The Clues: Rottweiler | Season 2 Ep. 5 | THE MASKED SINGER

The Clues: Rottweiler | Season 2 Ep. 5 | THE MASKED SINGER

42 thoughts on “The Clues: Rottweiler | Season 2 Ep. 5 | THE MASKED SINGER

  1. It's Chris Daughtry. He said I've been judged from fhe moment I entered the game. He's talking about his first audition he ever did on American Idol.
    That was the first time he entered the game on show business as the judges Simon and Paula and randy judged him.
    I also noticed the Carolina name. He was born In north Carolina.
    And he also said succeeding on my own. Remember he was in a group called Daughtry then he went solo on his own.
    And the makeup and theater Chris did the theater the wiz and Peter pan in high school. It's him!!
    This is for sure Chris Daughtry.

  2. Seriously? I prefer JC any day over this DA ugh try dude. This is so stupid. Like why being him and not JC? Or why being this dude and not someone from another boyband. Forget you Daughtry fans. Now I am mad. Thanks for spoiling the season. Ugh. Don't even think about leaving nasty remarks. I am done.

  3. Chris Daughtry trying to trick people with a Back Street Boys pun. Lol didn’t Paul Schaffer try to trick us with Martin Short?? 🤣😂🤣 Oh buddy I know that voice!! That’s definitely you Chris!!

  4. christian mccaffrey of the Carolina Panthers.
    Documented fan of Bruce lee… Went to Stanford (angel > California?) And there were some footballs . I rest my case

  5. 1 Judge from the moment he entered the game = American Idol
    2.. I want it that way- Daughtry has a song called "What I Want"?
    3. Carolina= hes From North Carolina
    4.  During high school, he appeared in two stage productions: The Wiz and Peter Pan.

  6. Chris Daughtry:
    Fame overnight: American idol
    Blue roses: has a blue rose tattoo
    It’s not over: has a song called that

  7. Adding onto the clues already listed:
    the part where the Rottweiler is drawing a self-portrait… Chris Daughtry is an extremely talented artist, having even illustrated covers for comic books.
    And then with the 4 boxes, there sat in an arena, the three other dogs have all been chosen, leaving the Rottweiler last. Chris came in 4th on Idol.

  8. The judges aint realizing theres a total of 4 people in this vid.Daughtry was Top 4 on American Idol. That 🏆 he showed and ribbon was just showing he has a winning attitude. And the names Carolina is s big clue too!!

  9. Not Daughtry he was touring non stop Asia June & July, touring Canada & U.S. East Coast August & September
    Rottweiler 100% Scott Porter, I'm a big fan & totally recognized his voice. 🐶
    1) Friday Night Lights TV series
    2) Fantasy Football Champion
    3) Co-hosts Fantasy Football Podcast.
    4) played football high school & college
    5) Stared as country music singer in TV series "Heart of Dixie", spoke with a southern accent. Blue Roses relevant to that show.
    6) Won "Star Search" (instant fame) opened for N'sync
    7) Professional Beatbox champion
    8) Starred in Broadway Musical
    "Alter Boyz" won award (picture on clues of dog with halo)😇
    9) Scott Porter owns same red Nike shoes as Rottweiler (pic on his Instagram)

  10. It’s Chris Daughtry! I heard his voice and I was like “I have heard this voice before” then it just hit me” ITTTTSSS CHRIS DAUGHTRY!!!

  11. I'm not going with the most popular choice. Like how everyone was 100% convinced the skeleton was Martin Short. Or how the Eagle had to be Brett Michaels? The popular internet choices have been wrong so I'll go with a less popular name that has been floating around in Micheal Vick.

  12. I am going to throw in a total curveball and say eddie redmayne this week in the clues it said something about being a proud hufflepuff and there is a very famous interview where he was all about hufflepuff pride.

  13. Clues: 3 Boxes are the judges on AI. Chris' box is away from them as being judged. Chris is from McClainsville No. Carolina. He did a lot of dress-up and home theater when he was young.The 4 judges holding up the score cards for his time on AI.

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