Theresa Caputo Gives An Emotional Impromptu Psychic Reading To The Kelly Clarkson Show Audience

Theresa Caputo Gives An Emotional Impromptu Psychic Reading To The Kelly Clarkson Show Audience

– So, how do you understand that and the connection with the head? – We had a really close friend, a Sheriff’s Officer who was shot. – Okay. Blunt in the head. Died instantly. – Died instantly. And, are there like
memorials like, in the town? Cause he just showed me like a tree and a bench, and like a big plaque, like a park-like, in the town? – Yeah. – Perfect, so what happens is when we loose someone tragically, where does the mom come
in that’s passed as well? – Not, his mom’s still here, his dad? – No, No. Where’s the
mom for you over here? Where does the mom come in? She’s like running and she’s saying, I need to speak, I need to speak, I have this opportunity to talk right now. Okay, could you stand up please? You stay right here. I’m gonna, I’m probably gonna, what happens is spirit piggy backs so were you like thinking about your mom or like saying, mom are you gonna come through?
– Yes. – What your mother just validated for you each one of us here. They hear you. My main way of, reason why I do what I do, it is not for people
to believe in Mediums, I want you to know that you still have this connection with your mom. That she hears you because
that is what you say to her every single day, and you wanna hear her. – I feel her all the time. So know that what you
sense, what you feel is real and more importantly, she just heard you speaking to her saying, mom this is your chance
Theresa is here, step forward. – My heart is so full. – So know that that is her. Now your friend, I feel it’s more of like a brother energy
for you, is that correct or like you were very close? – Oh we were very, very tight
and going back to the bench, the community did a park bench and dedicated a soccer field to his name. – Knowing that his soul knows,
cause especially if we loose someone tragically, sometimes
we’re afraid that their soul is not at peace because
of the way that they died, or more importantly how they died. So know that it is his way of validating if he knows what’s going on and in memory and in honor of him, he is so happy and knows and wants to thank you for remembering him
every day of your life. Where do the balloons come in? Did you release the
balloons or the lanterns? – What?
(laughs) – November it happened, and so every year, so this will be the, because
coming up the third year so the last two years we’ve
gathered at the bench, as a community and done
balloons with lights and we do a balloon release.
– Perfect. – So know that he is there with you. I am very sorry for your loss.
– Thank you. – Now, where did, is your dad still here in the physical world? Okay, so I wanna go over
here where the mom is and then dad is still here
in the physical world. – It’s not me. How do you understand that? – My mom’s deceased and my dad’s (murmurs) Okay that would be you, could you? – What? – Okay, so your mom says you know. Now this does not mean, now you understand what I was going through with your father. (laughs) Right? – Correct. – So it’s just your moms
way of acknowledging that she knows that how you were trying to keep everything together
in the family, correct? – Correct. – And how difficult it has been. – Right. – So know that this is your
moms way of saying that, I support you in every choice and decision on how you choose to handle
things and that you talk to her. You say, mom how did you do this. Right? – Yeah. – Know that when you do that, know that her soul is with you. Do you look like your mom?
– A lot. – Because she showed me
a picture and she’s like, look at her and she had me
look right into your eyes but more importantly is
right into your soul. Do you have like the same
piece of jewelry as your mom? So I’m gonna explain
to you what this symbol that she showed me, I
didn’t feel it from her. So when spirits shows
me a sign or a symbol and I don’t feel it, it means
that it has multiple meanings, or it has a different meaning for you. So remember years ago, rumor
had it back in the eighties (laughs) They had a necklace. (laughs) There was a necklace and
it will be like two hearts and one would say best
and one would be friends? When spirits shows me
that, that’s my symbol for that you either placed something
for them to be buried with, and, or you have the same piece of jewelry or you had the same thing? Does that make sense to you? Cause what happens is
they, I can piggy back, which means that I can
say something to someone and she might not
understand it, but you can. Does that make sense to you? What do you have matching of? You have like matching tattoos, or a matching, or a tattoo
of someone that died, that they had or you have?
– No. – Okay, how do you understand
the double necklace? Or the piece of jewelry or the same thing? – Well my sister was
buried in the same jacket that my mom has. – Perfect, you very angry that she died? Cause she said tell my
sister she can be as angry as she wants that I died. She says but I cannot have, you didn’t know that I was
gonna be here today, right? This is why I do what
I do because your life is so different since
your sister died, correct? She’s showing me all
these things that you feel that she’s gonna miss
our on, are you married? Or do you have children,
like you’re getting married? – I’m married. – You’re married and you
feel that she’s missing out on all these great things
in your life and you feel. Can I, I don’t wanna use the word guilty, can I say guilty or bad
or you’re mad and sad? Because you feel that she’s missing out on all of these things and you’re having a hard time embracing everything, fully. Does that make sense?
– Yeah. – Look you have to interpret the message on how it fits to really how you, there is no way in the world that I would know how you feel, right? This is the great thing about spirit. She’s letting you know
that she knows how you feel and she says I need you to
stop beating yourself up, feeling guilty that you lived and I died. You have to let that go. Your sister says please, imagine me standing in
front of you healthy with this suitcase open
at the bottom of my feet. And place in this suitcase
every burden, guilt, angry. Whatever it is, she says and I need you to love and honor and more importantly, respect yourself more than the anger that you have connected to my departure. Your sister is like, Theresa, thank you for letting me speak to my sister because she never ever,
ever would have come to see a Medium. – Never. – So things do happen for a reason and I think I said this
to you earlier Kelly, you change people’s lives with music and I wanna thank you allowing
me to come on your show and share my gift. Because this is going to change her life. – I’ve never witnessed
anything, I know it’s time, I hope you still got
the tissues I sent you. Crazy and totally cool. Thank you so much Theresa.

61 thoughts on “Theresa Caputo Gives An Emotional Impromptu Psychic Reading To The Kelly Clarkson Show Audience

  1. I believe that hag story. I had a really bad time as a kid always waking up screaming. I had a bad fever and saw "her". Brown like gown and covered face. I closed my eyes and felt something grab my arm. There were 3 lines on my arm, like where I felt she grabbed, that didn't go away for YEARS!!! It took over 4 years for them to disappear. I'm cocoa brown too so…

  2. the bit where the one girl was sharing her story about the tall shadow figure in the corner of her room and how she couldnt move from her bed, is called sleep paralysis and it is very normal.

    It bothered me that absolutely no one in the audience knew what that was.

  3. Sorry, Love you Kelly, but this segment is not biblical. She can guess most of this by having this many audience members. Someone has to fit the story. What joy would Heaven be if you had to look down and see your loved ones suffering and struggling to make it. Again I love your show. This one I dont buy. No offense to anyone who chooses to believe this. Peace to you all.

  4. From tattoos to jewelry and then to a jacket? So she takes one thing and let's the person lead with everything else. I so badly want to believe but it's hard not to find people like this to be fakes who take advantage of humans vulnerability.

  5. I am sorry but I don't believe this at all if you can tell me anything about my past then I will believe you as of today and you got to be right on point other than that witchcraft lights camera action

  6. wonder if this fraud still has people standing in line before the show making small talk getting info on people like she did on other talk shows over the years

  7. If you have not lived through a ghostly experience then you cannot possibly understand that some of this is true.

  8. At this day and age, I think it is very brave of her to come up and do this on TV. She is good, I can see why people fall for it. The way she moves on from one person once she realise it's a dead end is really smooth.

    I used to think people who believe this are just gullible, or they just happen to believe things like this. But now I see why people who believe in this, believes in it so strongly. I'm guessing someone who really believes in this would keep going back to her. How could you not, it tells you what you want to here. It's like a very toxic relationship.

    It's really clever of her to let the audience do all the work, she "feels something" and waits for someone who actually relates to what she's saying, tell her that they can relate to it. Instead of just going to one particular person and says something personal and specific. It's convenient that what she does revolves around the dead, so she's always fishing for something personal and emotional like a death of a close one, and figure out what kind of closure you need with them if they were alive. That's why on another video when she was doing it on Kelly about her dead dad, and Kelly had already moved on, she moved on to her stylist because there's nothing to work on with Kelly. She needs to give people a sense of closure, because once they get them emotional they're a lot more vulnerable and susceptible.

  9. Medium: I’m getting a “M” name… maybe an “N”… possibly a “J” yes a J.
    Audience Member: My Mom’s name is Janet.
    Medium: Perfect!
    Audience Member: She’s right next to me.
    Medium: Okay, I’m getting a “B” name…
    Audience Member: Bullshit?
    Medium: Thank you, it’s what I do!

    For real though if you believe in psychics you need to re-evaluate your life choices. And if for some reason you’ve already spent money on a psychic never tell anyone. Any rational person would deduct several points from your assumed IQ immediately.

  10. 3:23 You can tell that Kelly is not buying what Theresa is saying…she's like whatever in her head. They just invite these fraudsters as its just something that gets people talking on the show. Theresa you seem so cold but hey you're making money and bringing fake comfort to people.

  11. Anyone can do what she does she just says common things nothing spectacular they’ve already proven her to b a fake

  12. Love Kelly but really not sure about Theresa. Seems like a lot of info she’s giving people can be maybe easily changed?!? I have a lot of questions. Just do not like people that are obviously hurting being taken advantage of and given false hope. I’m just not sure about Theresa?!?!?

  13. Theres a video of a married man with 3 children that goes to 15 different psychics in NYC. He asks if he'll ever get married and have children. Not one psychic ever picked up on the fact that he was already married. And none said 3 children. Some told him that he'd remain single his entire life. Others said there's no children in his future. That man was me….they're all fake!!!!

  14. "Spirits piggyback" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂so what vague info actually didnt fit with the person she picked so when it does work for one of the other couple hundred people in the room, her powers magically switch to that person. How convenient.
    If she is psychic, why can't she identify when completely different spirits are talking to her?
    What a joke.

  15. This is the definition of cringe worthy. Notice how she can’t say specifics but she will say multiple things till someone reacts .. ex “jewelry or tattoo” .. “bench, tree, sign” “lanterns or balloons”. She’s stating common things for situations and keeps listing them off till they react. If they don’t react, she goes to the next person because surely someone else has a damn tattoo or necklace. Common.

  16. I'll say it again: psychic ability is real, but not every psychic is genuine. It's very clear when she goes from the man to the woman and says "spirit piggybacks" that she's just trying to fish. And OOF, she piggybacks again later. She's lost her touch. A tip: a real psychic won't charge you thousands for a reading. No more than $200 is the ballpark. Anything more I'd be weary of.

  17. I'm so glad we have the YouTube police censoring what people should and shouldn't believe in. If people want to believe in the tooth fairy, that's their prerogative. It doesn't affect you.

  18. I'm so sad that Kelly put her name to this manipulative garbage 🙁 This is incredibly dangerous to those of a weak and impressionable mind.

  19. From kelly's face i don't think kelly believe her at all…if she did then i im speechless. I have never been wrong about my queen yet

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