Watch Kelly Clarkson Get A Psychic Reading From ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo

Watch Kelly Clarkson Get A Psychic Reading From ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo

– [Kelly] I’m so intrigued. I’ve never done anything like this. – [Theresa] Okay, great. So, um, (sighs) so there is a mother
energy that is present so if your mom is not departed, it would be like a grandmother or an aunt or someone that was like a mother to you. – It could literally be any of those ’cause everyone died before me (laughs). – Oh okay, but right now
– Yeah. your mom is here in the physical world? – My mom is alive, yeah.
– Okay. – You’re very fortunate because you have not
lost a lot of people here in the physical world. – Yeah, I don’t know many
people that have passed away. – Right, well can I talk
about the dad that’s departed. – Oh my dad did die. Oh I don’t know him. – Oh!
– Oh yeah I’m sorry. – Oh okay. I was gonna just ask you about pie. – I love pie. – That’s what they told me! They go Kelly loves pie!
– I love pie. They showed me cherry pie and I’m like okay, what am I supposed to say
with that? I don’t have a – – Oh that’s funny, cherry
pie’s my sister thing, but she’s the one he’s
probably trying to talk to. – Well listen.
– We don’t know each other. – But you have to understand your dad could not take responsibility for things in his life here in the physical world.
– Not a one. His soul is stepping forward and saying I know what you felt. I know what you went through and for that I am sorry. – Oh I’ve already forgiven. So I’m good. But I’m not like mad at
it, if he can hear me. – No! No no no!
– Oh I was like… – That’s not what this is about. – Okay. – You have to understand
it’s where someone if they hurt us or disappoint us if only if the soul has learned the lesson to see things differently, they can come through and say that, so… – All right! I’ll tell my sister. – For your dad to be
able to come through… – Oh yeah Candice did lose someone, yes. – Who are you? – [Candice] I’m Candice.
– She’s my stylist. – Oh hi, nice to meet you.
– So nice to meet you. – Oh my god, my very first
thing you said was mother and I was thinking my life, but her mother recently passed. That’s right! – [Candice] Yeah. – Yeah. – Were you watching her breath at the end? – Yeah. – Okay, so, your mom just says to me, she says please tell my daughter I
know how much she misses me – (whispers) I do.

77 thoughts on “Watch Kelly Clarkson Get A Psychic Reading From ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo

  1. Leave it to Kelly to be as skeptical and sassy as possible. Her dead dad is trying to say he's sorry? Yeah, whatever. I already forgave him. NEXT!

  2. Wasn't she revealed as a fake? She's cold reading…
    1. Making claims that could apply to anyone: (Theres a woman… oh your mom's alive? Actually, there's a man… my dad?…Yes, it's your dad…
    2. Getting them to tell you important info: He's dead, I don't know him…
    3. Saying things that are true at least for someone: oh he had trouble admitting fault in life… yes!
    4. Keeping it vague let's you back track when you miss: A woman, no a man
    5. Watch for subtle reactions that reveal major details.
    6. Looking for minor clues that reveal important info: wincing, questioning face.
    7. Doing research ahead of time.
    I believe some people have a gift, but its cruel to take advantage of people who lost someone, especially for money. Justifying it with "I'm still giving them comfort in their greif" is a BS excuse! Sorry, but for someone who has lost a lot of people and witness death and the aftermath of it, this sickens me.

  3. I love this show so much I see how you love people doing great things and my son and a group of boys and girls club staff made a video showing how hard life is for kids and how the boys and girls club helps so much I even share my health story about my own autoimmune disease Lupus and AIH

  4. she said she was a Christian and she believe in JESUS and now she think is okay to believe in psychic smh 🤦‍♀️ do you know those thing is demonic

  5. Theresa still around ❓wow watched her show 10 minutes 🤮 FAKE 💯% but she may a lot of money ❗and people believe her ‼️‼️‼️😂😂😂😂

  6. Theresa is a fake and notice since Kelly wasn’t able to give her something to work with she moved on to the stylist.

  7. God that Terese is a trickster: People are so eager to volunteer information. Kelly Clarkson show will most likely go almost forever just because she so easy to love and she’s down to earth. I think personally some of the time it’s incomprehensible to me how Therese can just take people for this ride. ( it’s just my opinion) how-ever I remember an episode where Teresa gave a little girl solace about her departed dad and it was sweet and the little girl looked lighter and better for it after. That I loved but when Teresa scrambled for answers and the quest feed her out of validation and desperation it’s a little disconcerting. Anyway…. love ya Kelly♥️😘😉🌺

  8. So all these skeptics. Kelly basically said people have passed before her time and she didn’t know them. So why would these spirits want to connect with her? Her dad passed who clearly was a horrible father and Kelly wrote a song heavily criticizing him. Why would he want to connect with her? Of course this would be a difficult read for Theresa.

  9. My son and I had a reading with Theresa . I so believed in her till I had that reading. Everything she said could have been said about anyone. It was general. I'm sorry I had that reading. Sharon from Orange county ca

  10. Absolute hooey!!!
    This woman is a scam!
    She just throws out general stuff and sees how she can get the attention of her subject or a room in general.
    I hate Kelly gave her any airtime!

  11. I can't believe that in 2019 people still believe in this bs. Granted, this what's-her-name is decent at cold reading, but she didn't even do her homework to do a better job. Luckily there was a mua present, or she'd have to "read" the cameraman 😀

  12. Is your mother. Alive in this physical world yeah wasn't she just on the show . kelly is too strong for this bullshit she gave her nothing and in return she had no reading on her .

  13. I love me some Kelly but she talks absolutely too much, like let your guest speak hunny. Talk show host shouldn't talk more than the guest lol

  14. For all the skeptics, there are plenty of psychic mediums on YouTube. Try some of us out and you’ll be surprised. Stop being so closed minded because of what you were taught when you were younger about life and what it really is… N.E.R.D. (No one Ever Really Dies).

  15. eeeeee… Nope. Fake and cruel , bc everybody who lost somebody want to talk to lost one and being fake like this lady is just mean to give this kind of hope that she is talkin wiht someone they know. It's bull.
    Pie? Who doesn't love pie? She even don't prepere to do the show. She didnt even check some information, like father Kelly isn't dead, and everybody who know Kelly know that form her songs and interviews. Pffff. Really? Comon…

  16. She is a fake for sure. She said nothing at true about Kelly specifically only generals yea dumb ass she is a mom and she has one what’s your question you fraud?

  17. I always thought KC was brought up in a Southern Christian home? Surprised that she would open herself up to this. Just my opinion.

  18. Kelly Clarkson, I challenge you to have more than one psychic medium on your show. I am willing to show people it is God that works through me and not any other entities.

  19. It seems like this psychic is feeling everything out from her instead of just keeping the her mouth shut and let the psychic talk and get every thing without Kelly talking at all she's getting information out of her not good

  20. Kelly wasn't having none of that, everyone who knows about Kelly knows her father abandoned her, so saying her father knows what she felt growing up without him was playing on those negatives, but Kelly thought that was low of her to play on her emotions like that and stopped Theresa in her tracts. The disappointment of Kelly not falling for that is written all over Theresa's face and she was embarrassed. Don't mess with Kelly.

  21. im sorry i was about to ask you about pie they say kelly loves cherry pie that teresa is a clown guys check her out Long Island Medium – SNL parody its deadly she is kinda of acting the same way in real life

  22. Long Island Medium I thought she has been exposed as a fraud already. Kelly kept throwing a wrench into her so called readings, it was so funny to watch her squirm. Why is she on Kelly's show?

  23. Umm…I call bs! 🙄 I have and will never get a read – A) Bunch of cons. (Taking me back to Sylvia Brown on Montel Williams back in the days) 🤣 And B) IF they are tapping into spiritual anomalies, yeeea…not messin' with all that. Ha! I have never seen or witnessed anything abnormal and I'm good with that. 😁

  24. I went to one of Theresa's shows during her tour. The most exciting part of the show was when someone accidentally leaned back on the fire alarm and set it off, and 1,000 people or so started running for the exit. It was a false alarm, and everyone was called back to their seats. Other than that, it was a whole bunch of nothing.

  25. Awww, I wish you could have just relaxed in the moment & not been so nervous to be read. That message was for you, not your sister.

  26. I love how Kelly is all of the end..when she points to her eyes like here comes the waterworks..uggh #uglycrying

  27. I really love Kelly, she's so great in many ways, but having this lady Theresa on her show was a bit disappointing. The only thing I believe about her, is mastering people's minds and making them think she hears dead people.

  28. I've seen shows where she asked the person if they had just lost a son… You can't tell me she doesn't know this going into the episode because number one it's too easy for someone to find that information out and number 2 it just comes off as a little sideshow act or something… There was a game called 20 questions and in under 20 questions you can actually guess what the item is… This is Loosely based on that

  29. Very disappointed you had her on your show! As much as I love your show hers is witchcraft!! 🙁 I don't believe in Psychics or what they represent!!

  30. I find Kelly confusing in this. That could be anybody… and…no one has really passed away.. did we miss something in editing?

  31. Kelly run!!! In Leviticus 18 it says not to have anything to do with medians, soothsayers. Teresa has opened a huge door to Demons. They have become familiar spirits, familiar meaning comfortable. They have known mankind since our creation. The Bible says in 1 Timothy 4:1 in the end times people would depart from the faith, giving attention to deceiving spirits. Unfortunately, these beings make money for Teresa. God is able to have someone in her future to tell her the truth. She has free will. God says be for Me or against Me; no sitting on the fence. 🙏

  32. by Matt Slick

    A familiar spirit is a demon that is summoned by a medium with the intention that the spirit summoned will obey his or her commands. Often, familiar spirits are believed to be the spirits of people who have died (Duet. 18:11). However, biblically this is not the case. Such appearances are in actuality demonic forces imitating people in order to deceive.

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