Unity LA’s “Pretty Wings” is a Work of Art – World of Dance World Finals 2019

Unity LA’s “Pretty Wings” is a Work of Art – World of Dance World Finals 2019

100 thoughts on “Unity LA’s “Pretty Wings” is a Work of Art – World of Dance World Finals 2019

  1. Treat yourself and watch this masterpiece in slow motion. There are so many luscious layers to this composition. It's hard to grasp them in just one viewing. Thank you Unity LA for elevating WOD with your performances.

  2. I really thought they had won until I saw the Kings but this dance was also beautifully done

  3. Now I know why king won….Kings realy deserved ….In India there are so many dance reality show that we are used seing such dance forms ….So I feel normal wen I see such dances …

  4. This was a really damn good routine. This group would of been on season 2, they would have taken it, no competition. Sadly, the kings were just better, no other group could compare to the kings this season.

  5. What I noticed is Ne-Yo always has good critic to other performances but when it comes to Kings performances he is mostly speechless. That’s a real feedback to the Kings. 😂 Unity LA are a cool group, they have a good future.

  6. Well…Danced pretty well but…Ellie and Ava deserved the Runner ups…they are not even in the forth place..

  7. I think Coming SeCOND only To THE KING'S is A Greatest Accomplishment , Its Like Coming SeCOND To Einstein or Newton in Science
    Love From Nepal 🇳🇵 !

  8. Man this crew was so beautiful too. I agree with some of the other comments below – had they been in a different season than The Kings, they'd have won. The Kings brought a very innovative combination (at least from an American TV perspective) to WoD. It's hard to compete against something unique, no matter how good you are. Love from India!

  9. Take out the kings's tricks and Unity LA would have crushed them, its world of dance not world of stunts 🤷🏽‍♀️

  10. I am a bit disappointed they danced so gracefully the difference is talent show vs dancing. Kings (talent show) vs Unity LA (dancers.) ( hands down ) technique! not circus performance I wish Lynn was on this show then they would of won. ( WORLD OF DANCE guys DANCE.. what are we scoring flips stunts, acting, .. disappointed. Yes Kings did a great job but I don't think it was their dancing that won. in my opinion . everyone has one… I know.

  11. As an Indian I would say it is much better organised and so pure art of dance than The Kings…Dance always not about aggression but an pure play act

  12. If world dance would've been exclusive to USA, these guys would've won but wrong choice opening doors to Asians. You might be good but Asians are better

  13. i love this routine so much but i feel like if they used this one for the divisional finals (they would’ve still been the wild card) and saved piece by piece for the finals i really truly think they would’ve taken the title… i love this group so much i hope WOD isn’t the last i see of them cause wow

  14. Sorry but Contemporary dancing is not my cup of tea. It's super boring. I still prefer Ellie and Ava or Briar Nolet over these bunch of robots. Those girls were at least beauties to watch.

  15. How did the kings win there not professional at all and even sloppy at times. Unity LA are professional and should have destroyed them

  16. someone professional please explain to me how the kings could have possibly won this show. I need an explanation

  17. Unity LA should have won hands down. “The Kings” did the same thing every single week, that’s not even impressive anymore. They stole the win from real dancers

  18. This is great butttt….. it wasn't the winning piece for me. I don't know… maybe I was so hyped by the Kings' performance… All love xoxo 💜

  19. 😍😍😍 Onw of the best dance performances , I was stoned
    Love from the country of Buddha,and The Krishna🇮🇳

  20. Vpeeez more talented than unity … Theres no so much spectacular on unity… It should have been between kings and vpeez

  21. Unity was alright…Nope…This was downright beautiful and worthy of the win that night. I have not liked them since that nasty comment they made towards the other group and they are not always consistent. I am disgusted that they lost by the Glorified acro cheerleaders the non Kings. They are great technical and artistic dancers. Based on tonight only, they deserved the win…I am no longer invested in World of Dance not because my favorites did not win…you can be my favorite and judge fairly, but the mood-emotional only based judges are for the pits! J-Lo, Derek, and Neyo need an enema because they are full of it! I am further disturbed that the comment section is not focused on them, but on how The non Kings cheerleaders won, "but this was beautiful".

  22. No .. none of these kids cud match the kings.. kings are fuckin diff, buy it n deal with it always..

  23. This dance feels like a painting come to life, everything about it is so beautiful. Its really inspiring and uplifting to watch

  24. Ugly costumes, sleepy boring music, some inappropriate moves, no wow factor, nothing which is never seen before. And some people still think they should have won. People need to improve their taste.

  25. Grown man. Concrete finisher. Sorry world but this routine brought tears of joy to my eyes. Incredibly timeless and passionate. Unity LA, high praise to y'all.

  26. they done this crap against the kings, not a hatred here but honestly I wasnt able to stand post 1 min. of this, I wonder how did they even came second, on the other hand I forgot the count how many times i seen kings routine, they should have excited and surprised judges and audience.

  27. I love this choreography! Unfortunately I do have to say that my eyes were drawn to one of the guys in this piece a lot… and not in a good way. Don’t know his name 😬 Though I thought overall as a group they did really well!

  28. Nanga naach tha ye ,bas chodna baki rah gaya tha👍👍 . ye nanga naach western log roj apne ghar mein purey parivaar ke saath kartey hai 😁😁😁😁.

  29. OMGOSH. 😱 these people came to are school and they performed in are school. also this other group with only girls like. OMGOSH not faking this 😱🤯

  30. This is a very refined and sophisticated performance but this tbh looks too vanilla infront of The kings performance lol.

  31. Iam Indian but man they are amazing dancers but unfortunately they are no match for kings there are only two teams in the world which are like kings or can give competition to the kings one is v company nd another is v unbeatable

  32. भारतीय लोग चूतिये होते हैं, ये आप कमेंट पढ़कर जान सकते हो। यहां पर क्या बकवास कर रहे हो। क्या बिना किंग्स से compare किये केवल अच्छे डांस की तारीफ नहीं कर सकते। सालों हिंदी में लिख रहा हूँ ताकि केवल तुम ही पढ़ सको।
    चूतिये कहीं के।

  33. Who told kings don't do dance and only tricks? These comments are overhyped support to Unity LA by Unity LA fans. Only few people in kings doing stunts. Rest of them are dancing. I must say that unity LA do so feminine dance which work well for women. Not for men. Why do the men in Unity LA impersonate woman? Kings do masculine dance. That's the difference. Be original

  34. This is an amazing routine….perfect technique and choreography. Contemporary dancers from all over the world would love this. But the majority of audience will find this boring. This show/competition is to serve normal people with little or no dance knowledge. You need to know your audience and tailor your performance accordingly. This is like serving caviar to the starving people, whereas a two dollar burrito will easily trump the caviar. The audience expect the wow factor, uniqueness, high energy and The Kings had all those. That's why they won.

  35. Indeed very beautiful if you try to understand the piece. If people judge like some do about Kings and complain of flips,repetitions etc. Then the same can be said about this routine too, so much repetitions and same kind of steps. But what some of you are complaining as repetition is actually the genre. Kings follow a genre, Unity LA another. The world is much bigger than America guys.
    Saying Kings only do flips and gymnastics is as racist as saying all Chinese men look the same.

  36. Some of the comments here surprise me. These Westerns are such hypocrites, so b-boying is dance, ballet which is an upgrade of gymnastics is dance. Heima, Briar Nolet etc are dancers but Kings is a cheerleading tem? C'mon the world is much bigger than you think. India herself has more than 50 dance forms, some classical forms thousand of years old.
    You people can either crib and cry or can change the name from World of Dancers to Dance of the west.

  37. Dance is diversification….kings had an advan. of being newer …but they can dance too…in finals they showed that… they cud even pull off many UNITY LA moves but UNITY LA cant pull off KINGS moves….confused???.. look at kings performances in dance plus and world hip hop competition…

  38. This team and this song, perfection…I love these judges, they are so spot on …AFTER les twins won first season..I was so confused…but thank goodness they renewed WOD season so people can see that this right here is a million dollar performance.

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