Things I DON’T LIKE About GERMANY! (As a British person)

Things I DON’T LIKE About GERMANY! (As a British person)

Well uh.. I don’t think I’m gonna get away with
a title like that without a disclaimer huh? I was born and raised in the UK and have been living in North Rhein-Westphalia
in Germany, for about 2 years now. I just thought it would be fun to compile
a list of problems I’ve experienced since living here for you to laugh at and call me uncultured. So if you’re expecting some insightful political
commentary from this video uh… I don’t know what to say to you to be honest I honestly thought the talking cat thing made
that pretty obvious Also obviously i’ve only ever lived in this
one small part of Germany so my list here probably doesn’t apply to
the whole entire country.. So if you have any different experiences as
a German or someone who’s also moved here.. Please go ahead and tell me how my personal
experiences are wrong and aren’t like that where you come from as if I didn’t just say that 5 seconds ago. So… Auf geht’s! (Let’s go!) ♫ Intro Music ♫ /music fades out/ People STARE So when I’m out and about I will often speak English with my fellow
English-speaking friends. It’s my native language so I can better express my love of every dog
in the world But the moment one English word escapes my
lips EVERYONE within a 5 mile radius is GLARING in my direction. Look I get it not that many people speak English around
here and it’s interesting to hear a language
that you understand at least a little bit of in the supermarket and I won’t lie I too gasp loudly and mouth “E N G L I S H” to my friends but I don’t STARE at them! Where I’m from everyone minds their own business so hard that they wouldn’t interfere in a mugging out of fear of annoying the victim. So it feels super uncomfortable to be stared
at all the gosh darn time. Even when I’m not doing anything not speaking English or anything just casually walking up to my house. STARED AT. Why don’t you take a picture it’ll last
longer! *camera shutter sound* Uh- Did you actually- Okthatsfineiguess Netflix German Netflix SUCKS okay There’s barely any selection compared to
the UK and SIGNIFICANTLY less compared to the US for the same price or even higher. I get not being able to make every show available
in certain countries for legal Copyright.. WHATEVER reasons but surely you can compensate for that by
lowering the price? At this point even YouTube Premium is more
worth it. You get to watch all the videos you want with
no ads AND support your favourite creators significantly
more AND get access to Like one good original show.. ? *laughs* What were we talking about again? Oh yeah German netflix bad! The Language I know I already talked about the language
in my “things I love” video but I have kind of a love-hate relationship
with it. Those who are familiar with it probably know
exactly what I’m about to say… ARTICLES. I’m going to explain this extremely simplistically
so pls don’t use this as reference for your homework So you know how English has the word “the”.. well German has SIX different ways of saying
the word “the” ! There are basically different rules that apply
based on the context and type of word you’re using… But even if you have learnt the rules and
understand what to use in which context.. you can still say it wrong if you don’t
know what TYPE the word is! Except for a few different circumstances there is no way to figure out whether a word
is masculine, feminine or neutral. You just have to KNOW it. And this concept gets applied to many other
words.. including adjectives! You can’t just describe a ball as red you have to reference that “Ball” is a
masculine word and consider what is happening to the ball and what is its relation to other things in the
sentence? It IS something you start to pick up on the
more you hear and read the word but even Germans forget what article words
have sometimes. Supermarkets The supermarkets here are not that great compared
to my hometown… Sure you got LIDL and ALDI which are great in terms of value but..they
barely have anything?? So if you need something more specific you have to go to one of the bigger stores
which ALSO doesn’t always have it or is out of
stock. This probably sounds really petty… and..yeah, it is. Everything on this list is really petty but c’mon I’m not advocating for change or anything I just wanted to make a dumb video BUT YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND… supermarkets in the UK are HUGE. Not all of them, there’s small and medium
sized ones too and I have to point that out or people in the comments will get mad at
me So yeah. Compared to the ones in the UK my local supermarkets have barely anything
and are constantly out of stock. And this is why I order takeout way more than
I should.. “No, that’s just cause you’re too lazy
to cook” Food Yeah- another one that was also on my “love”
list .. of course I still love german food but I’m
honestly missing a lot from England.. Cheese for example I cannot find a cheese in Germany which is as delicious as British cheddar “but German stores DO have cheddar” NO. This is NOT cheddar. this tastes NOTHING like proper British cheddar. I’m- I’m very passionate about cheese okay Public Transport *long sigh* The trains here..have their days. You’re essentially flipping a coin as to
whether it’ll be there early and you can get in and sit down already or… an hour late. Or it will just.. disappear entirely and NEVER show up I was waiting for a train once And, I’m super paranoid about travelling
on my own so I have to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that I’m in the RIGHT PLACE and getting on the
RIGHT TRAIN so I don’t end up in.. Amsterdam or whatever So I was using this app… it’s it’s just a train app, an app for
trains And it’s actually pretty cool because you
can type in where you are and where you need to go and it finds all the trains you can take but I was mostly using it because it shows
you the progress of your train Like which stop it’s at right now which one it’s going to next and how long it’s gonna take to get to your
stop stuff like that So I’m waiting for the train staring very closely at the app when the big display says it’s delayed by
20mins and it’s like okay I’m gonna be late now, that’s cool. But there’s no other trains for like an
hour so I have to wait it out. So I wait 20mins… 25mins… 30minutes… 40 minutes.. Eventually it’s gone from the display completely
and I’m like huh?? Look at the app and it’s apparently reached
its destination..? But the thing is… this is the only way that train could’ve
gone to get there. There was no way it would’ve gotten there
without crossing through my stop – which it didn’t do. It didn’t pull into a different platform
either so idk it fell into a black hole or something
I guess? So I get on a different train and sit right
in front of the display because paranoid. It looks like the one on the app so I can
be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that I get off at the right stop. So it’s kind of a long train so I’m sitting
there chilling. And after a while my stop starts to come up
and I notice a little message. I didn’t know German very well at the time
so I text my German friend like.. “what does halt entfällt (stop cancelled)
mean??” So yeah they were just not stopping at my
stop anymore and I wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t
staring at the display because there was no announcement or anything! So I had to get off at a different stop then take a train back to MY stop and all-in-all I was about 2 hours late Needless to say I’m glad I don’t go to
school here because I could barely even deal with the
nightmare that was buses in the UK So that’s about it! Obviously despite the few downsides I still really enjoy living here. If you’re interested in why I actually made a video about that already! You can check that out here. Or if you’re tired of the whole Germany
thing I would recommend this video. Feel free to leave me any suggestions for
what you would like me to make a video about in the future and subscribe if you haven’t already. Thank you for watching and auf wiedersehen
(see you next time)!

100 thoughts on “Things I DON’T LIKE About GERMANY! (As a British person)

  1. I have a friend that is from German! He talk in my language too so we can commonicate with thogeter. He learned me just a little german.

  2. If I would speak english here in Poland most people would Just look at me for a second and then stop Talking care or not even care abaut what i talk

  3. This is just a "your first mistake was to move to nrw" list 😂 no but seriously, in berlin, especially the more scene districts tend to have big supermarkets, trains arriving in three minute intervalls and nobody cares what language you speak or if you wear a pink ballett dress. seeing this reminds me again that germany is indeed just a pact of many small cultures sharing a hymn and a flag.

  4. Im German not my native language I’m English mostly Irish ☘️ and live in the US and was born in Florida and moved to Pittsburgh when I was 3 and now learning German in my 6th grade intro to language class

  5. Also my friends call it Germany in German but I call it Duchland which is how you say it I think I spelled it wrong why am I saying all of this

  6. Oh … so your accent is germish (German British Combo)? I can NEVER place your nationality, age, gender, or pretty much any other detail besides this; you are an internet cat drawn by some unknown forces we cannot compared, and the heavens have bestowed a voice upon you, that no human in the real world could POSSIBLY have. 

    Wait, you're trying to tell me Chip is drawn and voiced by a real person. BLASPHEME! Chip is his or her own character, animated by his or her self, and using a voice that is his or her own!

  7. German is a hard language… And Tbh I kinda forgot how to speak basic German since I left the elementary school. But to be fair…czech is also kinda hard 😅

  8. Я понимаю тут всё лишь от части, нооо мне очень нравятся видео и юмор, который я могу выдать с моим Английским ….

  9. ARTICLES IN GERMANY ARE SO DUMB! I mean wtf. If german isn't your native language, how should you know if one specific word is neutral, masculine or feminine? Exactly! You can't.

  10. im bornd in germany and the public transport is the worsd . the bus is always 5-30 minets laite . in chaina it is only at 1-103 secunds

  11. Late but our public transportations gets snapped by thanos every day
    try to find your train or bus but its sometimes like it got snapped out of existence x3

  12. I was there as a baby… so I don’t remember it…at all

    But my mom showed me pictures… of Christmas, it’s pretty big…

  13. This is an actual correct german sentence
    "Die, die die, die die Wände beschmiert haben Anzeigen kriegen Finderlohn.
    Thats the same word 5 times and ist completely correct.

  14. Yeah, Germany has many flaws…
    Und Deutsch ist sehr schwer zu verstehen und zu lernen!
    (Edit) I’m not German, I am English… my (great) aunt lives in Germany.

  15. I don't know this wird the English word and the DB is terrible like the Internet in Germany and I know because I live in Germany

  16. I live in Wisconsin,in the winter it drops down to colder then Antarctica and you can get frostbite if you’re out for 5 minutes
    In the summer it can go up to 100 degrees,sometimes so.:(

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