Two Tundra Dislikes! Will Toyota Fix it for 2021/22?

Two Tundra Dislikes!  Will Toyota Fix it for 2021/22?

well good morning everybody I all do it
pretty good here and welcome to the channel it is a gorgeous day here in
southern Texas in the RGV I’m out driving around in the tundra and every
time I get in the tundra there are two things two little pet peeves I have
about this truck why they don’t have these things I don’t know probably
because I didn’t choose a package that includes them I guess but I think they
should be standard in the tundra anyway I don’t think you should have to choose
a package for me it’s kind of like buying the truck but you have to decide
whether or not you want wheels and tires they should just be there right so here
they are here’s two pet peeves two things that I wish my Tacoma head or my
tundra in this case because I missed them every time I get in the truck every
time I get the truck I have to screw with them so here you go here’s what
they are hey here’s the first one I got to kind of turn the camera right to show
you guys this I’m doing this video remotely I’ve just pulled off on the
side of the road somewhere because I had an inspiration I had an idea so here we
go I have my cell phone with me and the first one has to do right there right
there mirrors now I did a video recently where
I talked about mirrors and the problem I was having in my garage right pulling in
and having to remember to screw with those mirrors lest lest lest I should
hit my post on my lift and knock one of them off and that’s one of my biggest
pet peeves of course when I pull out of the garage I’ll show you a bit of a
dramatization here when I pull out of the garage this is what I have the
mirror is in so I’ve backed down I’m sitting
in the driveway and this is a first world problem I know some of you were
gonna say oh come on man I’m telling you it gets to be annoying after a while but
I got it here let’s let’s let’s do the full trauma
dramatization we’re in the truck we’ve backed out of the garage we’re ready to
go got the hands on the wheel shift it into park or in this case out of park
and we’re ready to take off but before I can do that I gotta put the window down
right here we got to put the window down and this is gonna lead to another one of
my pet peeves and I got a spur with the mirror I got to push the mirror out now
that doesn’t even include the mirror over there you see I can’t reach I can’t
reach that mirror from in here so I gotta get out of the truck now some of
you might say well why don’t you just put it down before you take off because
I can’t I’m in the garage and I can’t fold that window out or push it out
because of the post on the lift I know it’s a first-world problem but
it’s a pet peeve of mine I wish the tundra came with electric
mirrors you know one little button a couple little motors a little bit of
wiring push the button the mirrors go out push the button the mirrors come in
it’s pretty simple should be just that easy just one pet peeve of mine now the
next one and this one is again just annoying
you’ve got your window over here right let me let me do another little
dramatization for you guys I’m in the truck it’s a great gorgeous day like it
is right now I mean look at this look at the temperature up here can you guys see
that right there I hope so it’s 74 degrees and sunny look at those
skies I mean on a day like this there’s no humidity it’s perfect it’s a perfect
day you don’t need air conditioning you want it to put the window down so and
this is the best part this is this is kind of how they went halfway here so
you hit the button you know right over here you know all right right there you
push the button one time like so and look at that magically the window
goes down now that’s a good thing I like that but here’s where Toyota has
failed me miserably I want to put the window up you know so I hit the button I
pull it up once and nothing happens it goes up a little bit and it stops so I
do it again and it stops why doesn’t the tundra hare of auto up windows I have to
hold the button I don’t like that no I know it’s another first world problem
right I mean I know but why doesn’t tundra have auto up windows and you
can’t even put them in I’ve checked I thought you know I’ll bet you I could go
out there and I could find a unit off of another truck right a truck that has
power up windows because you can get them in different packages and I’m
saying here that it should be standard right you shouldn’t have to pay more to
get a package it’s got a bunch of other crap in it when all you really want is
one touch up windows but anyway I digress
I’ve checked I thought I’m gonna go get me the unit that goes in there right I
should be able to get the unit that goes in there rip the one out that’s there
and put the new one in but it’s not that simple you can’t do that there’s other
things involved at least from my research and if I am wrong if you guys
know of a way to do that simply I’m not looking at tearing the whole truck apart
to be able to have that feature as much as I love it
I’m not looking to do that so if I’m wrong and there is a simple
plug-and-play out there in other words a unit that you can take out and put in to
be able to make that happen leave a comment down below let me know
because I will do it I just it’s it I can’t believe for 50 grand whatever
these trucks go for I didn’t pay that much for this truck
but for the money I mean anything over four materially that you can’t have the
simple features push or OneTouch up-and-down windows I mean come on it’s
it’s like it’s like not having that the OneTouch entry or the touch entry into
the truck you know that again should be standard we talk about safety
everybody’s so concerned about safety you know you can’t ride a bike anymore
without putting a helmet on because you gotta be worried that you might fall
down conk your head and hurt yourself so you got to wear a helmet in some states
you got to wear a helmet on a motorcycle they’ll give you a ticket if you don’t
wear a helmet now I understand obviously you’re going to be more safe if you’re
wearing helmets on things that you can fall over and crack your head I’m not
saying it’s a bad idea but since we are so concerned with
safety these are two safety issues I mean you need to have your mirrors when
you’re driving right and if you’re like me what I do now because of the way this
thing is set up if you look over there that mirror is in I don’t ever pull it
out anymore and I know that’s my fault right it’s my fault but I don’t do it
because it’s a pain of yours so I just leave it and so I have reduced to some
degree the safety involved in driving my truck the other thing is the up and down
windows you know they tell you I have never I’ve never run into anybody that
didn’t say that while you’re driving your vehicle you should have both hands
on the wheel and you should be paying attention to what’s in front of you and
what you’re doing in case you know somebody rolls out in front of you or
something and you’ve taken your eye off for a split second you know to find the
little button down there to put the window back up and you run over somebody
it’s a safety concern we’re so worried about safety why don’t we have a feature
like that on the truck so that I don’t have to take my eyes off the road or
keep my hand hopefully it’s my left hand I’m not
reaching over with my right hand but keep my hand on that button for several
seconds while the window goes up I should have both hands on the
wheel right I mean that’s what they tell you
instead we mandate other crazy things you know like helmets and and seat belts
and things that I should be able to decide on that only affect me this
affects other people if I run over Johnny who’s charted out across the
street because I’m looking over here that affects Johnny I don’t know I think
that these two things should definitely be included in the truck power mirrors
so that you don’t have to screw with them you’re always gonna have them out
you don’t have any excuse to not have them out I mean you push the button and
it just happens instead if you’re like me you’re not gonna run around the truck
to put that that mirror out it’s gonna stay down and it does unless I’m going
on some long trip or something anyway I just want to get on here this is kind of
a rant video a little bit two things that affect me and I know it may be a
personal thing I’m sure there’s a lot of you guys and gals out there who would
say that’s just stupid who cares if you got to hold the button get off your lazy
arse run around the truck and put the mirror out I know but when you’re buying
shouldn’t you be able to get it the way that you want it without having to pay
for a lot more stuff that you don’t want like a package anyway leave a comment
down below let me know what you think do you ever miss these things do they even
matter to you or am I just nuts thanks for watching don’t forget to Like share
and subscribe and we’ll see you next time on the web have a great day

22 thoughts on “Two Tundra Dislikes! Will Toyota Fix it for 2021/22?

  1. I have blind spot monitoring and heated mirrors but I wish I had the integrated turn signal as well… I got auto up and down windows in my limited! 😉

  2. I'm thinking that safety and liability are the reasons the tundra doesn't have auto up. If it did, there would have to be a sensor to stop the closing of the window should someone or something break the plane. Think garage door. The roll up doors where I work are the same. One push opens. But must hold the close button continously to close. But I agree. Kinda annoying.

  3. Man, I was all ready to give you some shine this morning about today's video. Boo hoo, my mirrors and windows. I was like, "Dang it Rob, get yourself a wider lift or build yourself an underground garage!" Then my wife jumped in and said "I'm with Rob on this one." She pointed out that I push in her passenger side mirror, so I don't hit it getting in my Tacoma. Then when she is going somewhere, she has to remember to pull it back out or get out and take care of it. She thinks power mirrors should be standard on all cars. I'm like, "You big babies!" Lol!

  4. Trucks are getting crazy expensive because of all the electronics and tech. Electric mirrors would add like a grand plus more to the sticker price. No thanks. I'll move the mirrors myself need be. More electronics = more problems and money

  5. Don't like the auto up feature, with it anytime you're adjusting window height from down position it will close unless you're quick to touch button again. Auto mirror function would be more convenient, but, you can bet that feature would add another thousand to the price. Like home builders car manufacturers adjust add on's in increments of ten to the third……… 😜😎😉

  6. Next u will need a self driving truck and remember u ordered a Tacoma with a stick and it has a clutch hmmmm I don’t know rob

  7. One thing I can't figure out with the Tundra is the heated seats. Every other vehicle I've had them in they turn off and stay off with the key. In the Tundra they come back on when you restart the truck and are on until you push the button. I don't use the heated seats, but my wife does, so it's annoying to have them on until I notice the light on on the passenger side.

  8. The lack of one touch up drives me nuts. Also, the lock and unlock buttons don’t light up. Eeeevery other button or dial in the truck is lit up except for those two. Whyyyy?!

  9. Gotta love the "Rob Rants" videos! 😅. Agree those should be standard. Lovin my platinum though, it's motor mirrors and auto up windows. Yeah I paid for those!

  10. "Dramatization" and "first world problem." All kidding aside, i agree with you, Rob. I face the same issues with mine. The only difference is that i have to fold mirror to get into the parking garage at work.

  11. It's so asinine that only the tip top trim levels of the Tundra, Platinum & 1794 offer power mirrors. Yet, you can get a moonroof on lower tiered trim levels. That's so backwards thinking that it hurts my head 🙁

  12. I have a simple answer as to why there is no "auto-up" on the window. I'm not an expert on this, but I believe it has to do with safety.
    If there was an auto-up switch on the window, some moron will accidentally get their fingers clamped in the window, then sue Toyota for not building in a safety mechanism.

  13. Safety huh 🤣 I think your stretching for more than your mirrors with that argument. Love my Platinum! Its so…safe hahaha

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