The Ark – Singing ‘Bout the City [SUBTITLED]

The Ark – Singing ‘Bout the City [SUBTITLED]

Now here’s a “nudie inspired glam look” With the beard. You can’t wear just any clothes –
especially not any glammy clothes – with a beard. I think kimono works very well with the beard. If there’s a song index and some kind of work title for the album, then it feels more like an album even if there are no songs. – Ooh, there he comes… will he make it in time? – He was quite fast…
– Yeah… Lucky I don’t have a car that size. – Many feel that this one is quite tricky – Oops!
– Oh, straight ahead? Ok, sorry. – Now I’ve had someone shake their fist at me
for the first time as well, that’s good – Do you take over now?
– Yes siree bob! Yes to happiness, no to anxiety. Yes to ecstasy, no to frustration. When the spirits are high in our music, I
want it to be ecstasy, not frustration. When the emotions are more in a kind of resting mode,
I want it to feel like devotion and not melancholy. It might turn out like this, I don’t know. It might be
something completely different. But this is a way of getting started.

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  1. i also prefer ola without beard, but i also love him when he has a beard or wears ugly clothes. i love him since seven years and i will always love him. this new song is great. i can't wait for the new album.

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