Toyota Announces Massive RECALL that Includes the Tundra & Tacoma!

Toyota Announces Massive RECALL that Includes the Tundra & Tacoma!

well good afternoon everybody and
welcome to the channel hey I have some breaking news just came out not too long
ago actually Toyota is having a massive recall and I thought I’d get on here put
this out real quick just to keep everybody out there informed of what’s
going on because it’s huge all right let’s get to it two others
recalling 700 or almost 700 thousand vehicles to fix faulty fuel pumps now
what this says it’s because the fuel pumps can fail and cause engines to
stall and that increases the risk of a crash I mean obviously if you’re
cruising down the road and the fuel pump fails and the vehicle shuts off you’re
gonna have a problem so what does it cover it covers certain 2018 and 2019
vehicles now there’s a list I would read through it real quick just so you guys
know and then I’ll post it up at the end here but it’s the Lexus LS 500 the LC
500 the RC 350 the RC 300 the GS 350 the is 300 the ES 350 I said this was
massive the LX 570 the GX 460 and the RX 350 also included are certain 2018 and
2019 12 4runner Camry Highlander Land Cruiser Sequoia Sienna Tacoma and tundra
models some 2019 models are also affected including the Avalon and the
Corolla now I’m particularly interested in this actually as you can see I have a
Tacoma up there and a tundra down there you can see a little bit of a roof there
now there’s nothing to do right now toilets know it says developing repairs
so I guess that means they don’t really have a procedure yet so they’re not
pulling any in yet it says that owner we’ll be notified by mail in mid-march
now I’m the one thing I’m curious about this is why they put it out now in
mid-january and this is two months away I mean these could fail in that in that
period right so shouldn’t there be some sort of a fix now and how serious is
this recall if they’re going to let you drive around on the road for two months
I mean if it was that big of a deal I would think they’re setting themselves
up for a little bit of our wrist or exposure liability by announcing that
there is a problem but stating they’re not going to fix it for two months so
take that for what it’s worth little grain of salt there anyway just wanted
to get on here real quick this just came out let you guys know if you’ve got to
come up or attendre or any of these other vehicles within
those model years you might be affected so keep your eyes on the mail about
mid-march and you should get notification anyway appreciate you guys
watching don’t forget to Like share and subscribe for things like this in the
future and we’ll see you next time on the web have a great day

35 thoughts on “Toyota Announces Massive RECALL that Includes the Tundra & Tacoma!

  1. I believe once a recall becomes necessary to initiate, the auto company has like 5 days to notify NHTSA of the problem and its plan of attack, etc.- which is way before corrected parts are even available usually. The NHTSA and media then release the info right away.

  2. When they say “some” Tundra’s how does that work? Did they switch parts mid stream during the build assembly lines. I have a 2018 Tundra purchase on 11-4-18, but built in June 2018. Guess will wait and see right! Thx Rob, my go to Tundra guru! 👍🏻

  3. Have a 2019 Tundra, this sucks. I hate to say this but from the 70-80 Toyota I knew it is not the same company. They need to stop this Bs with sharing with BMW and Subaru and do everything themselves like the old days. Quality is slipping.

  4. Rob you can run your vin # on Toyota’s web page or use their Toyota owners app to check your vehicles. My 2019 built on 4/19 38 gallon gas tank non flex fuel is not affected.

  5. I already had my faulty fuel pump changed for my 2019 Toyota Tacoma off-road after having it fail on me around 5k miles. I only had my truck for 5 months at that time and I was already having problems with the fuel pump 🤦‍♂️

  6. Sure enough— typed in vin for my ‘18 Taco on my owner’s app and it’s on the recall list! They call it “A low pressure fuel pump issue which could cause engine to stall at high speeds! May not restart!” It’s really reassuring knowing that Toyota will deal with this problem sometime in the spring! If my truck fails up here in Vermont, they won’t find me until after the spring snowmelt anyway!😹

  7. I guess when I am pulling my rv and the fuel pumps stops Toyota will have to come and get me and my trailer. Put me up in a 5 star hotel and feed me good while they ruin my vacation. Lol.

  8. That is interesting. I have a 17 Tacoma TRD OR. I have stalling problems when the engine is warm and it is hot outside. I attributed it to traction control, or maybe it's something else?

  9. Rob i just entered the VIN number for my tacoma 2019. It indicated nothing found on it. My question: its not on the bad list for fuel pump ?am i on the safe side?

  10. Oh sure, you're trading your Tacoma off in February. Did you know about this recall back in September? Insider trading!

  11. Hey I watched Andy’s video too Rob, S happens, that’s the way it is these days!! I just won’t follow to closely to a Toyota now!! LOL I never tailgate anyway!! But hey get it fixed sooner than later!!😎

  12. I have a 2019 Tacoma off road and I checked for any recall and nothing showed up but I am thinking they may not include autos with the fuel pump problems in there recall system until they have worked out a repair procedure.

  13. It is a Federal law, once a manufacturer recognizes an issue, NHTSA requires the manufacturer to issue a "Notification" of a recall. During this time period, said manufacturer must notify the owners that there is a coming recall, and then NHTSA requires the manufacturer to notify owners again when the "Remedy" is available. It also takes time for the manufacturer to stockpile parts so that the recall can be completed as quickly as possible. Imagine 700,000 owners descend into dealers and say there are only 50,000-60,000 pumps available. Owners would be furious at the manufacturer and the dealer.
    Again, this process is Federal law instituted by NHTSA. ALL manufacturers have to abide by the same process. Think about the 1.6 million Fiat / Chrysler vehicle recall that just came out for Fuel Pump relays. Same process there too.

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