The Clues: Flower | Season 2 Ep. 3 | THE MASKED SINGER

The Clues: Flower | Season 2 Ep. 3 | THE MASKED SINGER

[music playing] What’s up, rodebuds? Some say I blossom in every
field I plant myself in, so becoming the flower
was a natural arrangement. I’ve dipped my petals in just
about everything from cooking, to clothing, to craft. Cooking, crafts, clothing. Martha Stewart maybe
again there, Ken. My whole life, I’ve done
everything to the nines. I don’t even go to the grocery
store without lipstick or pumps on. But after selling the
seeds of this empire with my bare hands– She’s a multi-hyphenate
that has at least gotten a callback on “Empire.” I’m just ready to have a
little fun and be free. I don’t even have any
makeup on under this thing. Shh. This legend is here to be a
vision of love on the stage. Vision of love. Vision of love. Mariah Carey? But what’s love got
to do with it anyways?

100 thoughts on “The Clues: Flower | Season 2 Ep. 3 | THE MASKED SINGER

  1. If you are guessing ANYONE but Ms. Patti, then you need to have your hearing checked. She couldn't even rein in her voice ! SHE couldn't even disguise it !!! And, if you watch the way she walks into the theater, you can tell her walk, and body shape !

  2. I can't find the "314" that has been mentioned but there's a star on her refrigerator. Patti has one, Mayim does not. Patti is also a gay icon and there's a pride flag up on the wall. I like the Blossom theory but the clues are pointing to Patti.

  3. I don’t know how people do not know this? I mean really. This is obviously Jenifer Lewis. She was even in the movie, What’s love got to do with it! She has one of those voices that you just can’t miss.

  4. I actually mad that flower is on here. As soon as i heard her voice, I'm like, this ain't no test!! She wasting room for ppl we really wanna see. That's too easy!! Patti stop it… lol

  5. I could NOT believe the judges didn't get this one as soon as she started singing. I mean I said it was Patti before that, but after the first note, I said "that's def Patti"! How could Robin not know? Nicole was the only one who said it, but she didn't seem certain. It's so obvious! Lol.

  6. It’s patti because if you look in the corner there is a pride flag and she is known to be one of the iconic lgbt divas

  7. ‪I think it’s Mayim Bialik, beside her singing, The Flower meaning she is Bloosom, she has a doctorate, she has a vegan cooking channel on YouTube, the rainbow meaning the LGBTQ Community and she is bisexual, and the number 314 could be a reference to the apartment number on The Big Bang Theory‬

  8. Its Mayim Bialik. She "Blossoms" in every field. 314 from the previous clue package represents her apartment number. And the PhD in this clue package seal it. Mayim Bialik has a PhD in neuroscience.

  9. The host wore shoes $$1million each.. You can take the nigga our the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out the nigga. He always gana want to buy what his mama could not buy him.

  10. OMG! I can not believe! I'm so so excited about it. She is the divas diva, the world's greatest voice, the legendary Patti Labelle! I knew she would enter, after Empress Gladys, some participant had to maintain this stratospheric level.

  11. For none of the judges to say Tina Turner……they must have been told not to. She has a one of a kind voice, and there’s no mistaking it. Also, it’s totally her body type. It’s unmistakably Tina Turner!!

  12. How many of you guys knew the flower is Patti Labelle just from the way she walked on camera? Her entrances are so graceful, not to mention that voice.

  13. Patti Labelle has clothing line, cooks, has perfume (which was a clue when Nick asked what made her a flower) AND THE VOICE!!!!

  14. It’s gotta be The legendary Patti label I mean she mentions cooking which you can buy Patti label pastries in stores and she mentioned Mariah’s song and she’s Mariah’s godmother so BOOM case closed and if I’m wrong then I’m gonna feel pretty stupid

    Edit: I love that Nicole guessed Mariah after hearing vision of love yet the flower sound nothing like Mariah lol no hate just thought it was funny:)

  15. From the clues and costume I guessed Patti LaBelle but once she sang it was over……There is no disguising that voice.  This is the only person ever on this show who just from them singing you know.

  16. If there was any doubt that this Ms.Patti watch her hand movements while she sings….especially when she gets to the high notes.

  17. 0:17 biggest clue nobody saw is the certificate on the wall that say Temple U the only one famous Alumni I can think off with the same build as the flower and can sing is Jill Scott

  18. That’s Patti- Soon as she said what’s love got to do with it , I immediately thought I wanna know what love is. HEY PATTI🤣

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