The Black Widow Is Unmasked: It’s Raven-Symoné! | Season 2 Ep. 6 | THE MASKED SINGER

The Black Widow Is Unmasked: It’s Raven-Symoné! | Season 2 Ep. 6 | THE MASKED SINGER

100 thoughts on “The Black Widow Is Unmasked: It’s Raven-Symoné! | Season 2 Ep. 6 | THE MASKED SINGER

  1. Last season they thought The Raven was Raven Symone. Fast forward to second season…boom!..she's finally here!😁

  2. 0:00 She's sad that she was un masked a little early but happy it was fun. I know how it feels to get un masked first or too early 🙁

  3. Leopard has made a come back! In group C Black Widow won against him but now Leopard is still in while Black Widow got un masked!

  4. My son and I thought it was her since the first day we stuck to her and we were right he guessed ninja I guess Layla Ali so we have 2/2

  5. i didn’t think she deserved to go home. sometimes they perform a really good song then it’s a totally different rhythm on the next song &’ it’s like oh no they might get unmasked.

  6. She threw me off! I love Raven! I guess this show let her sing more the way she wants than she did on her albums! Great job Raven!!!

  7. I knew it was Raven. I thought she would last longer. Love her. "Where's my weave" she is SO funny. She's always keep you laughing.

  8. I honestly believe that the groups were set up in a bad way and that probably was the reason she got out. Most of the people from the first episode were in the smack down round. If Tree was in the second group she definitely would’ve headed home and I would’ve been happy with that because I think she’s the least talented of the remaining contestants. She was a little better on this round, but I’m still not a big fan of hers.

  9. Omg…this season they able to get so many good people involved. I hope there will be season 3. I'm glad the Korean program now is playing U.S ✊😎

  10. Why the fuck are you idiots telling us who it is in the video title? Part of the fun of the show is the reveal, you assholes.

  11. After that final performance though that dance she did was hilarious. I'm like she felt the holy ghost. Let him use you Raven!!😂

  12. You did great Raven/Black Widow! I do agree that Im a bit shocked she was ousted, BUT that round shes in is a tough one. Flamingo killed last night! If Flamingo is Adrienne, then awesome impromptu Cheetah Girls reunion! Leopard probably could have went but has an amazing characterization. Thingamajig to me is technically not as strong pf a singer, but the costume is everyones favorite and the idea of an athlete who can sing is becoming a storyline to watch. And Butterfly has a sickening voice.

    But Raven did so good and shes such a delightful person. She did fool me because although I didnt count her out being Black Widow, singing wise I didnt necessarily hear her tone Im used to, but its awesome how she matured and has switched up her voice and doing other genres broadened her ability!

  13. I dont get it before she took the mask i new it was raven because of her going down on the floor thing she does. But what i dont get was they reveal her so soon. And she sang way better then some other performance that day. Im like so confused. She was my favorite i was hoping she could win. But i guess. Still rooting for the thingamajig and the flamingo and the ladybug.

  14. They put a lot of weak singers in the episode before this. Tbh the Lady Bug would have been sent home if she was in the group. But I actually thought the Cheetah would get eliminated. His vocals are weak. We all knew it was her, but she deserved to stay.

  15. Ok I thought it was elvra but when I heard about hanging with mr cooper I go with raven because she was in that black widow mask I go Omg: it was raven in that mask (I can't believe disney own the rights to fox) make a mental note

  16. This reveal definitely surprised me. Because I follow her online and I know she was filming Ravens home and stuff so I didn't think she'd have time to do this as well. Job well done…I'm happyfor her. But her final performance unmasked that was totally Raven 100% having a ball

  17. Thanks for spoiling me with the title! I haven't had the chance to watch the episode yet and this video popped up in my recommendeds.

  18. I knew it was Raven!!! I grew up listening to her in That's So Raven, and The Cheetah Girls
    That voice is my childhood.

  19. Thank you so very much for revealing this to those of us who had not seen it yet. Was it really necessary to do it one day after it aired?

  20. Good thing I watched the episode before coming onto youtube and seeing the spoiler in the title of this video….DO BETTER

  21. Her injury really hindered her. Her first performance was among my favorites, but the injury held her back and she couldn’t keep the same energy as her earlier performances.

  22. I said that Raven-Symone what's the penguinI swear I thought Raven symone was the penguins and the whole time she was the spider

  23. You don’t grow up watching cheetah girl and not recognize ravons voice I knew since her first performance. “Some call it magic” I know that voice anywhere

  24. She was my favorite, sad to see her go, but that broken arm held her back a bit which is why I feel she got eliminated.

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