Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX 2019 | Revisión Completa

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX 2019 | Revisión Completa

hello friends on youtube fans of the cars for us is a very great to be able to bring you to the toyota meadow vx 2019 let’s see it [Música] well I tell you quickly a long time ago had wanted to bring her for all of you but it had been totally impossible since this kind of vehicle arrives in Colombia or arrives practically to the dealer and The keys are immediately delivered to future owner so good this is a opportunity to show them you the differences between the tx the e1 the tx l 2 and this version of vx starting at the front with your headlights obviously the same extended but we are already seeing technologies such as led and projection directly we have this strip in led lights this fringe of here is the circulation daytime this tab extends to the side of the headlights thing we see absence or absence in the guideline xl1 and tx l 2 towards the bottom we have this sprinkler to wash our forums and we have active parking system which are synchronized with a camera in this part 180 degrees viewing angle the only characteristic that they share the headlights with the version txt xl1 and tx l 2 is that our directionals are resistance technologies apart from this on the sides our mirrors side we also have cameras with quite wide viewing angles and camera in the back of our vehicle and that would be some of the differences the difference of the third row seats compared to the others versions from here to below is that here we already have electrical system for the disposition of the third bank or the third row of seats for two people is here is the key to our version vx is the key to the trend lately from Toyota we saw it earlier in the sw4 fortuner in the back land cruiser lock unlocking and opening the back door in this part our key to emergency or spare key we can open our truck from the side from outside getting closer to it pulling the handle for opening also block and unblock from the lines on the handle for dove x equips mainly two engines and are the two engines that they equip from the most basic line up the version of vxl European version would be the 64 thousand 271 horses of force and 381 minutes meters 24 valves bb & t and dual is the timing of the valves this is the gasoline version that coupling version a 6-speed automatic transmission the which we can drive in a sequential on the other hand we will have the engine three liters the classic renovation approximately for the year 2010 we have here 170 horsepower in the 3400 revolutions and 410 pound-feet of torque between 1600 and 2800 revolutions This is a four cylinder engine common-rail injection technology electronic injection diesel engine with turbo variable geometry and we have intercooler systems for this version is coupled an automatic transmission 5 speeds which we can also driving sequentially this version and the vxl version European version has a different variation to the tx l to the tx l 1 and tx l 2 in the 4×4 system or integral traction is very very different and much more comfortable this version than the tx l 2 the tx l 1 and the tx system kdss kinetic dynamic suspension suspensión system esto para qué sirve o let’s translate this into more words simple number 1 allowing a greater travel in suspension number 2 is the system allows less rolling in Curves number 3 is ideal for the 4×4 extreme to part of the suspension every ss we have the four wheel drive system full time here we have central differential torsen we have rear differential what we can connect or disconnect and we also have The system of twisting lsd: limited skating system the lsd will distribute the power efficiently we also have the integrated aids for all toyota vehicles in which is the VSC stability control we have the hac system and the control system descents 5 kilometers per hour braked directly from the gearbox and We also have the control system promotion or start-up assistance earrings as if all this were little we also have the help to trc which is special for the 4×4 system of this vehicle what he had told them previously it is the system appeared at without ls of which will transfer the power to the wheel that has traction on this occasion clearly for the 4×4 system we can not talk about a true 4×4 if we do not have the system of 4×4 with bass function this is a seven-seater vehicle seven passengers Full-size large size is one large a dial which we will select 4×4 high and 4×4 with bass function since this is a vehicle with a kind of traction full time for wheel drive we will only have those two 4×4 modes High and 4×4 with bass function as the low or reductive system This vehicle is very strong or very powerful gives much strength to the traction of this vehicle we can start our vehicle with the second start is to start the vehicle directly from second this obviously he does it automatically is to start in second in such a way that is not going to be so tied up at the moment of the boot and also to avoid damage in the box pinnacle and the transmission since it’s a kind of very powerful and very powerful transfer for this type of vehicle therefore we have to start in second start our vehicle preventing it from damaging the relation of the first changes here relation of the first changes here disconnect our differential torsen central [Música] this would be our trc system traction control here is our button second start which we are going to use when we have our vehicle in 4×4 with bass function all units of toyota land cruiser meadow equipped seven airbags two front passenger copilot we have knee for the pilot we have laterals for the pilot and co-pilot hips by last we will have two laterals that go from this part to the third row of seats this version equips a very precious ring this version equips a very precious ring abs braking system ebd bea and also We have a ventilated disc system in the front part and disk system ventilated in the back [Música] [Música] our rudder covered in leather pretty precious it’s very similar to the imperial room hi land cruiser 200 only here we have the absence of that material similar to wood on the left of the rudder we have the configuration multimedia volume plus volume less are the modes the input modes am-fm-cd-av-video Auxiliary hanging down our phone and on the right side browsing on our computer to board in this case of 4.5 inches and it’s led technology Let’s talk a little about the screen multimedia of the Vx version is screen is directly proportional for the toyota group but I want to tell you something good is a screen of 8 inches is beautiful touch screen is the one that comes standard but does not include android auto and dump play generation that has been riding lately here in colombia the version that implements nationally is a screen pioneer of 8 or 7 inches I do not remember well 7 “inches which is integrated Android car and apple carplay is that is directly integrated by the brand has absence of this kind of technologies such as android auto and apple carplay what we do have the very high speed and is a system of very high speed and is a system of integral sound provided by the dolby system around the structure of the Vx version we have active system of parking we have here our aid sound or turn on how we have cameras forward back and on the sides we will have a shortcut button which will help us divide the vision of the camera to be able to observe what is happening in both the part from above on the sides or only the laterals in the part left behind the helm we have the console for our side mirrors knock them down manually electric directly with our key intensity of our lights clean people headlights our rudder electric shape configurable in height and depth the pilot’s chair is adjustable in height distance tilt or position of the bank banking inclination and lumbar adjustment in this version and we have rearview mirror systems electrochromic here we have which is absent only in the version of x and also the stirrups the stirrups do not come in the Tx version but they are mounted optionally the classic parking brake system Chromed button and zipper we have air conditioning system or heating in our seats here in the front part a small take 12 volts 120 volts a usb port and a assistant box cool this to have there on the inside about 10 liters of storage our drinks in a fresh way in this occasion meadow prices in Colombia have come down as well as all of the toyota family this time the version says the 2019 is at 279 million 100 thousand pesos this is currency Colombian we also have the version diesel but already model 2018 273 million 600 thousand pesos finally the version gasoline we have 275 million pesos Colombian currency 2019 here in the part below you will appear different prices in american dollars comfort in Toyota is paramount I’m going to leave images of the review we did to the toyota meadow of Tx l here I have a position of I handle approximately for one person 1 meter 85 meters 90 this is for you to have an idea of the space that we have here in the part from ahead now let’s see in the back how much space do we have so that you give yourself as the idea to your how much space would be approximately in the back and the comfort of this vehicle well here in the back we have in my feet 4 8 I have approximately 11 fingers space between my knees and the part of forward of the chair of the pilot this here is plastic with these spaces so if we want people to the third row of seats go comfortable we can sacrifice a little space of the second row seats more without But we would go in the same way comfortable a space between my feet approximately this which is quite good if we want to use the space then of cargo without the third row of seats We can have this position sealed seven adults we set our chair to this position which is also comfortable then slowly we have very good spaces in this version of the toyota for 2018 to access the third row seat we just run the seat we can easily and enter the third row of seats in the third row of seats having a position of the second row of seats a little short the one that had them previously shown simply a adult perfectly fine but for me stature of one meter eighty five already my feet stick directly with the back of the front chairs towards back I have very good space carries drinks and we have air ducts conditioned so much for the person on the right side as for the person on the left in my head I have a small space about a finger to get there above likewise here in the part of back we have good cushioned leathers quality to get out of here simply shot we have the space to go out in a way comfortable of the place where we are located we have a handle here on this side and another one on the left drive here and drive here too this is a car to get us out of the way and that the occupants can hold all right the cushion of this vehicle is 100 high quality leather with seams with a very particular style in the central part we have this armrest 2 adjustable track holder size and also seams not only have they worked in this vehicle in the aesthetic part from outside but they have also worked a lot on the inside the air conditioning is dual automatic and we have ventilation ducts in the second and third row seats you also drive on the left side and on the right side good on safety issues is exceptional not only the body dude wow when we have a shock a impact she is going to hang from true way that will serve as a buffer on the inside we have seven airbags we have curtain up the third row of seats we have frontal airbag for both co-pilot as for the pilot and also we have knee and we have here in these laterals then in issues of safety of this vehicle is totally gifted and with the third row of seats available for people here back We have 108 liters of cargo enough useful obviously we beat the third seat row let’s go to have a lot more cargo space here we have much more space of load and obviously we can shoot down also the second row of seats we have a 12 volt outlet in this side stand and hidden towards the left we have a little cat here on the sides we have tool holder totally necessary useful is already regulatory here in our COUNTRUY and if we want a first-aid kit help on this other side that is also mandatory but in space he removed it the spare tire located exactly in the back [Música] youtube friends so we had the toyota land cruiser meadow version x 2019 we will see each other in a next video please with mind and share this video to reach many more people I like it if you liked it

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  1. Definitivamente así llegué a este canal, buscando reseñas de Toyota Prado y hoy 3 años después de aquel TXL de 2015, seguimos apreciando no solo la belleza que mantiene a esta 4×4 en la cúspide de la preferencia de sus compradores; sino que sobretodo, se aprecia el crecimiento desmesurado y constante de Autos Full, así como el profesionalismo adquirido por nuestro amigo Levi a través de este tiempo.. gracias Levi y Autos Full por seguir siendo un gran referente de reseñas automotrices en América Latina.. un saludo cariñoso y respetuoso a la distancia mi hermano!

  2. Falto Mencionar que cuenta con sensores de lluvia ( Limpiaparabrisas automático) y sensores de luz (encendido de las luces automáticamente); excelente vídeo

  3. Orrible de adentro nada lujoso para el precio yo no diera ni 10,000 dólares x ese carro yo claro para gustos los colores

  4. Buenas Tardes Levi.
    Te felicito x tan Excelente Canal.
    Quiero aprovechar la oportunidad y espero una respuesta de tu parte para que me ayudes a decidir.
    Quiero adquirir una Camioneta con Motor Diésel, y aquí en Colombia hay varias opciones. Cuál sería la Mejor camioneta para decir que se paga x lo justo en Equipamiento, Tecnología Etc.
    Espero puedas responderme y claro está si hay opción de alguna que no sea Diesel me informas también.
    Muchas Gracias.

  5. Esta súper valuada en Colombia más que en República dominicana 🇩🇴 cuestas la vxl cuesta 85,900 y la TXL 67,900 dólares

  6. Te pregunto, que tan viable es comprar la versión europea, cómo se hace para las garantías y si es comercial el vehículo en posventa? , Es que quiero una prado pero solo me gusta la europea!

  7. en mi pais tener una prado significa que eres funcionario publico o politico o narco, por lo tanto la gente no les gusta tener esos carros, te da mala reputacion, usualmente prefieren hilux o suburban

  8. Si eres una persona que le gusta hacer trip(ir a la playa,cerros,lugares de poco acesso,etc)es una buena camioneta que cumple todo esos gustos…
    Si buscas estilo,está la Ford explorer,Mercedes,Audi,etc

  9. Buenos días Levi Arias, he tenido problemas adquiriendo información sobre la diferencia entre la VX y la VX.L. Me puede decir cuales son la diferencias principales? muchas gracias.

  10. Maestro por que esa camioneta cuesta 70 millones mas que la txl ? Yo pense que tenia esta suspencion que cambia la altura del carro me parece que hidráulica o algo asi pero en este video usted tampoco la muestra me resuelve esta incógnita gracias

  11. Hola Levi. Teniendo en cuenta tu sapiencia acerca del sector
    automotriz, quiero saber que motores recomendarías “DIESEL o GASOLINA “para el
    caso de esta camioneta, ¿y Por que? . Que no solo sea en el ahorro de combustible.

  12. Porque en la edicion del video muestran tanto las lamparas del auto ? Creen uds que es el mejor atributo del auto ? Porfavor editen mejor sus videos . avanzen

  13. Estas camionetas no son de lujo, son de durabilidad. Tienen un diseño sobrio y es acertado. Mucha gente dice que con esa plata se compran una BMW o Audi, es cierto y pueden ser mil veces mas bonitas y tener el triple de equipamiento, pero por favor lleven esas marcas a trocha y veran que salen sin dos llantas. Estas Toyota son hechas para darles duro. Su precio no es tanto por su exterior sino por lo que lleva debajo de ese capo.

  14. La gente dice que es muy cara pero no hechan de ver que es culpa de los gobiernos que estos autos sean tan caros las marcas no tienen culpa algunas las obligan a vender más caro que otras y ya por eso la gente dice que es un mal auto sólo por q es cara

  15. Su video confunde …. dice hacer reseña de la TOYOTA PRADO VX 2019 y muestra la TX-L ? Como funciona la suspension KDSS de esta version se puede graduar dureza ?

  16. Amigo una duda. Una persona cualquiera puede importar este vehículo? O solo por concesionarios o por el tema de impuestos no se hace? Sería bueno algo de eso, si se puede consultar. Éxitos

  17. Toyota Prado es un carro estetica y mecánicamente muy bueno. Son carros duraderos y hechos para los terrenos más fuertes.

    Lo único que me causa duda y curiosidad, es la parte del vídeo donde el conferencista dice que cuando tenemos el carro con la opción 4L activada debemos activar el 2nd para que arranque en segunda marcha, esto con el fin de evitar que se puedan causar daños a la piñonería. No se supone que es un carro el cual está diseñado para arrancar en 4L si así se desea, me causa un poco de curiosidad esto. De igual manera un vídeo completisimo.

  18. Muy buena chata !!! Lastima que en mi país Argentina salen muy cara 😪 pero muy buen video abrazo gigante desde Córdoba Argentina

  19. Mi tía tiene una 2009 y solo le a cambiado el aceite y las ruedas sólo la va a cambiar por la 2015

  20. Cual es mejor diesel o gasolina? Y mi otra pregunta consumó de combustible de ambas versiones?

  21. Khác hẳn so với bản Việt Nam . Toyota không quan trọng doanh số chiếc này lắm nên chiếc xe này ở Việt nam chỉ có chìa cơm và máy 2.7 163 hp.

  22. Hola mi hermano muy buena reseña y déjeme decirle que ese es un beiculo espectacular de ensueño para cualquier persona saludos

  23. Guau creo que esta demasiado cara jaja en México supera el precio de cualquier camioneta ya se por que no de vende aquí jaja

  24. Permite elevar la carrocería y ganar más altura libre al suelo como el Land Rover Discovery?

  25. Dicen que es de lujo pero en realidad es un carro muy basico , limitado , con un motor mediocre , acabados rusticos y esta sobrevalorada. Para el simple mortal esto es una camionetota , pero para los que realmente saben y tienen con que! Es una mas del bulto.

  26. Revise sus comentarios sobre el sistema 4×4, todas las versiones tienen el mismo sistema 4×4 full time con diferencial central bloqueable… el botón no es para desbloquearlo como ud dice. es para bloquearlo y dejar la tracción 50/50 entre ambos ejes, el sitema full time TORSEN (abierto) lo que hace es repartir la tracción entre ejes 40/60 (no a cada rueda independiente) esto para poder dar las curvas en pavimento sin que se produzca resistencia al avance. El botón 2d start No es solo para operar con el bajo, y la version VX-L Europea trae adicionalmente el sistema de selección de terreno, todas las versiones que traen a Colombia traen el mismo sistema 4×4.

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