Toyota Key Programming, Even Newer Vehicles

Toyota Key Programming, Even Newer Vehicles

– So if you’ve ever tried
to get your remote control, your clicker, or your car key programmed, the Toyota dealer told me
it would cost $235 yesterday to program a new remote and a key. And I called a locksmith and he said it would be
about $150 to program it. It’s a rip-off, and it’s frustrating. Welcome to Tomahawk DIY. I’m Mike. For about the last 18 months, I’ve been thinking and working
on a way to program a key and a remote control for
Toyota vehicles on your own. So I’m really excited that I’m
about to launch this product that’ll allow you to do this on your own and save a lot of money
over dealers and locksmiths. Visit my website and enter your vehicle information
and your email address. I’ll be looking at where the interest is for this product to make sure I focus in those areas to launch it first. Let me show you how to
use this to program a key, and then be sure to
check out my other video where I’ll show the
programming of the remote. Alright, so now that we’re in the car let me first demonstrate with this new key that doesn’t work. It’s uncut, right? Hasn’t been cut at all. So it won’t even turn the lock. OKay. I’m gonna take my good key and I’m gonna make sure
all my doors are open. You can see on the dashboard the light showing that all doors are open. I gotta make sure all my doors are closed, they’re all closed now. The next thing I gotta look for is the blinking security light and you can see that blinking
in the video right now. Right there where it’s blinking. Alright, so I’ve got my prototype, you can see my not very nice handwriting. And on it I’ve got a
key and remote setting. So I’m turning it to
the key setting up here. If you look close your ignition has lock, ACC, on, and start. We need to turn it to on, do not turn it to start. (key turning) (ignition beeping) Okay, now, for the magic of this device, make sure it’s on the key setting here. Plug it in to the car computer down below. You may not know your car has a computer down here by the gas and brake pedal where we can plug this thing into. Come look down under here and we should see, should see something that
looks kinda like this, and the device will fit right into it. Only fits on one way, plug
it in, listen for it to beep. (device beeping) As you plug it in down here, it’s gonna beep beep a couple times. That’s gonna let you
know it’s communicating. Now I want you to watch
the security light. Okay, the security light
is currently turned off. It’s going to turn on and
give an extended beep. (device beeps) Okay, now listen for the extended beep. (device beeps rapidly) There it is. Now we’re gonna watch for the
security light to turn on. (device beeps rapidly) Alright, the security light is turned on. Now it’s ready to program the new key. So we’re gonna remove the existing key. Take my blunt, I’m gonna insert it. Now we just watch this security light. It’s gonna blink, it’s gonna
blink for a little while. I didn’t get this started in time. Can you see that? You can see it’s still blinking. Now this could take as long as 90 seconds. When it stops blinking
the key is programmed. Okay, looks like it took
around 50 to 55 seconds. And it’s stopped blinking. So this key is programmed. Alright, I’m gonna take this thing out, we saw the security light
starts blinking again. Once you’re all done,
make sure you unplug this, don’t leave it in there
and forget about it. Alright, so it’s a few days later, I took this key that was
programmed to a locksmith, they cut it for just under $5, and it starts the vehicle. (key turning) (car beeping) I love it. So, that saves a ton of money, being able to program these keys yourself. So be sure to check out both my videos that show how to program the remote, as well as the key, and using this device. I’m really excited to launch this product, it will be coming out soon. Visit my website,, enter your email address as well as your vehicle information, so you get notified when it’s available. If it’s already available,
go to the website, you should be able to purchase it, and then I’ll send you the products and you’ll be able to program
your Toyota remote and key and do it yourself and save a
bunch of money in the process. Have a great day.

8 thoughts on “Toyota Key Programming, Even Newer Vehicles

  1. OK, I've registered on your web site and posted your video on Facebook. I look forward to the release of your product, as I own a Dodge product the key for which cannot be programmed at Lowe's (as some car models can).

  2. how can u restrict a rev-limiter (rpm limiter) or performance limiter with new programmed key? i saw once a software somewhere doin it

    i want that key when my teenager/driver borrows my sport car from me

  3. Lol I love how he buys a cheap Chinese programmer pulls the stickers off and writes prototype on it to make it look like he's actually developed this tool you can buy on ebay for $15

  4. What's the problem with the 2011 Camry? Most keys and programming go up to 2010, skip 2011, and continue with 2012 and up. I looked at your site and where you have 2010-2011 Camry, the following page states only 2010?

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