no I mean I’m just trying to send a message say no He’s perfectly injured Ya! Say no to animal cruelty. What performance is that? I don’t even know which step you are taking. you know is it the first set or the second set? Could have been better if I was not shot on the leg here. I would say creativity and commitment to performance was through the roof. [ Cheering ] Same, that’s right! But then, the rest not so much. I wouldn’t say through the roof At least one through the roof. I’ll take that. Next up we have champion of two episodes Flexible king, KENNETH! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Cheerful music and tapping ] Ewahhh!! [ Cheerful music and tapping ] I think I’m worst than you Xiao Ming. Ahhh! He just made the penguin sound. [ Laughter ] Eehhhhh Good character. Ohh sh*t… [ Laughter ] [ Cheerful music and tapping ] Ahhh Just… Wing it. [ Cheerful music and tapping ] [ Laughter ] [ Cheerful music and tapping ] Slipping into the old boogie tradition I though he’s winging it. [ Cheerful music and tapping ] [ Cheers and applause ] Ok, so Kenneth the first part was actually really amazing. It shows that you know the steps but once you start kanchiong then everything just went down the drain and it’s just… It’s quite sad cause I think you lost a very good chance a winning. Damn [ Crowd wowing ] It’s alright, I’ve already won two I won two it’s ok gotta give these guys a chance Cocky, cocky. Firstly, indoors cannot open umbrella Ok! Performance was a mess. Need to copy Xiao Ming’s tactic is it? in the animal interpretation do very well and then the dance routine like a mess because we are.. creative you see Ya, you two are the bottom tier. I think it would have worked if it was any other kind of dance but this is tap dance… Musicality was… you started off great like… [ Crowd cheers and applause ] Yeah. Like broadway musical Yeah yeah I was like “Oh he he used the prop and everything like the cane” but after that It was like… So I’m a penguin So I’m tapping on snow so you can’t hear Have you not watched Happy Feet? [ Knife swinging ] [ Laughter ] K thanks bye. [ Screams ] Savage. Next up, the most diligent out of the four. We have a… [ Inaudible commotion ] Sit Down!! sit down. Wrong person. We have our wonderful Wensen. Whooo!! Wonderful Wensen.. Emmm… [ Cheerful music and tapping ] [ Screams ] [ Cheerful music and tapping ] Wah, on point leh. [ Cheerful music and tapping ] wow He remembers the moves. [ Cheerful music and tapping ] [ Screams ] [ Cheerful music and tapping ] [ Laughter ] [ Cheerful music and tapping ] [ Screams ] [ Inaudible commotion ] [ Cheers ] Wa liao eh [ Applause ] I lost it.. [ Applause ] First thing first, performance quality and animal interpretation was a little bit not as.. well as the previous two contestants, participants. Awww.. don’t say that. lies.. You must understand that they were really over the top and that was the only thing that they had going for them It’s true, that’s true That is true. He’s so savage. Musicality and quality of the sound, by far you are the best erm, technique was also great so ya, all in all good job. and good save. Hi, Wensen How are you today? [ Shy laughter ] I would say you are very good with rhythm so even if you missed a step right, it’s very easy for you to get back on track. Your animal interpretation like what he said was not the best because the two of them set the bar already. But yes, they only got that going for them so… ha ha. I feel like the two of them right, they already set the bar so low that any semblance of tap dancing right is like WOAHH!! [ Clapping ] So like ok, I disagree with what they say about animal interpretation, I could see you were doing a little like yoga Roll over Roll over, a bit of yoga right like downward dog it is still a dog right…so But the problem is the dog was only there at the first five seconds and the last one second when you roll it over. Ya, ya, ya, ya. In between, it was human but in between I was already blown away by all the tap dance. Lastly, we have our triple “C” competitor Someone who is “C” although overly confident “C” and “C” cocky at the same time. We have Zach. Will he be able to add another “C” Champion to his list very difficult but we’ll find out. [ Cheerful music and tapping ] [ Screams ] [ Laughter and clapping ] [ Cheerful music and tapping ] Wahhh [ Cheerful music and tapping ] Wow [ Cheerful music and tapping ] He invented his own steps. [ Cheerful music and tapping ] [ Screams ] [ Cheerful music and tapping ] [ Laughs ] [ Inaudible chatter ] [ Cheers and applause ] First off, ahh.. thank you so much for your commitment. Yes! But I only see like, two out of eight eights of the choreo the other six eights was improvised. That’s right [ Laughter ] That’s the whole point right? Nooo.. You tell me freestyle right! freestyle before and after the choreography not during. [ Explosion boom ] Ok The animal interpretation stayed throughout which was good You got the guys to help you with the whole skit thing it was a plus point But, like what he said you missed some steps and you re-invented Alot and incorporated those new steps into the dance routine I couldn’t tell which one was like new steps and which one was the dance routine so I think that was a good.. Yes! Actually can I still add something. there’s actually more to just the car banging me It’s actually the story of my journey until now. I’ve been beaten down by the champions, three times! but I stood back up and I created my own moves. Wow, wow, wow, wow! and here I am standing here today That’s the same as my chicken story. [ Laughs ] First off I could not tell that was a car [ Laughs ] Then that’s their problem that’s not mine [ Inaudible commotion ] I actually thought that you had the cause you, you had the you like collapsed then you went back on and started dancing so you caught the beat so I thought you’re musicality for the first part was there and then after awhile cause I wasn’t here for the choreo, so I don’t know which one was the choreo so I legit thought you were dancing. So ya. I though it was like.. That’s actually the whole point. you know.. Stop shaking hands with all the other female judges ok. Whatever happens, the show must go on That’s right So, I think you did a very good job there. [ Laughter ] Thank you. Nope Thank you. Ok, thank you [ Laughter ] [ Silence ] Wensen!!! [ Metal impact ] [ Suspense music ] Thank you for your performances Now I would like you guys to tap out and head to the hydration point to rehydrate while we deliberate. [ Suspense music ] tap out.. [ Suspense music ] [ Inaudible whispers ] Err..guys can we have some space. Ya, for sure. Can we have some SPACE!! [ Clears throat ] We go out, we go out, we go out, we go out, we go out. [ Laughs ] Alright welcome CHIOU what’s performance is that?..that is sh*t. [ Metal impact ] So, who’s the best judge? [ Suspense music ] Who’s the best judge? I, I think Tiara lah. Tiara Tiara sounds like she knows what she’s talking Objective. She did tap dancing four times. Chiou, as usual Just all talk All talk no action Until now she hasn’t done any of the… One time she do parkour and then fall down… Burden only. The instructor, shout at me. They didn’t pity a poor chicken that was shot. Kangaroo, Kena langa by car. [ Laughs ] So Tiara lah. [ Suspense music ] I think later we invite Invite them back. Ehh!! we are ready Come back. [ Laughs ] This rubbish lah go away lah, aiyo. [ Bleep ] So obviously, some of you had better sense of rhythm. and some of you…not… The better sense of the theatrics you know we had better sense of theatrics. Oh yeah, yeah, yah. This week’s decision was a very tough one to make because…we were deliberating between two strong… [ Upbeat music ] contestants and… after serious consideration. We have come to a conclusion OK! The winner of this week’s episode is.. [ Slapping thighs ] Use your tap shoes to do it. Zachary!! YEAH!!! [ Cheers and applause ] YEAH!! Yes!! Why did you leave me bro… Congrats. Congrats on you bro. [ Tapping ] [ Cheers and applause ] Finally [ Cheers and applause ] He improvised. and incorporated new dance moves in seamlessly. His performance was entertaining throughout. He stayed in character and he put in extra effort to train. I feel like I really want to pave the way for more people to learn tap dancing. I feel like I… I Maybe I motivated many PR So, you know If I can do it… So can you. [ Laughter ] So what is the hardest part about tap dancing and what did you do to overcome it. I think the hardest part is facing judges that are always You know, very bias against you THIS Judge awarded you OK!! [ Bleep ] So, I think the hard part about tap dancing was the coordination bit. So the moment you lose the train of thought of.. It’s very hard to get back? Very hard to get back on track. So that’s why you improvise and err I did…pretty… pretty alright. I must have been a very tough session but what is tougher is Nick having to teach these four idiots [ Cheers and applause ] Ok, now is my favourite part of the show again It’s FORFEIT TIME!! [ Screams ] Ok, what are we gonna do for forfeit today Brightman.. Let’s bring in the forfeit. Ohh Wow. What’s this? Legos? [ Eerie music ] Are we suppose to eat Legos? We gonna step on it? [ Eerie music ] OHHHHH [ Eerie music ] That’s sadistic man… It’s like what nightmares are made of. [ Eerie music ] Ok, Ok…enough enough More!! Nooo All the way. [ Laughter ] ok Cut. [ Demonic screech ] Ok, let’s let our winner do the honours Alright gentlemen to be honest I feel very lonely here. So, here’s the deal boys… Three of you will be on the mat. The last man standing on the mat will share this trophy with me. The other two…man… you got nothing. Alright So you guys gonna wrestle with each other off the mat with one leg at all times, on the ground. OK, so both legs off the mat yeah. Three, two, one Let’s go… [ Inaudible chatter ] [ Dramatic music ] [ Screams ] [ Low pitch screams ] [ Screams ] [ Inaudible commotion ] Thank you for watching this episode of Battle of the Alphas. See you next week!! Battle of the Alphas is brought to you by 100 Plus Active. Designed to effectively reenergise you after workouts. [ Birds chirping ] With added B Vitamins to reduce muscle fatigue and tiredness after your workout. Retake, retake, retake! Next time on Battle of the Alphas. [ Upbeat music ] [ Inaudible commotion ] Bounce, bounce, bounce. What the?! [ Screams ] His legs are jelly. Paralysed legs. Long spaghetti Oh sh*t! [ Whistle blowing ] [ Screams ]

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  1. Why tap dance sia… Isn't this suppose to be a segment abt fitness..u get 3 abang body do tap dance ah… Might as well ask the current sgag members to do… Like Nadia brightmann or that Punjabi fellow

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