Top 5 Things to do in Palm Beach

Top 5 Things to do in Palm Beach

Hi welcome back to Escapades with Emma. I am Emma, as you may have gathered and today
we’re going to talk about the Top 5 Things to do in Palm Beach County Florida. So, my parents are snowbirds and their location
of choice for the winters recently has been Ocean Ridge. So, for the last three years I’ve been visiting
Palm Beach County Florida, um, once a year. I’m going to share with you my top 5 things
to do! So, #1 is the beach. Palm Beach is of course named for the beautiful
palm lined beaches but palm trees are not actually native to the United States. A Spanish ship carrying a cargo of coconuts
shipwrecked near Mar-a-lago in 1878. And when the coconuts washed ashore they were
planted and flourished, giving the area its name. Unfortunately, while we were there high winds
and rip-tide warnings stopped us from enjoying the beach,….so we enjoyed the pool instead.>>The water is cold if it is not 90, 88 degree
F. They keep the pool so warm its almost like
a bath, warm enough even for night time swims.>>Hello there! #2 (singing) Shopping! So, I love to go shopping in this area. There is TJ Maxx, Ross Dress for Less, there’s tons of outlet stores, but the best by far is Nordstrom’s the Rack in Boca Raton. But, seeing as I haven’t worn every piece
of clothing that I bought there LAST year, I decided this year to go to the markets in
Delray Beach instead.>>Here we are in Delray Beach, Veteran’s Park,
um for the weekly art show on Saturdays. You can see it is quite the scene, there’s
lots of artwork on display a lot of really talented artists….>>After taking in the art show you can walk
along the famous Atlantic Avenue to the outdoor market at Pineapple Grove.>>We’re walking along Atlantic Avenue, where
there’s lots of really swanky shops. Really interesting places to shop if you have
a thick pocketbook and um, apparently there’s so many restaurants along here that basically
you could live in Delray for an entire month, go to a different restaurant everyday, and
still not get to all of them.>>So, behind me is Johnny Brown’s, next to
the train tracks here. And when the train come by for about 2 minutes
they have 1/2 priced shots.>>Just off Atlantic Avenue is Pineapple Grove,
the art district in downtown Delray Beach. This is where the winter green market is held
on Saturdays from 9am- 2pm in Old School Square Park. It has everything from fresh local produce,
meat and fish, to artisan baked goods. It is even pet friendly! ….>>So what’s this?>>This is a Gumbo Limbo Tree. A gumbo limbo tree is sometimes called a tourist
tree because the skin on the tree is reddish like a sunburn and the skin peels off like
the tourists when they get a sunburn>>like me specifically!>>In my hour in the sun on a cloudy day …. this
is what happened. I’M A GUMBO LIMBO TREE. and I smell like vinegar. Oh yeah! Good tip: get all the heat out with cold clothes
and then season yourself with a little white vinegar to take out the sting. It doesn’t take it all away but it helps.>>#3 The intracoastal waterway, or to beat
around the bush a little less I’ll just call this straight up what it is: House looking. I don’t know….Peeping? Is that a… It makes it sound creepier to me, I don’t
know… But you’re going to look at some ridiculous
houses, basically. Like, there are people buying these houses,
million dollar houses, and just knocking them down so they can build something that they
want there instead. It is absolutely Looney Tunes. In order to get a better view of this we decided
to take the 2 hour sightseeing cruise from Delray Beach towards Boca Raton.>>For about the first hour of the cruise
you get a narration talking about the history of the area, some gossip, and sometimes even
who bought which house and how much they paid for it. On the way back, you just get to enjoy the
view. You can get drinks and food on board, and
they are not that expensive, and the service is fantastic.>>#4 is the Flagler Museum. Now, I saved this one for a rainy day, unfortunately
that also happened to be a weekend.>>We’re driving north on the A1A, um, to go
to the Flagler museum in Palm Beach. But, seeing as it’s the weekend and Donald
Trump is at Mar-a-Lago we’re probably going to have to take the long way around because
security sort of blocks a section of the road between here and Palm Beach for security purposes. But, you can see along the A1A there are some
beautiful houses.>>That’s right , more houses to look at. If you don’t feel like going on a cruise of
the intracoastal waterway then just driving along the A1A really does cover my #3 nicely.>>Just a little taste.>>Hey dad……. How happy are you right now? This is the second bridge we’ve arrived at
where the drawbridge went up. We were at the one at Lantana at 1:30pm, and
then had to go further down the highway and over into Palm Beach in order to cross back
over the bridge here, now up, to get to the Flagler museum. Um…. Thanks Donald J. Trump. This would have been like a 20 minute drive
up the A1A otherwise. ………Yup…….>>But it was well worth the wait.>>Whitehall was built as a winter home for
Henry Flagler in 1902 and given to his third wife as a wedding gift. After they both passed away it was left to
her niece and eventually sold to property developers who added a 10 story hotel addition. The building was saved from being torn down
by Flagler’s granddaughter in 1959 and the addition was demolished, and the building
restored to its Gilded Age glory, and turned into a museum.>>Unfortunately, I couldn’t use the footage
from inside of Whitehall but it is beautiful and, trust me, worth the visit. Henry Flagler was a fascinating man who was
a co-founder, along with John D. Rockefeller of Standard OIl. In his later years he started to develop hotels
in south of Florida and helped develop the transportation system, namely the railway
in the area, to help bring tourists down. So he bought the railways along the eastern
coast of Florida, standardised the tracks and expanded them south creating what is still
known as the Florida East Coastal Railway, which kick started the development of the
area. He even built the Overseas Railroad all the
way to Key West. Although it was known as Flagler’s Folly,
it was completed in 1912 and Flagler made the maiden voyage in his private sleeper car
that you can still visit in the Pavilion behind Whitehall. Flagler died the year after at the age of
83 after falling down the stairs at Whitehall. He didn’t live to see the Overseas Railroad,
which was considered the 8th wonder of the world at the time, destroyed by hurricane
in 1935. Fortunately, the Flagler Museum, or Whitehall,
keeps his legacy as the father of Palm Beach and Miami Beach, alive and well.>>#5… Enjoy a little nature. We chose the Gumbo Limbo Nature Park, or Gumbo
limbo nature Centre? (singing) Gumbo Limbo, Gumbo Limbo,…. the Gumbo ……ze Limbo …okay……… …This is all in Spanish.>>Here we are in Boca Raton at the Gumbo
Limbo Nature Centre where they rescue and rehabilitate sea turtles. Let’s Go!>>This turtle we call Blitzen because he
came in on Christmas Eve. A guy was looking out his window in Jupiter in his oceanfront condo, saw something he thought was trash, so he looked through his telescope saw it was a turtle grabbed his surfboard, went running out there and pushed the turtle in to safety on the sand.>>He hadn’t eaten for 4 or 5 months, because
when you have a internal infection, which he has a blood infection, it causes internal
gas. So, you can’t swim after fish to feed yourself, so you live off your own body fat. You can’t get out of the sun , so a lot of
things grow on you. He’d been hit in the head by a blunt instrument, possibly a wave runner. Blitzen’s about 20 years old, so he’s a sub-adult. He’s not an adult until they’re 25 years old.>>Somehow turtles have a special GPS, they
call it the magnetic footprint, but, turtles travel around the Atlantic Ocean and by the
time they turn 25 and are ready to mate they somehow know where they were hatched at. So, they’ll come back to Florida, they travel
the Atlantic on the gulf stream, which is a current of warm water that goes all around
the Atlantic up to Europe, down to Africa, back to Florida and whenever they are 25ish
theyll go back to where they were hatched mate with a bunch of different males, and
during that season, that summer, they’ll have 6 or 7 clutches of eggs.>>If we didn’t let the little turtles walk
on the sand to get to the Ocean they would not have that magnetic footprint. It’s kind of like salmon, that have to spawn
up the river.>>Thank you so much for watching, if you enjoyed
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  1. Good to see a beautiful east coast girl on youtube, very informative video, your editing is excellent,great work!

  2. We're also "snowbirds" and enjoyed your Beautiful video, Emma! Palm Beach and Delray area look amazingly beautiful- so much to see and do at a relaxed pace! Thanks for sharing golden moments!🌴🌞

  3. Very nice video here Emma. Indeed first rate work. I live in Florida and routinely visit Ormond Beach, Flagler Beach, and Palm Coast. But as your video showed the farther south along the East Coast the more populated it is. I'll be checking out more of your videos soon. I just subscribed to you. Hope you can return the favor soon. Stay safe. All the best.

  4. You missed lion country safari, sailfish marina, downtown lake worth, Dubois park in Jupiter, and lastly downtown climatis. I'm from wpb

  5. Hi Emma, nice video, thank you! BTW, the best way to heal your sun burn is to rub yoghurt on the red area — yoghurt (obviously white, preferably bio, not fruit) neutralises the acid, speeds recovery and cools the skin, therefore lessening the pain; it can be left on overnight and washing the sheets the next day is a small price to pay for the relief you get. Usually, a good spread of yoghurt on the afflicted area overnight leave you virtually pain-free the next morning.

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