Un primo sguardo alla Nuova Volkswagen T-Roc (ENG SUBS)

Un primo sguardo alla Nuova Volkswagen T-Roc (ENG SUBS)

Hi everybody! Today is January 23, 2018 We are at the Spazio Murat, Bari, where Volkswagen Zentrum Bari, last weekend unveiled the new T-Roc! This is the latest crossover from VW based on the same chassis as other models such as the Audi Q2 and this particular car is in a particular segment, halfway between the Polo and the Tiguan Volkswagen decided to make a step into the crossover segment, which is a huge part of today’s market so they will try to take a piece of it from the other, non-German car makers So let’s take a look at the design of this crossover which in the front has very sharp lines, mostly in the grille and headlights and this reminds me of other VW models, such as the Passat and the Arteon But it’s not so far from the smaller and cheaper models like the Polo The thing you immediately notice in the side of the car is its height Higher than the city models, with these burnished 18” wheels and those two chrome lines: the upper one which follows the windows, and makes them look tighter than the rest of the door and the lower one which follows the opening of the doors Going to the end of the car at the same time it’s similar to the Tiguan and also different thanks to the new backlights and the chrome parts in the lower part of the car, which simulate the shape of the exhaust tips like on the Arteon Here’s the T-Roc logo, and the trunk handle with the VW logo, which integrates the rear view camera A surprising feature of this car is the depth of its trunk You can move up the bed of the trunk but in this configuration is deeper And it has the spare wheel, too Now let’s take a look at the interior! In the interior we can notice the similarity to other famous VW models First thing I noticed is this huge virtual cockpit in front of my eyes It has two dials the right one with the odometer, up to 260 kph in the middle the infos about the car a 3D T-Roc appears to show us the open doors and the trunk and the left dial with the rev counter, with a red line at 6000 rpm Then the infos about the trip and the kilometres Then, all around the virtual cockpit we find analogic dials with the fuel level and the water temperature Here in the middle there’s the infotainment screen I tested it before, it has these side touch buttons similar to a slightly more expensive VW Group model: some months ago we took a look at the new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo which had elegant touch buttons, similar to the ones in this T-Roc! Let’s take a look at the infotainment system The touch screen is pretty fluid you can control the radio, the phone connectivity, the wifi and the medias Unluckily the navi system is unavailable right now and then the live informations about the traffic Of course it has app-connect, standard on all the new cars on the market which makes the car an extension of your smartphone thanks to Android Auto and Apple Car Play Then there are more controls, the A/C… Talking about the A/C, it has a dedicated lower part here under the hazard, the parking sensors and the start/stop disabling buttons from which you can control the Automatic A/C Down here there’s two USB sockets and a 12V one Here’s the gear stick: this particular T-Roc has a 6-speed manual gearbox with a 1.5 TSI 150hp petrol engine Maybe later we’ll give a look at the other T-Roc, in white, with a 190hp petrol engine A thing I find nice is the steering wheel: it has well made buttons from which you can control the phone connectivity for music and phone calls on the right and the speed limiter and cruise control buttons on the left Nice fact: aside from the usual bad plastics of all the crossovers on the market it has also a good looking gloss black part Good looking, and wrapping, are also the seats, both in the front and the back: they are a mixture between fabric and white leather with nice stitchings on it Let’s have a seat in the back part now Well, the backseats are comfortable too 3 people can sit here, maybe we’ll try it better on a future test drive but they are comfortable In a realistic test, I left the driver seat in my driving position I’m about 1.80m tall, and I still have leg room but a truly important feature of crossover cars is the head room: as you can see I have a lot of space for my head! You can transform the third seat in an armrest with two cupholders and here you can find the A/C system and a 12V socket as long as the light buttons up here Today’s market is incredibly full of crossovers VW, though, wants to achieve a part of it and tries to do it with the T-Roc, a surely succesful crossover with the family feeling of other models for the German maker aficionados’ joy While we wait to drive it for you we can’t do but asking your opinion about the T-Roc: let us know it in the comments below give us a like and share this video if you liked it and, most importantly, don’t forget to subscribe to We Drive for all the upcoming videos!

6 thoughts on “Un primo sguardo alla Nuova Volkswagen T-Roc (ENG SUBS)

  1. Video interessante, ma se vi posso dare un consiglio, dite a chi parla di guardare in camera perché oltre che è orribile da vedere, ma sembra molto svogliato

  2. Bravi ragazzi, continuate così! Bel video! Cmq io ho provato la 1.0 tsi e da possessore di auto diesel niente mi ha fatto rimpiangere i Nm della mia TDI…gran bella macchina! In attesa di un test drive su questa 1.5tsi!

  3. L'ho ordinata a inizio febbraio (presso una concessionaria di Brescia), data di consegna prevista metà aprile, oggi 31 Maggio il venditore mi chiama per dirmi che la mia auto verrà messa in produzione a Novembre, perché con il 1.5 hanno problemi. Secondo lui dovrei comprare la 1000. La VolksWagen non è un'azienda seria, se volete un consiglio, dopo quest'avventura vi consiglio di non comprarla.

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