The Queer Eye’s Fab Five Makeover PEOPLE Writer’s Husband (FULL) | PeopleTV | Entertainment Weekly

The Queer Eye’s Fab Five Makeover PEOPLE Writer’s Husband (FULL) | PeopleTV | Entertainment Weekly

42 thoughts on “The Queer Eye’s Fab Five Makeover PEOPLE Writer’s Husband (FULL) | PeopleTV | Entertainment Weekly

  1. 0:27 in awe at the size of Grimace’s shirt… it is easily two sizes too big for him, and he’s a big guy.

  2. I ❤ these guys..every time I see a video with them in it I stop and watch..they are such beautiful lights in this world,shining bright and helping others shine bright..this world is so much better with them in it 😁

  3. i love that they are not having a total complete makeover to Terry like most makeover shows and pick out the small details to enhance him. well done guys,By the way, the cheese plate looks really yummie

  4. My husband is a confident guy.
    Nearly every morning, he looks at himself in the mirror and says, "I look damn good!"
    About 1/4 of the time, his pants don't match his shirt and his hair isn't styled the best.
    I love him.

  5. I have extremely oily skin. I treat face daily and I still have black and white heads. I'm the winter I am great. I'm the summer, when I wear smaller covering clothing, I get points on back and in exposed areas

  6. I love how fab five is concentrating on what people like more about themselves than what they are lacking. Theyre focusing on so much positiveness this show deserves awards recognitions.

  7. I know it's about self love as well, but I always tell my partner he's handsome, sexy etc, if it makes you feel good why wouldn't you want other people feel like that 💕

  8. I love how the sad music starts when Karamo walks into the room. He literally gets paid to make the heroes and us ball our eyes out

  9. I mean, they could have fed Karamo before they sent him. He appeared to be starving in this episode. Jeez..

  10. So darned sweet!! That husband needs to know he is a damn fine looking man! And the tweaks that all the boys did just turned it up a notch.

  11. Whenever I think of the sexiest man alive column I can’t help but think about Ryan Reynolds. If you know, you know.

  12. My fiancé thinks he’s the sexist man alive. He has a quadruple helping of self esteem he’s on the verge of annoyingly vain🤣. He doesn’t need help from Tan nor the long haired guy. He definitely needs help from Karamo. I’m the absolute last person he thinks of on a daily basis just because I’ve always been self-sufficient. He doesn’t understand Q.T. nor effort.

  13. i thought the jacked looked kinda stiff. ida probably put him in a soft thick fabric shirt with vertical stripes
    otoh the jacket does bring kinda a little bit of dressed-up to the date.

  14. big ups to Karamo for inspiring Terry to feeling great bout himself…. god bless awesome inspirational people who help brighten up the day

  15. Am I the only one who was too distracted to focus during Tanny's segment because THAT CAP was blocking his perfect, silver pompadour

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