The Clues: Leopard | Season 2 Ep. 4 | THE MASKED SINGER

The Clues: Leopard | Season 2 Ep. 4 | THE MASKED SINGER

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  1. I think it's Seal also. Most of the clues match up. Plus that line of "living my life in color" Seal has a song called colour on his album human being.

  2. Jamie Foxx was adopted as a baby and got his start on 'in living color'. "After all my years at the top" – Seal has not been relevant for a long time. Foxx is tearing it up still and is currently "at the top". "Primetime champion" In Living Color has a ton of Primetime Emmys. "Use my talent as my escape" – Foxx telling jokes to classmates was how his 3rd grade teacher would reward class for good behavior. Still researching the other clues. Af far as labels go.. Foxx is a comedian… no wait… an actor… no wait… a singer… no wait… talk show host… no wait… writer/director… WTF is Seal other than a singer?

  3. I'm still going Billy Porter, every sound he makes is so much like him, and his moves. Huge fan of pose and he sings a lot on that show and sounds just like this.

  4. It’s Tommy Davidson. He was in In Living Colour, abandoned in a trash at 18 moths old, adopted by biracial parents and born in 1963

  5. The singing voice is soooo raspy its sounds just like Seal but it might be Tommy Davidson?!? He was on in living color, he's a comedic actor, voice-over artist (Oscar from the proud family) AND he was born in 1963 and in an interview he recently told the story of how he was abandoned and left in the trash as a baby before being adopted by his parents….he's a LEGEND and does a mean Sammy Davis Jr. impersonation so I'm sure he can sing!!!

  6. The first time I heard his singing voice I knew it was Seal. So talented. Would love to see Seal perform When A Man Loves A Woman

  7. Seal?! Dude with the scars who married a super model and sang Kiss from A Rose?! If that’s him ..dude totally regressed and has Like a 5 note range. No way that’s him 😂

  8. Definitely Seal. The bit about relationships. He has been with several woman, some at the same time. Leopard Seal. 1963 birth year. Seeing in Color (Colour.) He was raised by a foster family. He is also 6'3" so his height fits. Rupaul isnt as raspy nor does he have a British accent.

  9. Ok thought it was Billy Porter, but this is the 1st time I actually really heard Seal. Looked up Seal – he was raised by a foster family. Billy was not

  10. Yes I agree that I too that I think it is Seal because of that raspy voice and he is Super tall and his anger management issues

  11. "Security here reminds me of the secret service and I should know, I've been spotted with the president." Yes, Seal got backlash for meeting with Czech president. BUT… what does that have to do with secret service? ON THE OTHER HAND – Foxx met Clinton, Bush, Obama AND starred in "White House Down". (Few celebrities can claim this strong of a White House link) If you think Seal, you have to dismiss a ton of clues that seem to point at Foxx. BTW… Foxx made more controversy and headlines regarding his "Sidney Potier in 1963…" comments regarding Will Smith not getting Oscar's.

  12. I can't tell if the judges really are this stupid or if they aren't supposed to guess right this early because that is obviously Seal. Robin and Nicole need to stop singing if they can't guess that iconic voice

  13. Newspaper headline is "Runaway" – watch television lately? Last couple weeks, the trailer for a RUNAWAY slave turned gunslinger is playing nonstop in commercial breaks. Django part 2 starring Seal. No… starring RuPaul. No? Oh… it stars Jamie Foxx.

  14. The cubs comment had me thinking Seal. He's clearly talking about children. He has 3 biological and raised Leni since she was a baby. Heidi has always gushed about the kind of man and father he was.

  15. As to the TG or gender neutral costume, Jamie Foxx is a stage name. He changed it to a unisex name to fool comedy clubs that put female acts on first. And Foxx's role that launched his career was Wanda (heeeeyyy!) On In Living Color. He famously impersonates many people (his Jennifer Hudson impression from the Jimmy Fallon show is spot-on and hilarious). Does Seal have any cross-dressing tie-ins?

  16. Unless Jamie Foxx and Tommy Davidson talk with a british accent it's not them. All the clues lead to seal. It's def seal.

  17. Why are people guessing Seal when this guy can't sing? I thought Seal was a professional singer. This is obviously Quentin Tarantino, also born in 1963!

  18. 2010 single "Speak French" = another possible Foxx link (menu on chalkboard outside cafe is in French and "J'adore" (or something similar) written on wall.

  19. As for the pink bunnys? Foxx gave interview in 11/2005 Playboy magazine. And Foxx has partied at Playboy mansion and been onstage at 2015 Playboy party. So far about 20 clues seem to point toward Foxx with every other possibility only having 5 or 10 clues.

  20. 42 Grammy Nominations

    Paul Shaffer (Skeleton) – 2 (1 Win)
    Seal (Leopard) – 15 (4 Win)
    Michelle Williams (Butterfly) – 7 (1 Win)
    Patti Labelle (Flower) – 13 (2 Win)
    Wayne Brady (Fox) – 1
    Chris Daughtry (Rottweiler) – 4

    More proof that its Seal I guess

  21. Seal. He was raised by a foster family. But people need these clues to find out who the Leopard is? His voice is one of the most recognizable of all!

  22. What is with all the french words in the clues. that may be a hint as well. And for those who think it is Seal to which i still haven't made my final guess at the moment there is a animal in the world that is called LEOPARD SEAL. hence hiding in plan sight or so to speak. do what to see leopard go up against the penguin just for fun.

  23. 100% Seal.
    He was raised in foster homes
    He worked at McDonald's
    Crazy was on first newspaper
    He also has a degree in Architecture (Engineering clue)
    He said Leopard's are Fierce and Divine he had song Live Divine
    He ia a Coach on The Voice Australia

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