Uber driver and BMW M5 F10 | London supercars Vlog

Uber driver and BMW M5 F10 | London supercars Vlog

And Hi London uber is back. And today we’re gonna go to Brighton to a car lovers meeting Although this time we go in a powerful BMW m5 Before to start guys do not forget to subscribe my channel and smash the bell if you didn’t What car do you have? Let me know in the comment section below and Now let’s have a look at this white beast! Guys we start now and in front of us, there are two 63 AMG But do not forget we are in an m5 564 we are heading to Brighton This is a real gang guys Let’s see guys which one is the fastest This is the park where we Just have a break I think a meeting point Quick sound tests of Martin And then we have 2015 M5 sound test Leaves a little to be desired and then 2019 E 63 We have to stop on the Brighton Near Brighton in the carpark where all of these guys meet and I’m showing you now what happens here It’s just sick, it’s crazy. It’s fantastic. I cannot even say other words We are done here on this carpark where we had the meeting a guy got a bit of bad a bad luck because Police came and we had to get out of here we keep moving and we are going now To the main point see you there guys Two amg is in front of us and we are in a m5 Oh, yes I have goosebumps look at The sky look at the weather it helps us the weather is with us if Would have been raining would have been shit, but we are lucky Ready for the door Trick in Burnaby starred in Lebanon the Osby start playing for books or PJs long party And slow we get here Here they’re here they are let’s go around But there was a place next to Martin there and it okay cool There’s another phone I hope you enjoyed this video guys would you come to the next car meeting you can answer with yes or no in the card section above and Definitely again. Do not forget to subscribe and push the bell. You can also follow me on the rest of social media platforms I’m going to let the links in the description however, I’m waiting to chat with you after this video in the comment section where you could Tell me what did you like at this meeting? Or if you have a super car do not hesitate to email or contact me You could be my next guest guys Love you guys all the best see you in my next video and do not forget on the Nuba self-made self-paid I need a sweater – now, I’m a player

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  1. Uk is not the best place to drive this cars, you should go to 🇩🇪, motorways with no limits. There you can meet the real beasts😎

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