TOP 15 album sales of entertainment agencies in 2019

TOP 15 album sales of entertainment agencies in 2019

this is top 15 album sales of
entertainment agencies in 2019 number 15 fnc entertainment Jerry bullet number 14 RBW entertainment mamamoo one us number 13 source music g’friend number 12 star crew
entertainment ha sanguine number 11 how entertainment walk on number 10
Maru entertainment bar Jeon number nine fantagio entertainment Astro number eight cube entertainment b2b Pentagon Lehman Hayek also can’t
quadlin GI Joe CLC lee changsub number 7 of the record
entertainment eyes 1 number 6 starship entertainment water snakes cosmic girls jeong-seon number five YG entertainment black pink icon Bobby why not Jenny sonmi no number 4 sm entertainment turn from EXO Damon from SHINee Super Junior D&E key from SHINee ReWalk from Super Junior NCT one to seven TVXQ EXO NCT NCT dream red velvet lay NCT one to seven days and
Rollo Audio exo-k Zhang Jian number three leaders entertainment 17 newest number two
JYP entertainment twice stray kids – do jaanu got7 Nichkhun day6 bacon and the winner is
they get entertainment number one BT is txt if you liked this video don’t forget
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entertainment agencies in 2019 and the winner is big head entertainment number
one number two JYP entertainment number three leaders
entertainment number four SM Entertainment number five YG entertainment number six
starship entertainment number 7 of the record entertainment number eight cube
entertainment number nine fantagio entertainment number ten
Murrow entertainment number 11 how entertainment number 12 star crew
entertainment number 13 source music number 14 RBW entertainment number 15
fnc entertainment

100 thoughts on “TOP 15 album sales of entertainment agencies in 2019

  1. 1st BIG HIT!!!!!!!! yessssssssssss!!!!!!! where are my armys yet!?💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  2. j'aime beaucoup les 3 premiers , BIG HIT , JYP et PLEDIS , j'aime beaucoup BTS , TXT , GOT 7 , SEVENTEEN et NU'EST pour les hommes , j'aime bien TWICE pour les filles.

  3. WTF? bighit with only BTS have a lot of album sales, what happend with them? ……….ok no, i bought their albums 😂😂STAN LEGENDS , and my second fav JYP because they have TWICE and STRAY KIDS

  4. I'm shook at myself since I know Big 3 but my mind said "Oh the Big 4 in the thumbnail with Pledis…" then my mind did a double take realizing it said Big 4 instead of Big 3 with Bighit and Pledis… lol 😅😅😅

  5. army's/ txters be like when bighit is 1st: 😭😳😦 trans: wow I'm surprised
    reality: 😋😊✅🤠👌👑 trans: not surprised

  6. بتس داعسين الكل وبفارق ضوئي اكثر فرقة مبيعا فتاريخ كوريا 15 مليون √ واكبر البوم مبيع فتاريخ كوريا 3.400.000 مليون √ امراء البوب وكفا

  7. تعرفون لو حسبنا مبيعات كل الفنانين من الشركات top5 كاملة ما توصل مبيعات bts وحدها 😭😭😭😭 جدا فخورة فيهم و انو رسالتهم الي قاعدين يحالون يوصلوها قاعدة توصل للعديد من الناس 💜

  8. When you saw rhe others company with like 500K, 200K or 80k with many groupe for one company and then you saw bts with 3,892,576 just them like wtf😂😂

  9. The company have many groups and with all of that they can't even surpass one million… it's weird but okay bts 3M and in few weeks 4M

  10. Monsta X are in the way ❤❤ they deserve more success ❤❤
    Congrats every one , you of course deserve all the success as well ❤❤

  11. I'm a simple carat….I see pledis ent ,I click😍because I know seventeen would be here….my boys really did well😍so proud of them

  12. يااا لطيييف يعيال بانفتان مدا يلعبون يحجون بالملايين دخيل ربهم

  13. Seventeen and Nuest at three!!!!
    Though Pledis entertainment has malfunction great work Caratdeul and L.O.V.E

  14. Pledis Entertainment is Part of the BIG 3!! They won't be here without SEVENTEEN & NUEST, this two groups is really successful now

  15. How can you didn't show Roh Taehyun from Star Crew ent? He was release mini album and only him and Ha Sungwoon selling the album from Star Crew until now in this year

  16. Big hit ne mérite pas la première place car ils mise tout sur les bts alors les autre agence ont pluS de groupe connue!

  17. Wait till exos comeback (SM)
    And also add baekhyuns 550k and exo sc 350k and nct 200k and red velvet also and Exo still not made comeback this year so 2M+ from Exo comeback also..but not now😅

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