The Clues: Flamingo | Season 2 Ep. 4 | THE MASKED SINGER

The Clues: Flamingo | Season 2 Ep. 4 | THE MASKED SINGER

61 thoughts on “The Clues: Flamingo | Season 2 Ep. 4 | THE MASKED SINGER

  1. At 0:08 as soon as the Flamingo said “being here is so dope” I knew that was Adrienne. That’s so dope is basically her catchphrase.

  2. Apple clue is Big Apple (NYC), attended high school for prospective medical careers. There is no doubt about the Flamingo. And not to be crude, most singers/celebs have apples or oranges, flamingo has grapefruits. (Very obvious in sneak peak while outer part of costume was not on)This doesnt sound like Katy Perry or Mariah or JLo or any singer that is known to be C or D cup size or bigger. But Adrianne Bailon fits the bill as a pro singer whose upper body matches half-dressed flamingo's physique.

  3. I’ve known it was Adrienne all along but her saying “so dope” confirmed it. I told myself that if she says that then it’ll confirm that it’s her. Adrienne is the only person in America who still says dope lol

  4. This issssss Adrienne Bailon! One of her clues is that she waned to pursue the medical field and on wikipedia, it states that she, (younger) attended a high school for heath possessions in Brooklyn. She wanted to be an Obstetrician. But entered the entertainment business instead.

  5. 1. Apple (Born in Manhattan)
    2.Wizard (Mickey mouse) picked her up off her stoop ( 3LW's first video opens with them on a stoop)
    3. "So dope!"

    Y'all can't tell me that isn't Adrienne!!!

  6. So dope … def an Ade giveaway!!

    Triple threat- 3LW

    Hasnt felt the same passion- Hubby Israel has awoken that passion again.

  7. For the last clue, after her performance, she said "BOOM". hahaha, since you started singing i know that was you. #allthingsadrienne

  8. ITS ADRIENNE. the next clue she gave was that she wanted to be a doctor and even took medical classes to learn more. YALL SHE SAID THAT ON HER YOUTUBE CHANNEl!!, the video about her life story. its definitely adrienne yall

  9. THAT’S ADRIENNE RIGHT THERE. ❤️ the background music is salsa, let’s not forget she’s half Puerto Rican, so everything is caribbean, even her dance moves. She was discovered by Ricky Martin as a teenager, that’s the genius that found her. The “triple threat” is a remark to 3LW which was her first girl group of 3 in the early 2000’s. Also, she told the panel she wanted to be a doctor at first, and yes, she’s always made it clear she wanted to be an Obstetrician, and started studying for a while but couldn’t pursue it because of her music career. She also said “dope” that’s her catchphrase. And last, whoever saw her in cheetah girls would know that voice anywhere.

  10. The apple definitely symbolised NY, which is where Adrienne is from, she was discovered by Ricky Martin when she was singing in a church choir, and she rose to fame in 3LW. This is 100% Adrienne lol and I wonder if the girls on The Real are going to harass her every week about it.

  11. Maybe the wizard is like Mickey Mouse/ disney and her referring to the top meant like the cheetah girls(clues/ evidences to it being Adrienne

  12. Wizard = Disney
    Mickey’s most famous short is the sorcerer’s apprentice. A Sorcerer is seen as a trade out term for Wizard.

    It’s Adrienne

  13. Julianne Hugh

    Discovered by a wizard, she was in Harry Potter
    Sang Footloose, was in the remake
    Triple threat, she sings, dances and sings

  14. It’s Adrienne! You can hear Selena’s “Amor Prohibido” from seconds 50-52. . And I believe that’s a purple rose which symbolizes Selena in a way. Adrienne has made it clear these yrs that she loves Selena! It’s obviously her lol

  15. Yes I agree it is Adrienne, the Tall Cheeta is Seal, the black widow may be K Michelle, the butterfly may be Eve or Kylie Minogue but it is someone who Squats alot and I'm trying to remember who does that as a nervous twitch, I know Patti Labelle is one of them but I forgot which costume she wears, the Thingamajig is could be Josh Norman because he said don't run with the Bulls and he is an athlete who Jumped over a Bull in Spain.

  16. She said “chica” which adrianne always says and she came from nothing to somthing because adrianne came from nothing and then became a triple threat aka 3LW

  17. If this is Adrienne, she basically lied in the last episode when she said she wasn’t a professional performer. Adrienne is.

  18. who the hell is she? she sucks. adrienne? never hear of her. just another low life talentless hack. Paul Shaffer was awesome. He has talent. He makes music. Seal is great of course. Dougherty is going to win though easy.

  19. Ok so I was 100% sure last week it is Adrienne Bailon. This week I'm 1000% sure because she said "so dope" in her clue. That's her go-to word! Watch The Real when she denies she's the Flamingo… she also says dope!

  20. Powerful wizard is Ricky Martin I clearly remember her saying he found her and helped her with these "connections" so it's definitely Ms Adrienne Bailon

  21. Not that we didn't already for sure, A just gave us one thousand extra clues just in this 1minute video, she definitely wants to apologize by confirming it really is her 😂😍

  22. Y’all, I think it’s Selena Gomez!!!!
    Plus, I believe it would go against Adrienne’s character to lie. She would’ve told her castmates behind the scenes.

  23. Cheetah cheetah girl we stand together for love sometimes we dont see eye to eye but we go side by side there is nothing in the world that we cant overcome. Strength in numbers got eachother got that Cheetah love

  24. I just googled Adrienne Bailon. Her Wikipedia page says she went to a high school that specializes in medical careers and wanted to be an obstetrician. This is 1000% Adrienne. She mentions that on here. "I wanted to be a doctor, I even went to medical training school".

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